the church secretary MOSE

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I was shocked. Cos I kept asking myself ‘am I
now a gigolo?’ the thoughts was repeatedly
coming over and over till when I got home
around 7pm. As soon as I stepped into my
compound I saw my neighbour who told me
that my wife has been waiting for me. When I
saw her she frowned towards me
Sis. Iyoaye: Why did you kept waiting?
I placed my hands on her Weapon of Mass
Sis. Iyoaye: leave me alone o. infact I am very
angry with you
I opened my door and she entered my
apartment. Wow! She exclaimed but quickly
frowned her face back. I lied to her that Dcns.
Emeka invited me for Full Gospel Business
Fellowship. When I finished explaining things to
her she soften a bit. Then a call came in to my
Me: Hello
Caller: it is me Dcns. Emeka
Me: Oh Dcns Emeka… have you gotten home?
Dcns Emeka: yes I have gotten home and how
is your sister?
Me: She is alright (I turned to face Sis. Iyoaye)
Dcns. Emeka: I want to send the picture of the
Holies to you.
Me: Nooo. I will switch off my phone now. I
wanna sleep
Dcns. Emeka: Pleeeeaaaassssseeee
Me: Ma, I just took some tablets with natural
OYS milk and I want to rest. I will call you
tomorrow morning ma.
Dcns. Emeka: (disappointed) Ok I don hear una.
I love you
Me: (love kini?) It is well ma. Goodnight
Dcns. Emeka: sweet dreams (ends call)
Turning to Iyoaye she said
Sis. Iyoaye: E ku ise. Which tablet do you want
to take.
Me: your bobbi and womanliness
Sis Iyoaye: u no well. I am tired and hungry.
What do you have at home?
Me: check inside the fridge to pick up some
When she opened the fridge, she was surprised
Sis. Iyoaye: Accountant, you have all soups
stored in the fridge. Emi ti mo je obinrin gan mi
o ni akoko lati dana to yii (As a lady, I don’t
have the luxury of time to prepare all this)
Me: do you think I sleep all night? I prepare my
soups all night. So that I won’t bother you
(squeezes her weapon of mass defence)
Sis. Iyoaye: issshhhhh….. Hmmm……please
lemme cook first.
I went to the bathroom to shower and tiptoed
to the kitchen. When I got there, I saw Iyoaye
squeezing her bobby. I went behind her and
started to rub her tips. She stopped what she
was doing and turned to kiss me. Then I started
sucking her tips and she was rubbing my head
and ears. Then I used my tongue to trace down
to her navel. The way she moaned and reacted
made my discovery of her hotspot possible
because during our sexting she told me that it
will be hard for me to know her hotspot. I
placed my hands to her weapon of mass
destruction and started squeezing it real bad
while sucking her navel and she was flip-
flopping everywhere. I carried her to the
parlour, placed her on the chair and went
straight to her holiest. When I got there I saw
the place shaved clean except for a neatly
trimmed upside down triangular hair design.
But what surprised me most is that hers was
still shining/blended with her skin colour but
other ladies holiest would have been blackened.
I dived straight to her holiest and started
sucking it hungrily. She was saying many
things that were unmentionable and she was
using her laps to hold my head. Then I inserted
my fingers into the holiest and started
manipulating her. She was begging me to Bleep
her but I did as if I didn’t hear suddenly she
had spasms, climaxed and her fluid was
Sis Iyoaye: (weakly) Accountant, do you want to
kill me?
Me: even if I killed you, it wont be in this house.
Sis. Iyoaye: I am tired…
Me: No! You have to reciprocate back
Sis. Iyoaye: I promise I will but please lemme
rest a bit.
Me: (after a while) Ok I have heard you.
I went to the kitchen to prepare noodles and
fried egg but when I brought the food, she was
already sleeping…..


