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Episode 19


“What the hell are you telling me” Belina yelled.

“Calm down Lina” Prisca said, wiping at her tears.

“Calm down?” Belina yelled. “How do you expect me to calm down? Have you both been having problems?” she swallowed. “My God! You should have told me”. Belina’s reactions made the matter worse and Prisca had no idea as to what to do or say. Belina saw this and tried to take in deep breaths. “Ok, alright, start from the top Pric, and don’t leave out even the tiniest detail”. She dropped back unto the couch.

Prisca took in a deep breath. “It all started three months ago” She started. “I heard him receiving a phone call. He was talking romantically with a bitch but immediately I entered, he quickly hung up. I asked who it was but he said that it was none of my business”

This stunned Belina. “He said that?”

A slow pained smile crossed Prisca’s features. “I was as surprised as you are. Hmmmmmmm… Well, I got angry and we argued terribly that night. He refused to eat my food and that made me really mad. That night, the silence in the house was worse than a grave yard and we went to bed without even a word.” Prisca paused in thought. “I remember that night vividly, I did not have a good sleep, it was like I did not know Tony anymore. You know, Tony had never been like that, I had never seen him so callous and hostile. How could Tony have a mistress? Tell me Lina. Am I not a great wife? Don’t I do all I can to make my man happy?”

“Stop saying that Pric, men would kill to have you as their wife”

“If it is like that, why am I not enough for Tony? Why does he need another woman?” she sniffed. “You know, I have heard that men are polygamous in nature and that no matter what women do, their men would still not be satisfied”. Belina swallowed. “Well, I woke up really early that night and I went through his phone but I could not get anything; no messages, not even the last call he made which caused the fight was there. Pretty sure he deleted everything knowing that I might snoop.” She laughed slightly. “After that day, I never trusted his moves, I always showed up in his office unannounced just to know what he was up to. Everyone I saw him with became a suspect. I questioned him about every woman I saw him with and fought with almost all his nurses in the hospital until one day, he arrived from the hospital. I was so pissed off at the drama going on in my life that I continued ranting and ranting until out of the blues, he yelled, ‘ok, you want to hear it? OK fine, I have someone else in my life’”

“What?” Belina was more stunned than before.

Fresh tears flowed down Prisca’s cheeks. “He said I could not give him a male child and that the other woman was already pregnant with a baby boy” she sobbed and blew her nose . “He had apparently done a scan for the lady. I can’t believe it Lina, having male children was never a contention, if he had wanted male children, would could have had more children and I am sure that God would have blessed me with a male child, but why this?”

Belina stood up and started pacing, deep in thought. “And how did the issue of divorce come up?”

Prisca cried the more and shook her head. “The bastard brought in the miserable bitch”

“He did what?” Belina froze in her strides. “Wait, how come I never heard a thing until now?”

“How could I tell you this stinking thing? Do you think I am happy that I have to say this now?” Prisca yelled.

“I am sorry” Belina said, going to sit on the arm of the chair and hold Prisca tenderly in her arms.

“He brought her in and I could not handle it. She is a very small thing, about Patricia’s age. I could not believe the disrespect and degradation. I threatened to leave if the girl remained in the house and shockingly, Tony volunteered to leave the house with the girl. He left the next day with the girl and one week after, I received a letter from his lawyer” she cried. “I could not believe it. Couldn’t believe that my life could crumbled to my feet and there was nothing I could do but watch.

“I have never been so ashamed in my life. I called him to beg several times, telling him that we could still work it out and that we couldn’t just forgo the love and happiness we shared but all fell on deaf ears. After I discovered that there was next to nothing I could do, I gave up but begged him to keep this from the children for a while. I wanted to find the right time to tell them myself, especially Pat. Pat does not believe in marriage and I am still trying to work on that, what happens when her own parents are divorced, marriage won’t even make the slightest sense to her then” she looked up at Belina. “I am lost Lina”

Belina hugged her tight. “He would surely hear it from me.”

The door opened and Pat entered, with her face looking like she had just seen a ghost. “So this is it? You and dad are separating?” Prisca stood up instantly, pale, with Belina but Pat shook her head vigorously and bounced out with Prisca going after her.


Patricia rushed towards the exit, knowing fully well that her mum wasn’t far behind. She had known that something was up but never in her wildest thoughts had she imagined that it was something this terrible. She had never even considered the possibility. The news chilled her to the bones as she hastened her footsteps. She hated making her mum run but she really did not have the appetite to talk right now. Alexa had needed something earlier and she had gone in search of her aunt, knowing that she was in the relaxation room but she had reached the door and overheard the mind-blowing conversation.

“Pat, please wait” Prisca muttered as she hurried towards her daughter after they had left the four walls of the hospital.

Pat finally stopped. It would be better when they did not have listening ears around to eavesdrop the gory details of their upcoming conversation. “What is it mum? How could you keep such a thing from me? Oh mum” she groaned, raising her hands in total defeat.

“I am sorry Pat, I knew you would react this way if I told you” Prisca pleaded.

