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I was squeezing her Weapon of Mass Defence and she reciprocated by squeezing my OPA-MOSE. Still kissing each other, we went straight to the chair and we started tearing the clothes off our body. I stopped abruptly to lock the door. As soon I returned to the chair, I saw that Halima was stark “unclad”. I went straight to her Holiest and I saw that the place was as clean as Abu Dhabi desert. I started sucking her and she was moaning loud. I stopped but she urged me to continue. I licked the outer and inner l4bia she was restless and was flapping everywhere. I stopped and immediately she came for my OPA-MOSE and started sucking it real bad. I was saying some incomprehensible words and I didn’t know when I released into her mouth. She swallowed all like a pro and licked me clean.

Halima: dirty boy. You shouldn’t have released to my mouth. But your load can throw a ball from Challenge to Iwo Road.

Instead of answering her, I crashed to the chair exhausted. After I rested a bit, I went again to suck her c^nt. She was begging me to stop but I decided it is payback time. I sucked her until she squirted all over my face. After then, I spread her legs and entered her. I bleeped her mercilessly, her moans was subdued with the cushions of the chairs. Then I lay down and she came to ride me for some minutes. We reverted to the missionary style and bleeped each other. After we climaxed, we were shocked hearing someone crying at the back of my window. When I open the curtains, behold it was Iyoaye!

After some days, a call came into my phone

Caller: Collins this is Chief Emeka

Me: Good day sir. How are you?

Chief Emeka: I’m fine. Just came into Nigeria yesterday night.

Me: how was your trip and I hope you brought something for your boy sir?

Chief Emeka: sure I did. Please I would like to see you this afternoon at my house.

Me: ok sir.

As soon as I got to their residence at Akobo and entered, I was ushered in to sit down. After a while, Chief Emeka and Dcns. Idowu came inside. I felt that the ground should open up and swallow me.

Dcns. Emeka: Bad boy how are you?

Me: (stammering) I am fine ma. How….how was your trip ma?

Dcns. Emeka: it was fine. (turning to her husband) don’t mind him o. it is because you are here.

Chief Emeka: Collins, feel at home. By the way what should we offer you?

Me: Never mind sir. I’m ok sir.

Chief Emeka: Collins, I want to appreciate you for what you did for my family. The baby my wife had about 1yr ago is the only child I will boast I will have ever on earth.

Me: (shocked) what?

Chief Emeka: you are surprised? Don’t be because my wife told me of all your s*x – escapades when she was in Nigeria. That child is your
daughter and you are the father.

I knelt down in front of them to apologise.

Me: I am sorry sir for what transpired between me and Dcns. I take personal responsibility for what happened and I am ready for whatever
consequences it may arise.

Chief Emeka: you dey fear? If I wont forgive you I would have killed you before now. But by the grace of God, what my kinsmen had conceded as write – off is carrying my own babies. I mean twins. I want you to know that your daughter is safe with me and I am ready to take personal responsibilities for her upkeep.

Me: thank you sir.


Chief Emeka: give me your account number. I will be forwarding Ninety – seven million Naira to start off and be very comfortable in life.

I was contemplating if I should accept the money or not when someone entered the sitting room. Guess who I saw again……….

Me: what is she looking for here? (I pointed at Iyoaye)

Dcns. Emeka: Collins o je f’ara e bale (you need to be patient) we have told her all about you and all what happened. Honestly we all are at fault and o gbodo mu mo’ra bi’so inu egun (you have to keep all that transpired between us all as secret) and besides, you need to forgive her.

Iyoaye: Collins, do you know that you are the one at fault? Even though I have forgiven you, hear this, I am not going back with you to your house.

Me: (Kneeling in front of her) Iyoaye, I am very sorry for what I have done to you. I know I have the greatest blame but honestly, I love you and I was pained when I caught you and also when you wanted to abduct me.

Iyoaye: (sobbing) am I not ok for you? Mama Tee was the one who confessed to me that she loves you and she wouldn’t mind tasting your OPA – MOSE. Had I known, I wouldn’t have dared her.

Me: (sobbing) I am sorry. I slept with her

Iyoaye: WHAT? Slept with both SISTERS? (she burst into fresh tears) Collins you have killed me!!!

Chief Emeka and his wife were watching the drama but later Dcns. Emeka spoke up

Dcns. Emeka: It is ok boht of you. Iyoaye, will you still consider him back?

Iyoaye: (turning to Dcns. Emeka) it cannot be possible any longer. Since he could be bold to sleep with both sisters and they are our neighbours, I will not be able to stand seeing them. (turning to me) mo yonda gbogbo nnkan ti a ti jo ni papo (I have released all that we’ve had together to you) and……..

Me: no it cant be. Please forgive me.

Iyoaye: we are no longer compatible and besides, I’m leaving for the States for good tomorrow night

Me: well if you insist, I will give you 50million out of what Chief Emeka wants to give me. Just forgive me…..

Chief Emeka: that’s so thoughtful of you. (calls bank) transfer 47million to the 1st account and 50 million to the 2nd account immediately (ends call). I am happy that both of you could settle things amicably between yourselves.

Me: thank you sir.

I went to the office and drafted my resignation letter. When I gave the Head Pastor, he was pleading that I should stay for some time more but my mind was made up. After spending 17hours in the office tidying up and balancing all the accounts, I went home. As soon as I got home, I saw Halima sitting on the couch silent.

Me: baby, how are you?

Halima: leave me alone. You went out since yesterday and common call you couldn’t make.

Me: baby, I’m sorry. I had to stay back in office to tidy up my desk. Well, I have resigned.

Halima: what happened baby?

Me: (kneeling in front of her) baby I have been a serial player and I don’t know if you will ever forgive me

Halima: what happened?

Me: before I got married to my former wife, I slept with 4 different women. They are all married women; two from my church, the previous account officer and the current account officer of the church

Halima: Allahu Akbar!!! Collins? Haaaaaaaaa

Me: infact, one of them have my baby

Halima: lobatan!!! And you also slept with my sister (she burst into tears)

I tried to hold her but she resisted me touching her. I went to the room to lie down for a while; later, she came into the room UNCLAD

Halima: I have thought about ourselves. From the very 1st day I saw you I knew you were not “born – again” but I was still attracted to you. I am ready to stay at your side come rain, come shine…………

Few years later at Jo’burg South Africa…….. my daughter was shouting at 2 children. When all the parents rushed to the place I discovered that it was Dcns. Emeka’s child, Iyoaye and Pst. Mattkelly child my child was shouting at.


SEASON 3??? WATCH OUT!!!!!!!


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