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Episode 24


I don’t know what to believe anymore Pat, my head seems to have become a toy in the arms of twins.” Alexa grumbled, pacing.

Patricia sat uncomfortably on Alexa’s bed, watching her pace. “You are making me go dizzy Alexa, are you going to tell me what happened or do I just leave?” She said, getting irritated, due to the suspense.

Alexa marched towards her. “OK listen up” she began. “Michael came into this place and at the first glance, I thought it was Marcel. In fact, I could have sworn that it was Marcel if I hadn’t spent over a year dating a presumed Michael. Never in my life have I seen a twin who looks this frighteningly familiar, gosh” she lamented.

Pat blew out a breeze. “So what happened?” She murmured in exasperation.

“I already challenged him, thinking he was Marcel but I paused. He was grinning far much more than Marcel would. To cut the extremely long story short, Michael said something like, ‘I guess you have met Marcel’. I was so furious that he could ask such a ridiculous question.” She paused for breathe. Pat was already at alert with her ears wide open. “Trust me, I blasted him terribly”

“And what did he say next?”

Alexa narrated the entire episode that occurred earlier, not sparing even the tiniest detail. When she finally landed, she took a deep cleansing breath. “You see Pat? I don’t know who to believe anymore, I am as confused as hell. If you ask me, Michael is more believable.” Patricia looked thoughtful but she listened to Alexa. “What would he gain from asking Marcel to use his name, take over his company and even his girlfriend?” She asked. “Marcel’s story seems illogical”

“It won’t be illogical if Michael wants to get rid of his twin” Pat responded.

Alexa thought for just a second. “That makes it even more illogical. How can you ask someone to take over your personality if your aim is to get rid of the person?”

“Well, from your conversation, when did he claim to have arrived Nigeria?” Pat asked.

She frowned. “He never mentioned but he said something like, ‘you were the first person I wanted to see when I arrived’, something of that nature”

“Well, to me, if he said that, I would suppose that he just arrived today, or at worst, yesterday. The only problem is that this is his forth day in Nigeria” Pat said. She did not want to come down with the whole story at once because if all she was thinking was true, she would need Alexa’s help and cooperation.

“Forth day? How did you know?” Alexa said, astonished.

“I have spies cousin, don’t forget who I am. Knowing you, now is not the time to question why I never told you.” She paused then looked at Alexander squarely. “The first thing Michael wanted to do when he got back was not to see you, but to lock up Marcel” she breathed. “As we speak, Marcel is behind bars”

Alexander blanched. “What?” She breathed. “I… He came here yesterday”

Pat swallowed. “Yes. He was arrested yesterday. After due findings, we discovered that Michael secured his arrest on the grounds of impersonation.”

Alexander felt faint and she wisely sat on the bed softly. Her blood felt cold. She could not quite picture the arrogant Marcel behind bars, the mere thought caused her a measured level of distress. “But” she croaked and cleared her throat. “But, can’t we assume that Michael found out what Marcel did in his company and got him arrested?”

Pat shook her head. “I have an evidence which proves that Michael has hidden agendas” she said and told her all about the cameras that were planted in Michael’s house back in Germany. At the same time, she extracted her tablet and played a recording. Alexa froze as she heard everything. When she heard him talk with his gay sex partner, she almost threw up at the thought of what those two might be doing together.

“What do we do now? Marcel can’t suffer like this” Alexa said immediately the recording stopped. Pat exhaled and smiled deeply. ‘Show time’


Michael entered the parking lot of Tel Communications, parking at the spot meant for him alone, instantly feeling the joy of his return to his fatherland. He parked and noted that he needed his private chauffeur back. He could not waste a lot of energy turning wheels when he could pay whatever amount to a peasant who would gladly drive him around like the important dignitary that he was.

He stepped out of the car and surveyed the environment. Many things seemed to have changed even outside there. The parking lot seemed more organised than he remembered but he shrugged it off. ‘I would have done more than this even in six months’, he told himself. Michael raised his shoulders and walked steadily towards the entrance. The security men smiled and gave a slight bow. Michael frowned. Since when did security men start smiling? They had been trained to be as stonyfaced and impassive as soldiers. Apparently, Marcel was the one at work here again. Considering the fact that Marcel seldom smiled, Michael wondered why smiles should be on his security’s faces.

