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Later in the day, I received a surprise gift from someone. When I opened it, I saw five pieces of shirt, two packs of singlet and four boxer shorts alongside a small note. When I read the note, it was from Kafeeya. I called her

Me: how did you know that today is my birthday?

Kafeeya: check your Facebook. Your day and your update are there. (ends call)

I quickly checked my Facebook and I saw the beautiful cake she posted on my wall. I called her back

Me: thanks for the gifts and the cake.

Kafeeya: the cake is at home.

Me: your place or mine?

Kafeeya: when you get home.

(fast forward to evening)
When I got home, I saw Mrs Adedokun fuming in anger. When I greeted her she didn’t respond instead she asked me a question

Mrs Adedokun: what is between you and Sis Kafeeya?

Me: nothing. We are just friends in the church.

Mrs Adedokun: are you sure?

Me: 100% sure ma.

Mrs Adedokun: why didn’t you tell me that today is your birthday?

Me: I’m sorry ma. I’d planned not to celebrate it since Titilayo is not here.

Mrs Adedokun: (calms) ok. I thought you were having s*x with Kafeeya

Me: nope. (I lied)

Mrs Adedokun: meet me inside for your birthday gift.

As soon as I entered my apartment, I received a call from Ifeoma

Ifeoma: Lover boy happy birthday. Even if you didn’t tell us

Me: thank you. How is Port – Harcourt?

Ifeoma: fine. But where are you?

Me: inside my apartment.

Ifeoma: my sister said that someone brought cake to the house for you.

Me: yes. Mummy Praise brought the cake for me

Ifeoma: why are you doing this accountant?
Me: can’t I tell someone to do cake for me? Or why the unnecessary question?

Ifeoma: but……

Me: but what I’m sleeping with her abi

Ifeoma: Mike I am not saying that but….

Me: please I am tired and I need to rest. If you that we are not dating could be this possessive, how will Titilayo feel?

Ifeoma: Mike, don’t make me…..

Me: angry!!!

Ifeoma: as I said, I am possessive about my thing; and I don’t want to share it with……

I hissed at her and ended the call.

As soon as I entered the main building, Mrs Adedokun came to give me a hug
Mrs Adedokun: happy birthday Mike.

Me: thank you ma.

As she wanted to talk, a call came into my phone

Me: hello

Kafeeya: happy birthday. I want to come to your house with praise and her friend.

Me: ok. I will be expecting the three of you.

Kafeeya: hope you haven’t cooked food?

Me: nope. (looking at Mrs Adedokun) except if Mummy has prepared food for everyone
(mrs Adedokun poked me at the back)

Kafeeya: ok…. But all the same we are coming.

Me: ok. I have heard you. (call ends)

As soon as the call ended, mrs Adedokun faced me

Mrs Adedokun: Mike, she said she’s coming

Me: yes with Praise and the other girl.

Mrs Adedokun: I want to spend your birthday with you alone.

Me: I will try to discharge her on time


Kafeeya came in about 10 minutes later with the kids. We danced, sang and ate; as if she read Mrs Adedokun mind, she quickly left the place for her house. As soon as she left, I got a whatsapp notification from Titilayo informing me of a Skype call. I excused myself from Mrs Adedokun and went to my apartment. When I entered, I initiated the Skype call with her

Me: Iyawo olojo ibi, you no come to Ibadan to celebrate with your husband.

Titilayo: ma binu si mi. you know that it is not easy, taking permission from work and travelling to come and celebrate with you

Me: ok

Titilayo: well, Ifeoma called me to report something to me. Who is Kafeeya?

Me: Sis Kafeeya is a sister in the church that I contracted to bake cake for me (I lied) when the cake was ready, she had to take it home to drop it there. In – fact Mrs Adedokun saw the cake and even commented on the cake

Titilayo: but what is going on between you and IfeomaMike you have to tell me the truth. Because I suspect you are lying.

Me: (getting angry) what is the meaning of that statement? So I should not interact with church members; or church members should not do anything/transact business with them abi

Titilayo: this is the problem I always have with you Mike. You get flared up easily……

Me: I know Ifeoma or her sister would have reported me to you

Titilayo: nobody reported you to me

Me: how did you know someone gave me a cake then?

Titilayo: check your wall on Facebook

Me: I have seen the cake…..she uploaded it this morning.

Titilayo: did you see what she wrote on the post?
I quickly rushed to see what she wrote; I was shocked and surprised because she wrote “to an angel……with love” and inserted a love smiley.

Me: Titilayo, I don’t know why you should be angry at what a person wrote on my wall. For your information, she is a single mother of a four year old girl. Funny enough, she is a chorister in the church where I work. So how will I be that silly to date her under the very nose of your sister – in – law (I lied); and Mrs Adedokun knows her very well.

Titilayo: it was Ifeoma that informed me and…….

Me: and what Titi? Baby, don’t spoil my day for me; I will call you back later (ends call)

I wanted to send an SMS to Ifeoma but I decided to play it cool. I returned to the main building to meet Mrs Adedokun. As soon as I got to the main building, Mrs Adedokun ushered me in. I refused to sit down.

Mrs Adedokun: Accountant what happened?

Me: Please did you call Ifeoma to tell her about the cake?

Mrs Adedokun: yes I did. I couldn’t imagine someone outside will be sharing my “thing”
Me: that is very good ma. It’s like we should put an end to what we have been doing.

Mrs Adedokun: put an end to what?

Me: the sexcapedes between us

Mrs Adedokun: Accountant, you are joking.

