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In answer, he lowered his eyes to the thickly carpeted floor but said nothing.

When he looked up after a silence of few minutes, he saw that doctor was still staring at him.

“What are you looking at doctor? Anything wrong?”

“I was thinking how things could go so right” Doctor said, his tone filled with surprise and amazement. “Impossible and unbelievable.” Dr. Waris was plainly astonished.

“What’s so impossible doctor?”

“I mean, we all expected your problem to get resolved in at-least four or five years and yet you’re completely alright within two years.” Doctor told him. “And to be honest with you, we didn’t expect this problem to get subsided completely. Its prognosis is bad, and in almost all cases, the patient is never able to achieve his pre-disease state back. I mean he never gets completely normal.” He told him in detail. “But your case is one of its own kind, you are as mentally and physically active now like you were before.”

Dr Waris paused for a second then added.

“Apart from all that, I now see a strange calmness in the way you talk, and your style of expression has become so mute and yet so inspiring. You look very much satisfied and content now.”

“So do you suggest anything for the future?” He asked, not commenting on what his doctor had just said. “Do I need to take some precautionary measures?”

“Well, I’d say that just try to be more social. Attend parties, functions, and gatherings, make new friends, visit refreshing places. That’s all.”

“Anything else?”

“That’s all. But yes, if you feel any mental problem or depression episode again, you may take these medicines.” Doctor slid a letterhead in front of him and was about to prescribe some medicines on it when his voice stopped him.

“I think you should leave these medicines, doctor. It will be useless.” He said flatly. “Would it surprise you if I tell you that I never took any of the medicines you prescribed for me in the last one year?”

“What? Really?” Doctor was truly shocked and surprised today.

“Are you sure you didn’t take any of the medicines I prescribed?”

“Not a single one.” He smiled slightly.

“Then what took cure of your problem?”

“My religion.” As he spoke, Dr. Waris noted that there was some strange, specific contentment in his voice.


“Oh, you mean spiritually or something?” Dr. Waris raised his brows.

“Not really.” He said simply. “Spirituality is just a part of religion. My religion has a lot more than that.”

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“Fortunately, someone guided me to the right place and the book I consulted was a perfect one for me. It has remedy for every disease and cure for every pain.” He explained.

“That’s truly interesting.” Doctor’s shock had not yet subsided yet.

” It heals wounds, and soothes bruises, even if they are on your heart.” His smile was very weird this time.

“Is it some sort of a medical book?”

“Not solely.” He answered. “It has economics, physics, chemistry, biology, every science and every art.”

“Could you please tell me which book you are talking about?” Doctor’s curiosity reached its climax. “And, where I can find the book”

“Of-course Doctor, why not, it’s called…


“Doctor, would you mind if I give my answer rather poetically?” He smiled gracefully.

“Really? That would be very interesting.” Doctor’s eyes and facial expression changed even more.

“You sure?” He wanted to confirm one more time.

“Positive. Why do you doubt?”

“I don’t doubt.” His eyes smiled at him. “I was just thinking do you have much time or interest for a ‘dry’ thing like poetry?”

“Never. It’s one of the things I prefer to do in my leisure hours. It would actually be a pleasure to listen. Please….” Dr. Waris couldn’t wait to know what it was all about.

He bent slightly forward, and with full confidence, he began to read. His voice was soothing, his accent was firm and his language fluent.

I am a book in elegant prints
To know my name, here are some hints

“Wow!” Doctor said, his eyes spreading wide.

He seemed not hearing him or anyone. He was lost in himself, hidden in what he was reading.

Rich in cover and nicely bound
In hearts of Muslim, I am rarely found

High on shelf, I am kept
Forgotten there, I am left

With respect, I do get lots of ‘kiss’
My main point is what they always ‘miss’

In a melodious voice, they recite me
Neglecting the message inside me

At times, I am used for phony swear
My true use is very, very rare

A miracle, I am, that can change the world
All one has to do is understand my word

I have wisdom, I have treasure
So much, that there is no measure

In your savior, I’m your guide
But who’s there to follow my bide

Right from wring is my fame

Leaving his sentence unfinished, he smiled, left his chair to shake hand with the open-mouthed doctor. But before leaving, he didn’t forget to finish his poem.

“Holy Quran is my name”

To Be Continued…



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