He noted that too and took the private elevator which took him directly to the last floor. Immediately he alighted, he gazed at his staff, expecting them to do the usual. He had made it a law that whenever he arrived, the staff were to instantly get to their feet and remain that way until he had entered his office. Fury burned inside him when everyone smiled at him and murmured polite greetings, though with respect. ‘No’ he screamed internally.

“What has gone wrong with all your brains?” He yelled, instantly getting 100% attention. “Are you all not supposed to be on your feet?” He roared.

“But sir…” A staff muttered, startled.

“Now” Michael roared and they all jumped to their feet with their hands joined in front of them and their heads slightly bowed. Michael drew in a calming breath. “I am in a good mood today, if not, all of you would be unemployed now”. He said walking slowly towards his office. “Make this mistake again and you would have yourselves to blame.”


Felicia sat opposite Patricia in a small cafeteria. It had been hard to convince Pat to dine with her and Felicia wanted to really convince Patricia of her loyalty. “I know what you are thinking now, you must wonder what new game I am playing right?”

“No, I was actually wondering who you would like to kidnap again” Pat said in slight anger.

Felicia smiled faintly. “I am sorry for all that, but I am here for something else. I still have the same goal, which is to destroy Michael. I heard of what he did to Marcel and I decided to do something to help Marc since he helped me out.”

Pat relaxed on the chair, seeming interested. “We are not killers or kidnappers, we just want him to pay for his crimes. We don’t need your inputs.”

Felicia smiled. “Really? And what are your plans?”

Pat smiled. She contemplated Felicia’s motive and felt it best to tell her of their plans. She obviously would have nothing against Marcel and it was best to confide in her since she really knew Michael. “I have discovered that Michael has a certain interest in Alexa. Alexa was his girlfriend before he went off to Germany. He visited her two days ago and from every indication, I feel he wants them to continue their relationship but I still doubt his intentions. In fact, I think he wants to use her”

“So I guess you want Alexa to be your spy? Feed you with all his plans?” Felicia said and Pat nodded. Felicia smiled. “This only has a ten percent success rate. If you feel he has a certain interest in Alexa, he definitely wants to use her and I guess that would be in court when or if this case reaches the court. Alexa could try to find out what he wants to do but he might find out and that is really risky” she said, stating Patricia’s fear. “There is one easy method though” Felicia continued. “This would not only put Michael in our grasp but also make him release Marcel”

This got Pat interested. She wondered what idea it was that she hadn’t thought of already. “I am listening” she said.

“Blackmail is our best option. Michael is gay, we must not forget that. He can never be interested in Alexander sexually, so it is kinda obvious that he wants to use her for his benefit. Our key is to get his kind”

“Get another gay” Pat wondered how that slipped from her brain. The news of her father’s health was definitely making her unstable these days.

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“Absolutely.” Felicia seconded. “And not just any gay. Marcel told me of the recording with you. I thought about it and discovered that it would be good if we could bring that guy here. His presence is all we need. Homosexuality is not allowed in Nigeria, so, that is the key we need.”

Patricia grinned. “You are more of a detective than I”. Felicia smiled and Pat nodded. “Let’s do this”. She took out her phone and dialed an international number. Immediately it was picked, she smiled. “Hello KC, it is your one and only Pat Williams” she said with a smile.

The masculine, foreign accented voice floated over. “I actually wish you were my one and only” he replied.

Pat grinned. “Stop flirting with me old man, I erm… Need a favour from you”


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Marcel’s lawyer signed all the necessary papers as Marcel waited to leave. What was he doing in Nigeria, he wondered. He had been staying in the cell like an outcast for the past two days and he had to thank God for the hard life experiences he had. The prison was not as tough as the things he had experienced.

As Marcel waited, a car drove into the station compound and he immediately spotted the person behind the wheels. His heartbeat skipped several times as he watched her park her car. Noticing eyes on her, Alexa turned her head and Marcel found himself staring into her eyes. The distance between them seemed to thin as Marcel watched her breathing change. He swallowed hard.

Alexa wondered why her throat felt so dry. She quickly took her eyes off Marcel and stepped out of the car. If he could affect her this way even with the physical distance between them, she wondered why she was going close. But she was, because Alexa would not leave until she was sure that Marcel was alright. It was obvious that he had been bailed. He did not even look like someone who had spent almost 72 hours behind bars. She finally reached him.
“Hi” she murmured, trying hard to keep her eyes on his face.

