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Few days later when I got to the office, I
realized that the Head Pastor was back. I went
straight to his office
Me: good morning sir. How was your trip?
Head Pastor: Accountant….well my trip was fine
o. na wa for you. Call you no fit call. But if na
your madam na so so call you go dey do
We both laughed.
Me: but sir there is an issue
Head Pastor: (perplexed) what is the issue?
Me: like you narrated in the dream, my wife has
left the house
Head Pastor: Jesus!!! When did that happened.
Me: the very day you left for the conference sir.
Head Pastor: hmmm… well give me her number
When he called her she picked it
Iyoaye: who is speaking please
Head Pastor: Mrs. Ajidara, this is the Head
Pastor of your church
Iyoaye: (coldly) Daddy good afternoon
HP: good afternoon. Your husband reported you
to me that you left the house for him
Iyoaye: Daddy, if not for the sake that you are a
pastor, I would have ended the call. The man is
a good for nothing sack.
HP: where are you now?
Iyoaye: I am at Ajaokuta.
HP: ok. I will talk to your husband.
After the call ended, the HP turned to me
HP: Accountant, what is going on in your
Me: Daddy, to be candid, I can not say that this
is the situation.
HP: I am sorry Accountant. I have to report you
to the Church Board and DISCOM
Me: (mogbe) Daddy, ko ti de gbogbo level yen
HP: for your wife to have said such, it means
you are hiding some skeleton in your cupboard.
I was scared because, the fear of DISCOM in the
Church is the beginning of Wisdom. After I left
Pastor’s office, I called Pst. Mattkelly to come to
my office.
Me: Pst. Mattkelly, wahala dey o
Pst. Mattkelly: you don give another woman
Me: (hissed) Pst. it is not that. The case
between my wife and I has escalated to the
table of the Head Pastor. He called her and she
made some terrible allegations at me
Pst. Mattkelly: is that why you are scared?
Me: na so my brother.
Pst Mattkelly: don’t worry I will speak with him
baaaaaaaad boy.
Me: emi baaad boy ke? Anyway sha it’s ok (Pst.
Mattkelly leaves)
As soon as he left, I started thinking on what to
do, which submission I will make when a call
came in to my phone
Caller: is that Mr. Ajidara?
Me: yes. But who am I speaking with
Caller: this is Alhaji Kashim Omoveghae
Me: ok….good day sir. How may I help you?
Alhaji Omoveghae: send your email address. I
want to send you some important documents
Me: what for sir?
Alhaji Omov.: your wife, the owner of Lakasoro
Company bidded for a contract worth 33 million
Naira and the number on this document was
the one I called. But, your wife slept with my
Accountant. So I want to send a copy of the
letter of award and evidences of what I just told
Me: (pretending to be surprised) ah!!!!!my wife
Hmmm. I have heard you sir. I will send the
e – mail address right away.


After I had send the email address, and I was
happy that I have irrefutable evidences against
my wife, her call came in. a part of me didn’t
want to pick the call a part of me wanted to
pick her call. After the 3rd ring, I picked her call
Me: why are you calling me
Iyoaye: Collins please don’t hang up on me. It is
Me: so, what do you want?
Iyoaye: I bidded for a contract worth 33million
naira and it was when I was checking the copy
of the documents I have, I discovered that it
was your number that was placed there.
Me: woman, firstly, you bidded for a contract
without my knowledge. Secondly, you have
transferred all the title deed of the company to
my name. so you are no longer the owner and
director of the company. Also sl^t, you slept
with the Accountant in order to secure the
contract. Well, I have no information about the
contract; and I am ready for you when I am
being summoned at DISCOM. She wanted to
say something but I ended the call.


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