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Episode 12


“No dad” Alexander chuckled stiffly. “You don’t understand, I am pregnant”.

Richard could finally relax for the first time in what seemed like ages. Since the devastating news of Alexander’s pregnancy had been harshly delivered, Richard hadn’t been himself. After two days and the news did not seem like a bomb anymore, Richard had been able to do some thinking.

Richard had been a doctor for about thirty years now and he could identify a pregnant woman by just looking at her. The main reason why the news of Alexa’s pregnancy had stunned him was because he hadn’t seen it coming. “You are not pregnant. This test confirms that”.

She gaped and seemed suddenly pale. “But… But that can’t be! I did the test, I missed my periods, how is this possible dad?” Alexa exclaimed.

Richard found this difficult because he was dealing with his daughter here. “OK, let me ask you: how long do you suppose the… erm pregnancy should be?”

“About…about two months or more, I suppose.”

Richard nodded. “Normally, if you were pregnant, you would have experienced some things. Have you experienced any dizziness at any point in time”

Alexa thought for a second. “No dad, none”

“What of vomiting or irritation?”

“No, I can’t remember the last time I vomited.” Alexa said, as her eyes widened.

“These are some signs of pregnancy Alexa, as for your absent period, I would have to do a checkup on you to see what the problem is. It could be an infection. But it could also be due to emotional stress. The body reacts to emotional turmoil which you go through and it might be the cause of this occurrence. Have you been having problems with Michael for a long time?”

This was a lot to take in. Alexa nodded, unable to speak. The fact that she might actually not be pregnant should make her extremely happy but instead, sadness filled Alexa much more than before. Richard stood from his seat and went over to his daughter. He had always felt that Michael had his guns set on giving Alexa immeasurable sadness but seeing it actually play out made Richard’s blood boil.  He bent and kissed her forehead. “I am sorry baby” he murmured.

Alexa blinked severally. “Why are you apologizing dad? I have gone against the ethics that you and mum taught me, I slept with Michael out of desperation, it was only once dad, but I am sorry.”

“I know that. Your mum and I went to your friend’s place in search of you but didn’t see you. She told us everything, including the fact that you have been placing your hand on your belly, trying to talk to your baby; I am sorry, this must be a shock” Richard said with a concerned look, sitting halfway on the table.

Tears slid from her eyes. “Oh dad” she sobbed. “Will I ever be happy?”

“Hush now” he murmured, trying to pacify her.

“I had thought this child would be my comfort since I can’t be with Michael but now I don’t even have a child. It was all in my head.” She cried. “I should be happy but I am not dad, I am shattered”

Alexa’s cried tore at her father’s heart painfully. “Its Ok baby, everything would be fine”


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Michael sat in his office for a long time, without attending to people. All his appointments were rescheduled by his secretary. John Coker had been trying to see Michael ever since the meeting finished but Michael’s secretary would not allow him. after persisting for a long time, he did what everyone had been doing for some days now; he barged into the office.

The secretary ran after John Coker in fear. Immediately Michael’s door flung open, fury registered on his features. He glared at his secretary. “You are fired”

“Ah sir, I am sorry, it wasn’t my fault” she pleaded, going on her knees. “I could not stop him, he was forceful. Please sir”

“Get out of here” he roared and the girl vanished instantly. John swallowed because Michael had never been this visibly angry.  Michael faced John, still seated. “How may I help you?”

“I am sorry Michael” john began. “I know you must be angry at me but-”

“Angry? At you? No”Michael cut in. “I can’t waste such expensive emotion on you. You did not surprise me, not even a little bit. I knew you always wanted to be in my position, but you forget that this is my father’s company and it has been passed to me, so you have no right to claim what is not rightfully yours. Now, get out of my office before I conceive the idea of getting angry. You have never seen me get angry, it not such a pleasant sight”

John stared at Michael in amazement and confusion. “You amaze me Michael, why can’t you forgive me? After all, you have done worse things to me and I forgave you”

Michael swallowed. “Get out now” he ordered in a calmer voice and John hurried out.

Michael picked up his phone to make a phone call but saw a message on it, he read the message and swallowed.


Alexa, though trusting her dad, decided to go for another test in another hospital. This time, she wanted to be hundred percent sure of something in her life. After spending several minutes there, she got the same report she had received from her dad. Alexander willed herself not to cry as she made her way home. Instead of going home directly, she went straight to her mum’s complex. She feared seeing her mum and as she approached Belina’s office, her apprehension grew higher. Normally, she won’t wait for her mum’s secretary to announce her arrival first but now, Alexa waited at the reception.