Me: Ma, I’m dead serious

Mrs Adedokun: so you want to rebuff my advances after eating me abi You will not do such again

Me: (sarcastic) Well, thank you for today….. I’m really tired and I want to go and sleep (turns to leave)

I carried the cake and was leaving. Mrs Adedokun grabbed my arms and looking into my eyes intently

Mrs Adedokun: Mike, I am sorry for my actions today. To be candid, your c^ck is sweeter than honey.

Me: Mrs Adedokun, I have heard you.

Mrs Adedokun: please call me Chinyere.

Me: ok I’ve heard you Sis. Chinyere.

I gave her a peck on her cheek and went inside my apartment.


The following day in the office, the new Associate Pastor (AP) was introduced to us in the church. Also he was allocated his office and immediately he settled down, I heard a buzz on my intercom

Me: hello sir

AP: This is the Associate Pastor. Please come into my office. (call ends)

I went to meet him in the office. As soon as I entered his office and greeted him

AP: Accountant, I want you to be submitting daily fund position to my desk every morning before devotion.

Me: sir, you are not the Head of Station that I should be giving the daily Imprest position to. So…..

AP: do you want to dare me Accountant?

I kept quiet because I don’t want to create a scene. Immediately I left his office and went inside my office. I tried calling the Senior Pastor but his number wasn’t going through. Few hours later, the Senior Pastor called me and as I got to his office I met the Associate Pastor with him discussing.

SP: Accountant, what is it I am hearing this morning? Associate Pastor said that you should be submitting a report to him and you refused.

Me: Sir, he is requesting for DFP


AP: Sir, in my former station, the DFP is always being done and I always have a copy of it.

SP: Lailai. It is only the Head of Station that is entitled to it.

Me: Sirs. I want to take my leave.


Me: Ok sir. (I exit)

When I got back to my office, I called Titilayo’s number. She picked it almost immediately

Titilayo: omo olojo ibi, don’t be angry for what happened yesterday.

Me: (sighs) ok mo ti gbo. How are you?

Titilayo: I am fine dear. Just that I’m missing you.

Me: I am missing you too. Just that we were not together.

Titilayo: that reminds me. You need to call my dad.

Me: what happened?

Titilayo: he said he wants to speak with you.

Me: ok. Send his number.

Titilayo: don’t you have his number?

Me: you know that I flashed my phone and all the numbers were gone.

Titilayo: ok love… I will (call ends)

After she sent the phone number, I dialled it almost immediately.

Me: Daddy, good afternoon sir

Daddy Titilayo: good afternoon. Please who am I speaking with?

Me: My name is Mike Olatunji, Titilayo’s friend

Daddy Titilayo: ok, how can I help you?

Me: Titilayo was the one that gave me your number to call you sir.

Daddy Titilayo: ok……………………………are you the one that finished from OAU?


Me: yes sir.

Daddy Titilayo: how are you dear?

Me: I am fine sir.

Daddy Titilayo: that’s good. Where are you?

Me: I am in Ibadan.

Daddy Titilayo: where?

Me: Ile Tuntun area along NIHORT road.

Daddy Titilayo: that is very good. What about your parents? And where are they living?

Me: both are doing just great and they are living in Ijebu – Ode.

Daddy Titilayo: I would like to see you.

Me: when and where sir?

Daddy Titilayo: I will contact our daughter to tell you when we would meet

Me: ok sir.

Daddy Titilayo: I will save your number and call you later.

Me: alright sir.

Daddy Titilayo: I got to go. Talk with you later

Me: bye sir. (Call ends)

After the call I saw a message from Kafeeya “We need to see and talk – Love ya”. As I wanted to respond the message, Mercy came inside my office

(Switches to pidgin)

Mercy: howdy, lover boy?

Me: madam, how una dey?

Mercy: see me see favour. You dey answer question with question

Me: na you sabi. How your pipul?

Mercy: dem dey o. hope una slept wella for me?

Me: I sleep like apako.

She wan come for my side where I siddon. Na im I con tell am

Me: Mercy make una no kobalise me. Pastor Omenka dey SP office and I no wan make
person come enter like that.

Mercy: I wan make you sexvice my engine

Me: you no well. Abeg, make una come buy food. Hunger dey wire me wella.

Mercy: you get food wey dey tanda for your front you still dey hungry.

Me: Mercy, you wan make dem use my head fry dried stockfish?

Mercy: I bring food come but you go pay.

Me: no wahala.

(turns to English)

She quickly went to bring the food, shared it and went back to her post. As I wanted to eat, I received a call

Me: hello

My Pastor: Mike, this is not our agreement

Me: Daddy!!! E ma binu simi.

My Pastor: you promised that you will be coming for our special programmes but since when you resumed, you never had the time of calling let alone coming for the programme.

Me: please daddy I am sorry sir. I promise I won`t fail

My Pastor: We are starting the annual 15 days fasting and prayer and I want you to participate in it.

Me: ok…..

My Pastor: or have you eaten?

Me: I am just about to.

My Pastor: I would love that you join us.

Me: ok. I will suspend the food.

My Pastor: how is Sis Titilayo?

Me: she`s fine sir.

My Pastor: Tell her not to travel anywhere. Because I saw her running and blood was flowing on the ground.

Me: ah!!! She told me she was going to Jos for a wedding.

My Pastor: I would appreciate it if she cancels the journey.

Me: ok daddy. I will tell her right away.

As soon as the call ends, I called Titilayo

Me: omo ele, how are you?

Titilayo: I am fine.

Me: where are you now?

Titilayo: I am in Jos now infact…….. (ends call)

Me: hello……. Hello………. Are you there? (no response)

To Be Continued…




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