the church secretary Campari

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After Aisha left, I called the Receptionist that I
am not attending to anyone. And I started
ruminating over my life…..what have I just
done? Why did I have to do such even in the
office? Why didn’t I take her home to just do it?
As I was thinking about it an SMS entered my
phone which reads: “meet me at the front of
Campari fast – food joint at Iwo Road in the next
1 hour – Dcns. Emeka”
I tidied up my office, sprayed the air freshener
and switched off the Air Conditioner, I called the
Secretary that I have an urgent appointment at
Iwo Rd and it will take me 2-3 hours.
When I got there, I saw her already waiting for
me inside the fast – food joint and I sat beside
Me: Ma, it is quite scary for me to come and
meet you here.
Dcns. Emeka: shhhh…. I wanted to talk with
you (she placed her hands on my laps trying to
rub it)
Me: (tried shifting away from her) ok ma I’m all
Dcns. Emeka: you have been avoiding me since
when you resumed.
Me: No….. I am not running away from you ma.
You know the nature of our work in the church
office, not having time for other engagements.
Dcns. Emeka: I just want to know how you are
faring. Take this envelope (she passed an
envelope to me). Use it to do whatever you
want to do.
Me: thank you ma.
Then I realized that it was about 50,000 Naira
in the envelope
Dcns. Emeka: You know the project we are
about to execute in the church and I want you
to work towards it that I should be the one
awarded the contract to. I promise that as soon
as it has been awarded, I will settle you in cash
and in other way round
Me: how will I help you ma?
Dcns. Emeka: the church board meeting will
come up on Sunday and you and I will be there;
and as you know, I can’t recommend myself. All
the Board members have united themselves
against me and their main instigator is Elder
Barcanista. I want you to help me. Accountant
use every possible means to convince Head
Me: I am not assuring you but I will try.
Dcns. Emeka: Ok. I will be expecting a reply
from you
Wetin I don enter now God!!!!
Later in the day, I called Elder Barcanista
Me: Hello Elder
Elder Barcanista: Hello my son.
Me: e ku ojo meta sir.
Elder Barcanista: hope there are no problems
Me: No sir. I want to know if the contractor for
the job of constructing the school at Asejire
along Ibadan – Ife Expressway has been
Elder Barcanista: Hmm…. No
Me: but please sir, what about Dcns. Emeka?
Elder Barcanista: Lai-lai
Me: but why sir?
Elder: (breathes deeply) She is an ingrate. I
worked a job for her some years back but after
she finished the job she decided to start
fighting with me that I am demanding too
Me: Daddy, I felt your pain sir. But can I make a
Elder: go ahead.
Me: Let’s scare her by telling her that she is not
qualified. But I want us to give her the job. I will
talk to her to “pay her dues”
Elder: Accountant, kini Dcns. fun e? (what did
the Dcns. gave you?)
Me: nothing sir. I just felt that instead of us
taking our food outside, let us cook and eat our
food at home. I will encourage her to employ
most of the youths in the church that are still
looking for job so that as she benefits as a
member of the Church Board, the youths in the
church also should benefit from her.
Elder: Accountant, you spoke well. Let me call
the Head Pastor so that I will convey the
suggestion to the Head Pastor.
Me: Thank you sir.
Call ended.
Time flew to Sunday and after the service, the
meeting commenced, but Dcns. Emeka was
Head Pastor: I welcome you all to this meeting.
As we all know, we are about building our
model school at Asejire. We have received
various proposals from different people for the
project. Elder Barcanista suggested to me that
we should give Dcns. Emeka the job but I feel
So I want suggestions from other members of
the Board.
Elder Garba: Why can’t we give it to Engineer
David? Why is it that the project should go to
Dcns. Emeka?
Dcns. Agwu: Engineer David is just less than 6
months in this church. You know our policy that
we can’t give a job of such enormity to a
church member that has not spent up to one
Deacon Oladunjoye: She is right Elder Garba.
Engineer David is just a new member and
according to records, he just joined a service
unit less than 2 months ago.
Elder Garba: Lai-lai. I won’t agree that we
should use Dcns. Emeka.
I sat there watching how the drama unfolds to
a serious argument within the church board
members. After the Head Pastor calmed
everyone down, I stood up to talk
Me: Please I want you to be considerate. We all
know Dcns. Emeka. She is a member of this
church for the past 8years. I heard that even
the last assignment she did for the church, she
refunded the balance in the project money.
All except Me: WHAT
Me: When I reconciled all the accounts related
to the project, I discovered that she actually
refunded 8.7 million naira
Elder Garba: Allah YA KIYAYE!!!
Me: But the former accountant only declared
5million naira
Me: so for anyone who did such project with
open transparency and the structure still lasted
time and again, is it not that person we are
going to give the job to do again?
Deacon Oladunjoye: definitely she is the one we
are going to give the job.
After much deliberations and review on the
project sum, we called her to the meeting
Head Pastor: Dcns. Emeka, we have decided
not to give you this job……………BUT on the
other hand we had a rethink and even though
you are a member of the church board, we
have decided to award the project to you. The
letter of award of contract will be given to you
before Tuesday next week
Dcns. Emeka: (happy) Thank you Pastor and
thank you the Church Board (she knelt down
for everybody) and I promise you I will never fail
but I will deliver.


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