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When I woke up the following morning, I saw that MT had gone to work. I left her apartment and went to prepare for office and I went there. After a couple of hours the Head Pastor summoned me
HP: Accountant I want you to meet this people. Mr. James and Mr. Uche
Me: it is nice meeting you sirs.
Both of them: the pleasure is ours
HP: They bidded for the disused generator and they wanted you to accompany them to the bank to be able to deposit the money in your presence.
Me: but sir, I will give them the account number and they will pay and we will confirm the payment.
Mr. James: the person that sent us is using Jaiz bank and please you have to accompany us to the bank please sir. we will pay for your transport.
Me: it is ok if you insist
As soon as they left to go and wait for me in their car, I approached the Head Pastor
Me: sir, I am not comfortable with the arrangement
HP: don’t worry. Just go and come back in time.
As soon as I joined them in the car, I observed that the once friendly Mr. James and Uche were keeping a straight face. I wanted to initiate conversation with them but they were responding in monosyllables. But when I discovered that instead of us going to Iwo Road, we headed towards Adegbayi/New Ife Road. That was when I knew I was abducted. As I was attempting to take my phone out, a gun was pointed towards me
“don’t ever attempt to make any call”. When they have made a call to a strange number, we were already at Toll Gate. Suddenly, we encountered a gridlock and before we could say Jack, we were face to face with “Operation Burst”.
OB officer: Welldone guys, please park your car.
Mr. James: Sir, our trip is very urgent
OB Officer: danburoboba. Walahi I dey craze? I say make una park, you dey tell me say you wan go see Mr. President. Before I change my face, park ya car and everybody commot for the car.
As soon as we dropped from the car, guess who I saw????

MT: Daadi, where are you going? You didn’t tell me that you are travelling yesterday?
Me: maama, you are in Burst today? How is work (feeling relaxed)
Instead of her answering, she came to give me a hug
MT: (whispering into my ears) Thanks for yesterday
Me: (whispering back) gbomogbomo ni won (they are kidnappers)
With the speed of light she released me from her embrace, and ask the men
MT: we will search you people and the car (the men start fidgeting)
Mr. Uche: Oga Madam, there is nothing.
Me: (screams out) Mama Tee, don’t let them escape
As soon as I said so, they ordered them to squat down. I collected my phone from them and called the Head Pastor informing him about the incident. We were all bundled into the OB Van to their Base. As soon as we got there, every of the officer were in jubilation because every suspect brought to the Base, it is always celebrated and the team that captures such will be commended publicly. When all statements were collected I was released to go home. When I left the base, I called Halima
Me: hello dear
Halima: hello dear, I heard what happened. I am happy that nothing happened to my husband
Me: let your fiancé catch you. I no dey there o
Halima: Collins, do you know what, I will be coming by first light tomorrow to see you.
Me: ok
When I got to the office, I narrated my ordeal with the Head Pastor. Immediately I had to close down and went home when I got home, I called Mama Tee
Me: I am eternally grateful for rescuing me.
MT: don’t mention. I will do everything just for you.
Me: well thanks. I’m already at home
MT: ok I will be at home within the hour. But lest I forget, your wife is coming tomorrow morning.
Me: (pretending to be surprised) is it Iyoaye or Halima
MT: don’t waste my credit. It is Halima
Me: ok ooo she had call me
MT: e gbadun (you no well)
Me: e ma je’gba ma(I will fcuk you baaaaaad)
MT: (lowers her voice) mo need egba yen seriously (I need a good fcuk)
We both laughed (call ends)
As I was trying to sleep an SMS came into my phone
“I am still trailing you. Don’t think Mama Tee will be beside you all the time – Iyoaye”
Immediately I called my parents and told them about what has been going on. They instructed me to leave the surroundings immediately. I informed Mama Tee that I have gone into hiding and I picked some of my clothes and went to hide in Apete with a friend. After some days, I received a call from the Head Pastor
HP: Accountant, please I am sending the head of the security unit of the church


After the call from the HP, I intimated my friend
and He mobilized his other colleagues. Then we
trekked to Apete Bridge. When I saw the Head
of Security unit of the church, I entered the car
and we both went to church. When I got to the
office, I went to meet the HP
HP: Bro. Collins I’m sorry for what happened to
you. Your wife came to the office to explain
everything to me. But you are at fault sha
Me: Daddy how?
HP: she said that someone caught you kissing
another lady in your office on three consecutive
times and you actually slept with two of them
Me: (laughing) Daddy, the story is not true sir.
Honestly, sisters in this Church are trying to
force their way in but in actual fact I don’t give
them opportunity to come closer
HP: (sighs) Well I don’t have anything to say
but I have told your wife to see me today. Even
she ought to have been around
Me: (feeling disturbed) no….no…problem sir
HP: what is wrong with you?
Me: (forming boldness) Nothing sir
HP: I’ll call you as soon as she enters
Me: ok sir…

Not long I settled down in the office, Ritababe
Ritababe: na wa for you accountant. I checked
you at home twice but I was told you travelled
Me: Ritababe, pls leave me alone. I wasn’t
around and you did not bother to call me and
you said you checked me. I went hiding
Ritababe: Collins…….na wa ooo. If you hadn’t
married her…….
Me: please don’t bring that. At least I am here
and alive
Ritababe: ok mo ti gbo. But there are some
things I want to tell you
Me: ok I’m all ears
Ritababe: Collins, don’t be too fast. I’ll come to
your place tonight and explain it better
Me: my place Count me out
Ritababe: why don’t you want me to come
Me: you must not come. Tell me all what you
want to tell me. Or in another option I can come
to your place
Ritababe: sure
Me: a bi moo ti wa ni? You that I’ll call now and
you’ll be under the ministration of another man.
Ritababe: eni ba de’be lo ma ro’hin ‘be
Me: ok till closing hours
After she left, a call came in from an
international line
Caller: is that Collins Ajidara?
Me: yes. Who am I speaking with?


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