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Me: I wish I could drink this juice from your b^^bs….

Blessing winked at me.

As she sat beside me a call came into her phone. She picked it
Blessing: how are you? ……… ah Ify baby, I am at home….. ok dear

When the call ended, she faced me

Blessing: sorry Mike, Ify is a friend and she is coming here anytime from now

Me: ok. but is she pretty?

Instead of answering me, she placed a kiss on my lips and we started kissing each other.
The session was cut short when we heard that the bell on the door. Blessing went to the door and opened it. They both exchanged pleasantries and as Ifeoma wanted to enter she said

Ifeoma: I can perceive the cologne of someone here

Blessing: and who is that person?

Ifeoma: it was the guy I told you about. The guy that works in our church

Blessing: is it Mike?

Ifeoma: how do you know him?

Blessing: he is a friend from home in Ijebu – Ode

Ifeoma: he was to marry the sister to my brother – in – law. But she was forced to marry another guy in UK.

Blessing: (pretending to be surprised) what? Why did she have to be forced?

Ifeoma: it was my sister that orchestrated the plan.

Me: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ifeoma was shocked to see me

Ifeoma: (stammering) Mike, how are you?

Me: don’t greet me. So you people just decided to put me into this mess abi? Thanks be to God that I left your place.

Ifeoma: (begging me) Mike, you know that I always had those feelings for you and……

Me: and what? You were privy to such information but you didn’t let me know. So if I didn’t come to see Blessing that’s how I will never know what really happened.
I drank the remaining juice in the glass and went to meet Blessing, gave her a peck in the presence of Ifeoma and left. Ifeoma was shocked but I didn’t care. The following day as I entered the church premises, I saw Mrs Adedokun with the Senoir Pastor. I greeted them and as I was passing. SP called me back

SP: Accountant, oro wa

Me: ok sir.

I saw that Mrs Adedokun’s face was blunt but I didn’t care. When SP got to the office, I went to meet him

SP: Accountant, why did you leave Mrs Adedokun’s house?

I narrated what happened to him between Titilayo and I. he was really surprised

SP: so, all these have been going on and you couldn’t tell me.

Me: I am sorry sir.

SP: because, when you left us, I asked her about your conduct at home and she said that you are a very rude boy. That’s by the way, there will be a meeting on Sunday and you will have to be there.

Me: ok sir.

SP: you can go to your office.

As soon as I got back to the office, I received a message that someone wanted to see me. When the person entered……guess who the person was………

Mrs Adedokun: Mike what is wrong with you?

I kept silent.


Mrs Adedokun: well….. Let’s meet at Film house Cinema by 6.30pm tonight. (she exits)

After she left, I tried settling down at work then a call entered my phone

Me: hello

Caller: is that Mike Olatunji?

Me: yes I am.
Caller: I am calling you with respect to the application you submitted for the post of Transaction Officer in our Outsourcing Firm, you are invited for an aptitude test & interview tomorrow in Lagos.

Me: I am sorry, I have gotten a job in a church.

Caller: I know you will be sorry. Banky lo n soro

Me: Alobam 1? Happney65?

Banky Endowed: emi naa ni. Bawo ni?

Me: I am fine

Banky: how is our wife?

Me: wife wo?

Banky: Titilayo of course

Me: forget the girl jare. She had married in the UK

Banky: so you guys did your wedding in the UK and you didn’t invite me? God dey o.

Me: no be so friend. Do you know that her parents and the guy’s parents had killed, dissected and spiced up the issue before I was aware of it and even it was her sister – in – law that I was living with made me to know what was going on. Infact…..but wait, how did you get my number?

Banky: you sent an SMS to me three weeks ago informing me of your change of number.

Me: (relaxes) ok. I remembered. So, is there anything for the man of God?

Banky: or is there any girl I can fcc^k in your church?

Me: o gabdun. Well, the person I could give you has left for Lagos.

We spoke for some minutes and I promised to visit him.

By 6.30pm I was already waiting for Mrs Adedokun in front of PurpleConnectTM in Cocoa Mall. I was amazed at the sea of faces walking pass the place and especially seeing Teens and young youths brooding over each other like lovers. I was brought out of the reverie by a touch on my shoulder. When I turned, I saw Mrs Adedokun

Mrs Adedokun: thanks for honouring my invitation
I kept quiet.

She then handed a package and a ticket to me and entered the cinema. Not quite long, I entered and when I checked the ticket number, I saw that it was right beside her I will be sitting. When I sat down, I discovered that the film they were about to show was………….. (your guess is as good as mine)

After the film, we walked through the alley and sat in one of the chairs in the Mall. After some minutes

Me: Mrs Adedokun, why are we here?

Mrs Adedokun: Mike, don’t you know that you are a murderer?

Me: murderer? As how?

Mrs Adedokun: your leaving our house is like a part of me left with you.

Me: how is that possible?

Mrs Adedokun: I no longer enjoy my husband like before.

Me: who sai?

Mrs Adedokun: infact, there was a day we were having s**x and I was mentioning your
name. if not for the fact that my husband bears Michael, that’s how he would have caught me.

Me: who sai? Who cares?

Mrs Adedokun: Mike I knew the reason why you left is because of Titilayo. But even at that, we shouldn’t have stopped there…..

Me: (cuts in) after you’ve arranged for one britiko guy to marry her and telling her to lie to me that she wanted to do her masters over there.

Mrs Adedokun: (shocked) Mike, to be honest, I don’t believe what you are saying.

Me: I heard from a very strong and reliable source that you were the mastermind of the whole issue.

Mrs Adedokun: (emotional) so Mike, are you now saying that I was the one?

Me: yes. I was really pained that you could do such and……..


I was silenced by a familiar voice that was coming from the rear. I discovered that SP and his family were coming towards our direction. We quickly re – adjusted ourselves and we switched our discussion other issues. When he came near, we greeted each other.

SP: What are you two doing here?

Mrs Adedokun: I was equally surprised that I saw him here too. I came to pick some things at Shoprite and I saw him sitting here that’s why I decided to join him for some minutes.

Me: I came to see a friend that works at Spectranet© Shop to make enquiries for the data modem I want to buy from them. I was even surprised to see Mrs Adedokun inside PurpleConnectTM. (I lied)

SP: ok. no wahala. Mrs Adedokun, I forgot to ask in the morning; how are the kids?

Mrs Adedokun: they are fine. They are now in Landmark University Secondary School in Omu – Aran.

SP: oh oh oh oh. That university owned by Oyedepo?

Mrs Adedokun: yes sir.

SP: OK… that’s good. I just came to get some things with my family and we were going to where we parked the car. Try to take care of yourselves. (turning to me) I am giving you half day off tomorrow. But if there is no urgent work to do, you can stay the whole day. BUT, ensure your phone is ON.

Me: ok sir. thank you sir.

I helped the Senior Pastor pick his bags to his car. As soon as I returned to the seat, I saw
Mrs Adedokun already up on her feet.

Mrs Adedokun: let’s go home.

Me: my place or yours?

Mrs Adedokun: Wherever you say Mike.

Me: I’m very sorry ma. I will not come to your house again


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