“And how else would I react” she choked out, her voice going high. She saw the pained expression that was almost permanent on her mum’s beautiful features and instantly chastised herself. Her mum was going through a very difficult time and she did not deserve more worries, besides, she was not the one who got another woman pregnant. Patricia winced at the vain thought; how could she have a step-whatever? It was almost too ridiculous to think.

She went to hold her mum tenderly. “I am sorry mum, I shouldn’t be mad at you, you did nothing wrong” Pat murmured.

Prisca refused to go emotional, she had already had enough crying for one day and she would not look this way in front of her daughter. She smiled softly. “I have probably not been the best wife”

“Don’t say that mum; dad can never get another woman who would be half as good as you.” The thought was even impossible. “But, why can’t I see dad doing this? Are you sure the bitch in question is not using spiritual means? Because dad is not promiscuous.” Prisca took a deep breath. “Don’t worry mum, we would get through this”


The door to Alexa’s hospital room opened and Alexa turned. The first thing she saw was a massive and colorful bouquet of flowers. The sweet smell drifted towards her, filling her nose with the desirable smell of flowers. The head of a smiling nurse peaked behind it as she approached her.

“Are you sure you are in the right room Nurse Tola?” Alexa asked.

“Absolutely beautiful, this is for you” the nurse replied.

“Me? from who?”

“A man dropped it. I believe it has a note.”

Alexa sat up, put her nose against the flowers and inhaled deeply; she just hoped it was from her dad. She extracted the note and immediately her eyes scanned the scanty words, she froze and tore the paper into pieces. “Take it away, I don’t want it”

“But beautiful…”

“I said take it away, throwing it in the trash or keep it, whatever, but take it away from her.” She ordered. The nurse hurriedly lifted the bouquet from the table. “And please, don’t accept anything that comes from that man. Well, you might take it and keep for yourself, I don’t care”


Belina opened the door to Richard’s office forcefully and sharply that Richard’s head jerked up instantly from the file he was studying. He closed the file instantly. “What is wrong Bell?” he asked as she slammed the door.

“Can you just believe that friend of yours? How could he do that to Prisca?” Belina said as she started pacing.

“Do what?” He answered quite alright but he was about two seconds late and Belina did not like the pause but she thought nothing of it.

“Can you believe he got a woman pregnant and filed for a divorce with Prisca? I can’t believe it” she ranted.

“He did?”

Belina paused and turned angry eyes at him. “What do you mean by ‘he did’? What sort of response is that?”

“Now, what did I say wrong?” Richard asked.

“Everything; I expected you to be surprised, alarmed, in fact. But you are not, you act as if… as if…” she stopped fully and looked at Richard. “Wait a minute; don’t tell me you knew all along”

Richard tried to pull a stunned and confused face but did not pull it through enough to ward off the psychologist in Belina. “Oh my God, you knew all along and did not tell me?”

“You don’t understand Bell” Richard got up.

“Oh my God Richard, you knew their marriage was crumbling but did not tell me? How could you?” Belina asked in alarm. Richard tried to talk but she did not let him. “Does this mean that you are in support of his decision?”

“What are you saying Lina?” Richard was now stunned.

“Yes, Richard, that is the interpretation of this scenario. You would probably have done the same if I did not have a male child, besides, you both are best friends and birds of a feather flock”

“Would you shut up now” Richard roared and Belina instantly stilled her mouth. “I can’t believe you have such little faith in me” he was hurt now.

Belina moved her confused self to a chair and sat down angrily. Prisca had done too much for her; her happy life today was thanks to God and Richard, her children and definitely Prisca, who would sacrifice anything to make everyone happy. She did not deserve this.

Richard knew that Belina was talking out of rage and anger so he went to her. He should not have hidden this from her in the first place. He sat beside her. “Just listen to me, Bell, let me explain the situation”

She glared at him. “I am listening”


“Yes D.P.O” Marcel said over the phone as he sat in the couch of his large sitting room. “I understand that the people with you threatened my life and that of Alexa’s but it was all a misunderstanding” he said.

“Sir, they should be charged to court, I don’t understand why you want them released.” He sounded extremely surprised.

“I know that but I don’t want them to be charged to court. They did not hurt anyone of us, it was just a terrible mix-up, I would be glad if you could release Felicia and the people with her” Marcel said.

“I would have been happy to oblige sir but Mr. Richard Branson is also involved and he won’t take it lightly if the people that held his daughter ransom were released” the D.P.O argued.

“If I get his approval, would they be released?” Marcel asked.

“Yes sir”

“Ok, thanks. I would get back to you tomorrow, but don’t involve the court yet”

“OK sir”

Marcel hung up with a faint smile on his face; he knew he was doing the right thing. He could not blame Felicia for wanting to take revenge; she must have seen hell in the hands of Michael. Marcel just hoped that releasing them would be enough to bring down her wrath.


Michael stepped out of the waiting room of the Nigerian Airport and a taxi stopped in front of him. The driver alighted and helped him with his luggage. Smiling widely, he entered the car. The driver loaded the trunk and got behind the wheels. “Welcome back to Nigeria sir” the man said.

Michael smiled widely. “Thanks”




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