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Episode 14


Patricia knew she had lied about her real assignment and everyone would be angry, but now seemed like a good time to reveal this. She knew she hadn’t actually revealed it but at least, this was a start. Immediately the words left her mouth, she knew that she hadn’t made a mistake. If this situation would be salvaged, the truth must be out, and the truth was that Michael, or Marcel as the case may be, was not who everyone thought him to be. She had no idea as to why Marcel was doing this but one thing she knew was that she did not want anything to happen to her cousin, and even though she denied it, it would hurt her terribly to see Marcel or Michael hurt.

Patricia had successfully convinced ‘Tellers’ to transfer her to Nigeria after showing them an unnoticed case. They had been too happy with the successes she brought them in Canada that they did not want her anywhere else. Pat had travelled to Germany on a vacation and had seen Michael. She had been stunned by this but to her surprise, she had discovered that another Michael Cooker was still in Nigeria.

Never had she heard of Michael being a twin, a rather confusingly similar twin at that. Merely looking at them, she doubted if their mother would be able t tell them apart. What Patricia hadn’t known was which of them was Michael. She had pointed this out to Tellers and she had been speedily given the transfer she sought. The gay news had only been an unexpected bonus with which she penetrated Michael with.

Initially, Pat had thought that the person she saw in Canada was Michael’s twin, because they were too identical for it to be a mere resemblance. But after close investigation, she had a different idea altogether. This couldn’t be Michael. There had been a noticeable change in Michael’s behaviours for about a year now. He gentler, and even more business minded. The Michael that was known before was less relaxed, compared to this one which stood like an immoveable mountain in the hands of his captors. Michael had been very inconsiderate with his staff and with everyone around him, he had been mean, disturbing and frightening most times. He was not one who could love; this she knew because of her research and ability to discern a person’s true nature. The Michael she had spent some time with had a similar nature but he was definitely not mean, which the real Michael had in excess. He was definitely frightening in his quiet and unreadable stance but he had the tendency to be a true gentle man if he actually wanted to. He was disturbing, too disturbing, far much more than Pat cared to admit, and one thing was sure – he was not totally closed to love. Probably not as open as other men but Pat knew that he had a soft spot for Alexa.

One distinct difference was the fact that the real Michael flirts a lot, this she knew from her research but this Michael did not seem to need flirtatious skills, women were attracted to him, without him trying. This realization would definitely hurt Alexa, but it was unavoidable. How could a woman handle the fact that she had been dating someone else?

“That is a lie” Felicia roared back at Pat. “Do you think I can’t recognize my Michael? Nothing that comes out of your mouth can be believed, besides, you are a journalist, your job is to frame up lies.”

“You should know me woman, I say nothing that can’t be proved, that is who I am” Patricia said, shakily but steadily, she hated guns. “Ask him if you don’t believe me”

Marcel was no longer struggling with the men holding him, he now glared at Pat. Alexa had gone death still as she awaited Michael’s response. Life couldn’t be so bad that she would have wasted a year of her life with an imposter, could it? The policemen almost became invisible as the drama went on.

“Why do you stick your nose in other people’s business” Marcel asked Pat point blank.

“It is my job” Pat murmured.
“Just answer the damn question” Alexa yelled. “Who are you?”

Michael/Marcel did not seem ready to talk and Felicia marched forward and pulled up his shirt. She gasped. Felicia knew that the real Michael would have a large scar right beside his abdomen because she had cut him herself when they had a fight but she she saw nothing now. Not even a scratch in that area.

“What is it girl? Is he the one?” Sophia asked impatiently, holding Alexa loosely.

Felicia moved backwards slowly as she shook her head. Again, Michael had proved smarter. He had made a fool of her, a fool of all the schemes she had put in place, just to get her revenge.

“Shit” Sophia swore and Alexa wiggled out of her grasp.

“What is this?” Alexa asked painfully. “I am an object to be passed amongst brothers?”

“No Alexa, you don’t understand.” Marcel murmured, becoming more tense, the tension, showing off with the tight set of his jaw.

“Oh, I understand alright. I am off and I dare any of you to stop me” she murmured, pointing at the people around before turning back to face Michael. “As for you, I never want to set my eyes on you or your evil twin, as for the child, it never existed, just a false alarm” Alexa turned and marched off. While everyone was distracted, the policemen had walked behind them and now, they closed in on them, instructing them to drop their guns. Marcel looked frozen as he stared at Alexa. Had she told him she was pregnant just to trap him? This was just so crazy. Patricia, equally stunned when she heard of the pregnancy, tried to stop Alexa as she passed by her. “Let me take you Lex” Pat said but Alexa shrugged her hand off.

“Let go” she yelled as she walked away, even though it was already very dark.


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Richard drove like the devil was behind him. Patricia had called to give him the details of what was going on. The people behind this would suffer or he was not Richard Branson. Belina was terribly worried beside him and he did not even have the words to console her. He was about to turn to the close when he sighted a rather dejected form of Alexa walking. Belina pointed at her and almost opened the door of the car on motion. Immediately he slowed beside Alexa, Belina jumped out. She hugged Alexa instantly. “Oh, Alexa” she whimpered. “What happened to you? I could have died if they hurt you”

Richard closed the door of the car and went round. “Sweetie, are you OK?” He asked.

Alexa nodded. She surprisingly had no tears on her face. Richard held out the car keys for Belina. “Take her home Bell, I need to get to the scene of the incident”

“What? You are going nowhere, I won’t let you” Belina almost yelled.

“I am going there whether you agree or not Bell, my daughter’s life was threatened and I need to see those involved”

“There are guns there Richard, you can’t go there”Belina said, pleading.

“I can and I will” Richard remained adamant. Belina’s face took a downturn and he quickly reassured her. “I would be careful sweet, I promise, besides, Patricia is there and I can’t leave her in harm’s way”

Belinda exhaled as she watched Richard walk away. Alexa had been terribly silent, locked up in a world of her own. “C’mon dear, let’s go home”


The police handcuffed Felicia, sophia and the two hefty men, leaving Patricia and Marcel behind. The men were busy leading Felicia and her crew to the police car. Marcel walked to Patricia. “I don’t know what to say to you?”

“You can start by saying thank you” Pat said.

“For doing what? Revealing what was perfectly hidden?”

“No, for saving your neck. Need a ride?”

“He doesn’t need a ride” Richard said, approaching, with a deep scowl. “He needs to face me”


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