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Mr. Adedokun: how do you know the number?

Me: it started with +44 and ended with 635

Mr. Adedokun and his wife looked at each other. Ifeoma hissed and went inside the room. Then Mr. Adedokun spoke up

Mr. Adedokun: Mike, you will have to take it easy….. but at least you would have asked her who the person was

Me: to let her know that I am not bothered, I told her to pick the call but she ignored the call and said that I shouldn’t mind the person calling.

Mr. Adedokun: Mike, let’s talk tomorrow morning.

Me: ok sir.

Mr. Adedokun: Ifeoma, please take the package we bought for Mike to his apartment

Me: thank you sir.

Mr. Adedokun: never mind. After all, we are family.

I appreciated him and I left for my apartment. When I got there, I saw an SMS from Ifeoma “Mike, there are some explanations to make” I called her immediately

Ifeoma: can I come now?

Me: yes you can

As soon as she entered, I observed that apart from what Mr. Adedokun brought for me,
she brought a food flask, dropped it on my table, went inside the kitchen and brought two plates. We ate in silence for some minutes. After eating, she faced me

Ifeoma: what did I do to you Mike?

Me: you did nothing Ifeoma.

Ifeoma: but why are you not calling me all this while?

Me: just decided to keep a safe distance from you


Ifeoma: (sneers) “just decided to keep a safe distance from you” and you are still living here?

Me: na you sabi. I decided not to call you because of what you said.

Ifeoma: is it because I said I don’t want to share my “thing” (pointing at my c^ck) with Kafeeya

Me: (yinmu from my mind) you are not serious. Is it your thing or Titilayo?

Ifeoma: Titilayo Mike forget about her

Me: what happened?

Ifeoma: the number you mentioned is the number of your girl’s fiancé. He wasn’t serious with her from the start.


Ifeoma: they’ve met during school and she was dating both of you. It was because his dad got a contract through her dad and they want to use the marriage to seal their friendship.

Me: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ifeoma: if you observe well, my sister and her husband looked at each other when you mentioned the number….

Me: please wait. I need to call that girl (I dialled Titilayo number)

Titilayo: Mike do you want to kill me?

Me: I want to ask you; who was that person that called you with that international number?

Titilayo: hmmm….. it is not what you think…….

Me: then tell me what is it?

Titilayo: (burst into tears) Mike I am sorry. I have really disappointed you.

Me: what happened?

Titilayo: the masters I said I was to do in the UK is not true. I am getting married in the UK.

Me: AH!!!!! O ti pami…..

Titilayo: in fact, I will be going next month

Me: ah!!!! But why (tears falling from my face) Titi why are you doing this to me (call ended)

Ifeoma wanted to move closer to console me but I walked out of the apartment and I went to the garden. Before I could say Jack Bauer, I felt a sharp pain at the back of my leg. When I turned to look, I discovered it was a scorpion bite. I screamed my lungs out. Everyone in the house rushed out and I was administered first aid. I was rushed to the hospital to be treated and after treatment, I slept off.


I woke up the following morning refreshed but really depressed. I observed that Ifeoma was resting her head on the hospital bed. I was sad and angry at the same time. later in the day, I was discharged from the hospital; but I decided that I will leave the house immediately. I called kolade to inform him about all what happened. He told me to come and spend some days in his place. Mrs. Adedokun and Ifeoma tried calling me several times but I refused picking their calls. After some days, I secured another apartment and I went to the house to inform the Adedokun’s that I’m leaving the apartment. They were shocked most especially Mrs. Adedokun but she couldn’t say anything because her husband and Ifeoma were there.

I maintained a low profile in my apartment and in the church. Sis Kafeeya got a job in Abuja and moved there. Mercy resigned from the church and moved to Badagry. I changed my line so as to disconnect from Mrs. Adedokun and Ifeoma. But, one day when I closed from office and I was at Shoprite, I saw Blessing
Me: o ga ju. How are you?

Blessing: don’t greet me at all. You were working in Idi – Ishin and I was living at Ile – Tuntun. But, you never deem it fit to come and pay me a visit.

Me: I was in a complicated situation then. The person I lived with was my former fiancée sister in – law.

Blessing: eeyah. Pele dear. How are you now?

Me: I am fine. What about your family?

Blessing: everyone is fine….just that I missed your c^ck

Me: Blessing, don’t let me fight you. You are married and you already have kids. Don’t implicate me.

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Blessing: you know that I have not tasted your c^ck all this while sha. But I wont mind tasting it one day

Me: don’t let us start what we won’t finish.

Blessing: which time can I call you?

Me: sorry dear, I have changed the line I was using. Give me your number so that I will call you.

We exchanged contacts and I promised to call her. Some days later in the service the SP came to the altar


SP: Church, I observed that immorality is thick in the air in this church. I sense a strange spirit has possessed the youths and what surprised me most is that they are the one’s ministering to us. (facing the choir) I hereby disband the Choir Unit of the Church with immediate effect. Drama Unit is also placed on suspension (grumbling in the church) and I personally will ensure that new members are thoroughly screened before they are admitted. Meanwhile, Mrs. Adedokun will be leading the Praise Session and the Associate Pastor will be the one leading the special ministrations. I was shocked but I did not show it. After the service I dialled Blessing number. After the third ring, she picked up the call

Blessing: Hello boy?

Me: Sup girl. How are you?

Blessing: I am fine.
Me: what about your husband?

Blessing: he is fine. So where are you?

Me: I am in the church. Just want to speak with someone.

Blessing: haba! You ought to have spoken with “our” wife….

Me: you are not ok. she had gone to the UK to marry.

Blessing: hmmm. That’s serious. Can we see today?

Me: Daddy ma wa n’le and the kids.

Blessing: will it be possible?

Me: send the address. I will come.

Blessing: I will send it immediately. (call ends)

When she sent the SMS, I saw the address and I decided to go. When I got there, I saw a familiar car parked in the premises of the place. I called her to meet me outside and when she came, I saw that she was looking s*xy**.

Blessing: why are you looking at me like that?

Me: I feel like grabbing the melons on your chest and squeeze it

Blessing: if my husband catches you.

Me: but wait o. it seems as if this car looks like my pastor’s own

Blessing: sure it is. Your pastor is my husband’s elder brother

Me: mogbe! And you allowed me to come to your place?

Instead of her to answer, she pulled me along with her inside. When we entered, I saw Senior Pastor and his wife in the house

SP: Accountant, what are you doing here?

Me: I came to see Blessing and her kids.

SP: (facing her) do you know him before?

Blessing: yes sir. all the way from Ijebu.

SP: ok….. I see. Hope he was not one of your former…….

Blessing: Noooooooo. It is not possible. His parents and mine are family friends.

SP: o ti e ti da. So you know him (pointing at me) very well

Blessing: yes I know him. He was a very……….

SP: Bad boy abi

Me: never sir…….

Blessing: he is someone I always respect a lot when we were in Ijebu.

SP: that’s good. Well I want to be going. Whenever your husband calls, extend my regards to him and tell him to contact me.

After a short prayer, he left the house. After he left and Blessing returned, I asked

Me: awon omo nko? (where are the kids?)

Blessing: (downcast) there haven’t been any issue

Me: eeyah

Blessing: even, my husband has been out of the country for the past 2years.

Me: hmmm. You have missed special touches from him?

Blessing: please let’s forget about that. What should I offer you?

Me: water is ok.

She brought a tray with a glass of juice in it. When she dropped it in my front, I saw her chest and saw those sweet melons without her putting on a bra.


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