In less than a minute, Alexa found herself walking into her mum’s office. She swallowed when the door closed behind her and she was faced with her mum. She raised her bowed head. “Can I please hold you mum?”

Belina wanted to cry as she pulled her only daughter into her arms. “Your dad just called me now, I am sorry sweetie”

“Forgive me mum, I have disappointed you”

“It is OK baby, no one is above mistake. Michael has put you through too much, you must not have anything to do with him again, do you understand?”

“Yes mum. I love you mum”

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“Oh dear, I love you too”


Alexander got home about two hours later and was happy to be in her dad’s house. She fetched a glass of juice from the kitchen before going straight to her room. Her spirit was a bit lifted, because she had made up with her parents. She took a hot shower and left the bathtub when the water started turning cold. She wore a simple gown and climbed her bed to take a nap. She took out her phone and saw a message.

“Alexander, I am sorry for all the problems that I have put you through. It was not my intention. Please meet me tonight, 7pm at ‘Starlight’, we need to discuss. I promise that all your questions would be answered there. Michael”

Alexa read the message over and over again, hissing continuously. After she had calmed down, she vowed not to go. “Who does he think he is? If he wants to see me, he would come to me here” she said out loud.” She dropped the phone and covered herself with a blanket as the air conditioner blew. After fruitlessly trying to sleep, she eventually stood up, went to the wardrobe and searched for what to wear.


Felicia entered a hidden shop and went straight to a man who was seated at the far end. She walked with grace and, on reaching the guy, lowered herself to the chair opposite him. “You are welcome madam” he greeted.

“Do you have what I came for?”

The guy nodded and brought out a package in a brown envelope. Felicia took the brown envelope and felt what was inside with her fingers, without opening the envelope. She smiled, opened her bag and took out her phone. She started pressing some things. After about three minutes, the guy got an alert of three hundred thousand Naira. He smiled. “Thank you ma”

“Our agreement?”

“We never met ma”

“What is my name?”

“No idea ma”

“Good. Have a good life” Felicia said and left the shop.


Michael changed his clothes, gratefully doing away with the suit he had on earlier. Alexa had sent a message, asking him to meet her at Starlight to discuss the unborn baby and he obviously could not say no. He still could not understand what he was doing. It was clear that someone was seeking Michael Coker’s downfall but he could not place who it was, could not even come up with a name even if his life depended on it. And here was Alexa, innocent Alexa who was caught in the middle of all these drama. And now, to crown everything up, he was going to be a father!

Michael ran his hand through his bits of hair in total frustration. He never should have heeded her plea that day. Michael had known that it was a stupid idea immediately he decided to sleep with Alexa, but he had done it, why? To prove what?

Michael’s phone rang and he jumped at it when he saw the caller. “I have been calling you for ages, why haven’t you been picking my calls… Listen, I can’t keep doing this, this false pretense is not going anywhere… I am tired man, the best thing is to come out with the truth. Everyone is suffering from this, especially Alexa, she deserves to be told the truth so that she can move on in life”  the door to Michael’s sitting room opened and Michael watched Eric come in. “I would call you back” he murmured and hung up.

“Do, it is true, you are truly gay… Or I would say you do both because you slept with Alexander” Eric said.

Michael swallowed. He checked the time and grimaced. “I don’t have the time for this now, we would discuss this when I get back” Michael said. “I have to meet Alexa at Starlight in ten minutes.” Before Eric could say anything, Michael was out.


Alexa entered the sitting room, already dressed to meet Michael at Starlight. Starlight was a big hotel which also had a restaurant on its first floor. She promised herself to stay for just a few minutes, then leave. Her parents were not back yet so she quickly called her mum as she entered her car. “Hello mum… Yes mum, I am fine… Yes, I just wanted to tell you that Michael invited me for dinner at Starlight… I know that mum but he wants to explain everything, all I want to do is hear him out… OK mum, i promise I won’t get hurt again… Love you too mum” she hung up and drove out of the compound.


Felicia wore her knee length jeans shorts and next came a small red alter neck top. She wore red heels and smiled. Her make up was already done. She removed the gun from the brown big envelope and smiled. She ran her fingers over it, checked the bullets and smiled. She put the gun in her pocket and picked up the blue waist length jeans jacket on the bed and wore it, perfectly hiding the gun. She left the room with her purse, phone and car keys.

Felicia got outside and waited and in less than three minutes, her gateman opened the gate for Sophia. Sophia drove in, packed and locked the car immediately she came out.

“Dearest friend” Sophia greeted.

“Yes babe” the two ladies hugged. “We are behind time, are you ready?”

“Yeah” Sophia said.

Sophia smiled. “Great. Let’s end this tonight”. They entered Felicia’s car and drove to Starlight hotel.


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