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I was still working when I got a new Whatsapp
notification on my phone. When I read it, it read
“missing u badly – Idowu”. It was strange
because the number was not part of the
number I have on my phone. Later, the number
called me
Caller: Lover boy that forgot his mama
Me: Eh. Mama wey no wan make I know am
Caller: how are you?
Me: I am fine. But please who are you?
Caller: I know you have forgotten all about me.
This is Dcns Emeka
Me: (surprised) Dcns. it is well o. where have
you been?
Dcns Emeka: you never called me or even
asked of me all this while. Well, I am in Effurun
at the moment.
Me: Mama! Aka Ajala travelled all over the world
Dcns Emeka: I missed you seriously.
Me: I missed you too….even I missed your “twin
– towers”
Dcns Emeka: (laughed and purred) I missed
Me: so what took the almighty deaconess to
Dcns Emeka: do you know the person you
called the other time when we were together at
Molete? That you said he works at FUPRE and
you connected me with him? He called me
some weeks back that he wants to organize
some training so he gave me the project for the
organization and preparation. The training
started three days ago and it will end by
Me: wow. Well, don’t forget to come and pay
your dues when you come back.
Dcns Emeka: naughty boy. I won’t. I will chat
with you later. Bye (ends call)
I was surprised that Dcns could get the job.
Because that day when we were still in the
hotel room, he called me to congratulate me for
the new job I got and I casually told him that I
have someone who is a very good contractor…
Iyoaye and I reconciled our differences and we
were getting closer by the day and people have
been gossiping about it in the church. One day
I called her to my office
Me: Iyo, people have started talking about us in
the church the way we are getting too close.
And I think we should find a solution about it.
Iyoaye: Collins, what should we do about it?
Me: how much do you have in savings?
Iyoaye: a little over a hundred thousand naira.
Me: can you secure a shop so that you will be
able to have time for yourself and people won’t
be gossiping about us in the church.
Iyoaye: but I don’t have the money to rent a
Me: I will try to raise the funds, but I am not
promising you.
Iyoaye: (very happy) I am grateful.
She wanted to come and meet me to give me a
kiss but I restrained her
Me: remember that we are in the office.
Iyoaye: Ok sir
She left and it was as if my eyes were cleared.
What did I just do?
On Saturday afternoon when Dcns Emeka came
into town she sent me a text to meet her at our
usual spot. When I got there, and I entered the
room, she came to give me a hug
Dcns Emeka: Lover boy I missed you.
Me: Dcns I missed you too (kissed her)
Dcns Emeka: Call me Idowu please. Well, my
journey was splendid but hectic. I came in this
morning and I have been sleeping all day
Me: na wa. So you’ve been here since morning
and you didn’t call me?
Dcns Emeka: se o fe pami abi? (do you want to
kill me?) I sleep only 3hrs daily when the
training was going on
Me: Ok ooo (held her by her waist) so what did
you bring for your lover boy?
She looked into my eyes and I could see lust
burning in those eyeballs.
Dcns Emeka: let’s shower together
We went into the bathroom and showered
together. She went on her knees and placed
my semi – erect OPA – MOSE into her mouth.
She sucked me for some minutes and I released
into her mouth. She swallowed everything and
cleaned me up. We went into the bedroom and
she went on all fours and I penetrated her from
the back. I bleeped her in different styles for
fifteen minutes before I released powerfully into
her. When we were through, she gave me a
Me: what is this cheque for?
Dcns Emeka: I want to use it to appreciate you
for what you did.
When i checked it, I saw a seven digit figure.
Me: It is too much Idowu.
Dcns Emeka: sweetie, I wished to give you more
but please keep it for yourself.
Me: tau. Nagode (thanks)
Dcns Emeka: Collins, I have “not too bad” news
for you……..


Dcns Emeka: (her eyes were misty) I will be
relocating back to the states next week to join
my family.
Me: ah!!!! Why are you just telling me? (tears
were forming in my eyes) please don’t leave me
I realized I have fallen in love with her
Dcns Emeka: (sobbing) I wished to stay back
but my children are pressuring me to come
I hugged her and we both cried. When we
stopped crying, we made …….. one more time
and (trust your man) I released powerfully into
Dcns Emeka left finally on Monday. She got
pregnant almost immediately she got there and
after 9 months gave birth to a baby boy that
looks almost alike to me (story for the gods),
Aisha got a better job and also went with her
family in London, Iyoaye and I got married,
both of us resigned from the church work and
we now live big and powerful

***THE END***




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