After I have allowed her to sleep for about an
hour, I woke her up
Sis. Iyoaye: (sleepily) I am hungry.
Me: (laugh sarcastically) hungry ke? You have
never reciprocated and you are hungry
Sis. Iyoaye: Okun inu la n fi gbe ti’ta (when you
are strengthened from within that you use to
I brought her share of the noodles inside the
food flask. During the time she was eating, I fell
asleep. I was awoken when I felt something
warm wrapped around my OPA – MOSE. She
sucked it for a while after that she straddled it
and started riding on it. It got to a point that I
have to cover her mouth with my hands so that
she wont scream. I took her to the counter top
in the kitchen and I entered her. We continued
bleeping each other for about 20 minutes. Then
I turned her and came in from behind. I rode
her like a wild dog and she was moaning and
screaming gently the same time. I felt my balls
tightening and I was about to Pour. I exploded
into her, lost my balance and crashed to the
floor and passed out.
I woke up the following morning on the bed
unclad with Iyoaye beside me. I felt a throb of
pain at my head and I struggled to get up.
When I stood up, Iyoaye woke up
Sis Iyoaye: Collins good morning.
Me: (respect no dey again) good morning
Iyoaye. How was your night? And how did I get
to the bed?
Iyoaye: I dragged you to the matrass so that
you could be able to sleep. But, the way you
crashed, it’s like as if you have gone on a s*x
spree yesterday afternoon with Dcns Emeka
Me: are you for real?
Iyoaye: Don’t you think I always see her when
she looks at you seductively in the church?
Even yesterday when she was looking at you
she was stylishly rubbing her chest
Me: Hian! Iyo of gbogbo Aye! How do you think
it will be possible for me to be bleeping a
married woman? Even in the church? I am
disappointed in you. Even…..
Iyoaye: (cuts in) Noooo. Don’t get me wrong o. I
am not saying that you shouldn’t relate with
her but I’m a jealous woman who doesn’t like to
her man with any woman.
Me: like Bro. Tunji?
Iyoaye: No. you suppose to have said Bro
Mattkelly (hisses)
We were eating breakfast when the Head Pastor
called me. He said that he declares Monday as
work free day for us. But I should ensure that
my phone is ON.
After the call, I held Iyoaye waist and looking at
her, I saw the passion burning like a fire in her
eyes. As I was about kissing her she said:
Iyoaye: Collins, will you promise me something?
Me: if it is what I can do, I will if not………..but I
will try
Iyoaye: Promise me that you wont betray me?
Me: Iyoaye, I am a complicated person. I wont
promise you yes but I will try.
Iyoaye: so do you just want to use me and
dump me?
Me: No Iyoaye. Ti mba so wipe adegun leni, ti
mo si so wipe adeogun lola nko, ki lo nfe ki n se?
(If I say yes today and I later reverted tomorrow
to say no, what will you do?) it is better let us
be fcukmates or FWB
Iyoaye: what is the meaning of FWB?
Me: Friends with bnefits.
After a while she said
Iyoaye: ok I have heard you.
We started kissing and I used one of my hands
to rub her Weapon of Mass Defence while the
other hand was squeezing her Weapon of Mass
Destruction. She was using one of her hands to
hold and squeeze my OPA – MOSE while she
was using the other hand to rub my head. She
went straight down to my OPA – MOSE and
began to suck it. It was as if I used morphine to
deaden the pain in my head. We bleeped twice
before she left for her house. As soon as she
left, I dialed Dcns Emeka’s number
Dcns Emeka: Accountant, na wa for you. You
forgot me since….
Me: (Kisses her on the phone) sorry dear, I
almost forgot to call you.
Dcns Emeka: o ti de level yen abi? Mo to bi e
lomo Accountant (has it gotten to that level? I
am old enough to be your mum, Accountant)
Me: (laughed) yes you are old enough to be my
mum and young enough to suck my OPA –
Dcns Emeka: (purred) yessss. Accountant, I
Me: (stroking my OPA – MOSE) yes it is missing
Dcns Emeka: will you be chanced today?
Me: Nooo. I am dead tired.
Dcns Emeka: why wont you be tired? Anyway
how about your sister?
Me: oh! She had left this morning. Dcns, can we
talk later.
Dcns Emeka: ok love.
Me: ok ma. Talk to you later.
After she ended the call I was pondering;
Why did Iyoaye talked about Dcns Emeka like
Why is Iyoaye desperate in hooking me?
Why? Why? Why?



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