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Episode 17


Richard eventually came out of the emergency room and Belina ran to him, followed by Prisca and Patricia. “How is my daughter?” She asked instantly.

He sighed softly. “She is fine now, she has been sedated. The stress just got to her too much. I think she needs a vacation” he said, looking at his wife.

Belina’s shoulders visibly relaxed. “Thank God. I want to see her.”

Prisca and Pat also murmured their relief as they waited to see if they could also see Alexa.

Richard nodded. Everyone followed and when they saw Alexa, Belina practically ran to the bed. “Please be careful not to wake her up, She needs the rest.”

Belina sat beside Alexander. “Oh dear, you gave me quite a scare” she muttered, running her slim fingers through her hair. Pat sat on the bed and held Alexa’s hand softly.

“She truly needs the vacation” she said out loud. “She experienced too many things all at once”.

Belina and Prisca nodded. Richard just stared at the women quietly. Prisca noticed the strange tension in the room and looked at Patricia. Pat got the message and instantly stood up. “We would leave you alone with Alexa now”Prisca murmured.

After some seconds, Belina and Richard were alone with a sleeping Alexa. “Are you mad at me Bell?”

Belina did not look at him. Her gaze never left Alexa’s face. “Why should I be?”

“You seem distant.” He responded.

“Maybe you are imagining it.” Belina threw back. He sighed slightly. “I am sorry I yelled earlier, I was just too tense and edgy”

Belina swallowed and looked at him. “You were tense? And what of me? I was the one who found my daughter’s unconscious form in her bathroom, struggled to tie a robe around her, even when I was shivering, thinking odd things in my mind. I drove like an insane woman all the way here. All I needed was reassurance and not you yelling ‘shut up’ at me.” Her tone turned angry and she managed to maintain the quietness in her voice for Alexa’s sake. Richard moved close to her. “I never knew you to be so insensitive.”

Richard swallowed. “I am sorry heart. I don’t know what happened. I was so tense and frightened that I had lost my daughter, it was not something that sat down well with me”

Belina breathed and swallowed slightly. “I understand”

“I am sorry princess”

Belina smiled. “Am I not too old to be a princess?”

Richard frowned and pulled her into his arms. “Royalty does not diminish with age, does it?”

She sighed. “Oh Richy, I am worried about Alexa.”

He kissed her head. “She would be fine”


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Prisca sat down in the waiting room, while Pat made a phone call some distance away. “Yes Marc, she is better. She is sleeping though, so I have not talked to her. I think the stress of these few days overwhelmed her.” She said to Marcel over the phone.

“I am responsible. I brought her nothing but sadness and pain.” He seemed disturbed. “I hope she can forgive me someday”

Patricia sighed. “I wonder what got into you to make you do this” she had really thought about it. “Where is Michael?”

“It is a long story but he is alive.” He said quietly. “Do you think I can see Alexa soon.? I need her to hear me out”

Alexa took a deep breath. “I don’t know. You know everyone is tense right? Give her some time” He exhaled audibly.

“OK, thanks for the update. I really appreciate it.” Patricia hung up and sighed. She stared at her mum who sat afar off. Pat wondered why she had been sensing something about her mum’s mood these past few days. Since she arrived, Pat had noticed that her mum was slightly distant. She had imagined that her mum must have changed a little, but now, Pat felt that uneasiness again. She noticed the distant look in her mum’s eyes and grew very worried. She walked up to Prisca and sat beside her before Prisca even noticed her presence. Prisca instantly snapped out of her thoughts and pasted a smile on her face.

“Are you alright mum?” Pat asked.

“Yes, absolutely” she said instantly.

“You are missing dad right? When would he be back?”

“Well erm…. He should be back in about a week or… Two. I am not too sure”

Pat frowned. “I think I would call him to confirm. He shouldn’t go on long trips without you”

Prisca smiled. “See this kid of yesterday, treating me like a kid”. Pat also smiled.


Marcel took one look at his ringing phone and grabbed it. It was high time they stopped this ridiculous game. “Hello Michael” he muttered.

“Hey brother” Michael’s voice replied. “How is Nigeria doing now?”

Marcel noticed that Michael’s voice sounded way better than it had sounded the last time he called. “Nigeria is boiling. Listen Michael, I am not doing this anymore. I have done my best but I can’t keep on doing this. Alexa is hurting now. Everyone has found out the truth and I stand the risk of going to prison if I am accused of impersonation. Did you know that Felicia, the woman you told me of is not dead?”

“What?” Michael seemed surprised. “How is that possible?”

“How should I know? I am putting an end to this nonsense. You never even told me that you poured acid on her face. Felicia is in police’s custody now after she tried to kill Alexa and I. At least you are better now”

“OK Marcel, sorry I dragged you into my mess, I wont forget what you did for me”

Marcel nodded vaguely and after a few words, he hung up.


Michael smiled vaguely as he dropped his phone. What he set out to do had been accomplished. Michael had known all along that Felicia was still alive. He had noticed her plot to kill him several times. Michael had made a lot of enemies due to his lifestyle but Felicia seemed to be the worst of all. After thinking deeply, he had decided to show himself to his brother. Ever since Michael was told by his father that he was a twin, he had made it a point of duty to search him out. Luckily, Michael had found out where Marcel was before his father died but he had kept it hidden because he did not want anything to affect his inheritance. Luckily, his dad had died without knowing a thing.

When Michael had felt so insecure and frightened by all the plots made against him, he had decided to seek his brother. He knew that Michael was compassionate. He was just lucky that he escaped death. Well, all the same, he had been able to put his enemy behind bars. Michael laughed. Time to go back to Nigeria.


Prisca watched Pat as she talked with someone and swallowed. She did not want to keep her daughter in the dark but she wondered how she would tell her. Wondered how she would tell her that she and Tony were separating.




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