He smiled. “Alexander”

Alexander’s nerves were on the edge and she did not like it one bit. She nervously played with her fingers. “I heard about what happened from Pat, I am really sorry, Michael really is a bitch”

Marc said nothing. His face was as unreadable as usual as he stared down at her. He noticed her nervous state with slight pleasure, although disliking the fact that he made her uncomfortable. “Pat told me that you were coming yesterday”

She swallowed and nodded. “I couldn’t.” How could she? She had struggled to go yesterday but try as she may, she couldn’t take herself there. She raised her eyes again and Marc saw the uncertainties that lay there. Alexander smiled softly but he had already glimpsed that inner turmoil in her. Marcel’s lawyer approached and Marcel went to whisper something inaudible to him. He nodded and left. Marcel went back to meet Alexa.

“Do you mind if I give you a lift home?” He asked with a soft smile.

She frowned. “I came with my car” she murmured.

“I noticed.” He stared at her slim fingers again and carefully held the wrist of her right hand. The warmth of his skin seeped through her and she almost gasped. He took out her car keys from her fingers. “I would drive”

“But you just got out” she argued.

“The more reason why I need the exercise” He linked their fingers and walked towards the car, opening the other side for her to sit. “Or would you prefer to sit at the owner’s side? I don’t mind being a driver for today”

She laughed somewhat nervously. His closeness was so disturbing. “I can’t picture you as a driver” she said.

He smiled as she sat down at the front. He bent and pulled out the seatbelt, buckling her and torturing them both with their closeness.

Marcel closed the door, Alexa breathed a cleansing breath. Even the car seemed to be overwhelmed by Marcel’s presence. As Marcel got behind the wheel, she knew that she would never drive the car without picturing Marcel’s form in it. As he drove out expertly, an uncomfortable silence stretched until Alexa started playing with her fingers again. “Do I make you nervous? He asked, controlling the steering with one hand.

“Shouldn’t you? You are so unreadable, I never know what you are thinking. And now knowing Michael’s cruelty, I still don’t know if I can trust you” Alexa blurted out.

Marcel took his eyes off the road and stared at Alexa for some seconds before refocusing on the road. “There is one difference between Michael and I” he said. “Michael hurts others intentionally but I would never intentionally hurt anyone, least of all you”

“Why me?” She asked thoughtlessly.

He smiled. “Have you had lunch?” He asked but without waiting for an answer, continued. “I would cook something” she raised her brow in mock alarm and he smiled. “You’ll live”


Felicia smiled as she dialed the international number. Patricia had been able to get the details of Michael’s gay partner from the KC guys speedily, thanks to the improved internet system in Germany. Denis – the gay guy, was obviously obsessed with Michael. Immediately the guy picked up, his German accent floated through. “Hello”

“Oh, hello Denis” Felicia said with excitement in her voice.

“Hello lady, you have me at a loss. Please who is this?” He asked.

“It is Tan, a friend of Michaels. I saw you two together once in Germany, have you forgotten so soon?” Hurt infused her tone.

Denis obviously heard the unspoken emotion. “I am so sorry, I have just been too depressed lately”

Oh, the fool has made this easier, Felicia thought. “I see. It no doubt has to do with michael. I saw him here in Nigeria, why are you not with him?” She asked. “I know Michael, he can’t stay five days without sex and you know what that means. If you really need Michael, you better be with him in Nigeria before someone else takes him away.”

“Where did you see Michael? How do you know he can’t do without sex?” The other guy asked in slight anger.

Felicia almost said, ‘because I used to be married to the fool’ but held back. “He is my friend, besides, I saw him yesterday in a club and with the way he was looking at my dance partner, I decided to call you. I need to keep my man, I guess you do too”

“I would be in Nigeria first thing tomorrow morning”

“Great. It would be best if you surprise him, I know Michael, if you tell him, he won’t allow you come. Come unannounced and pretend as though you know nothing. Just tell him that you missed him and could not stay away. Contact me when you get to Nigeria, OK? I could give you a lift from the airport” Felicia said finally.

“This number?” He asked enthusiastically.

“Yeah yeah” she said playfully.

“OK, thanks, I really appreciate it” Denis said

“No probs… I am just being my brother’s keeper. Chao” she hung up. A grin spread across her face.


“Marcel has been bailed?” Michael roared. “I gave you specific instructions to keep him locked up”

The DPO shivered. “There was nothing we could do sir, a higher officer ordered us to grant his bail”

“Rubbish. And who secured his bail? Who is that person who has your boss’ favour?”

“Pat Williams sir” the man said.

Michael stopped and looked. “Which Pat Williams?”

“The same one sir, the famous Pat Williams”


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