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Mrs Adedokun: and who told you that you will be coming to Ile – tuntun Let’s go

She pulled my arm and we went downstairs. We picked up some food items at Shoprite and we went to her car. I offered to drive the car and when we entered the car
Mrs Adedokun: we are going to Akobo

When we got to Akobo (along Alao Akala Estate) I was wowed to the amazing structures in that area. She directed me to a bungalow which we drove to. She stepped down and opened the gate while I drove in. she entered and locked the gate.

Me: (stepping out of the car) Mrs Adedokun, is this Daddy Segun’s house?

Mrs Adedokun: no. it is my personal house.

I was stunned because the house was big, with two gates and I observed that there was a mid-fence demarcating the building. We unpacked and entered the building. As soon as we entered, I pulled her to myself and I kissed her. She was surprised but she responded back. We kissed each other as if we were being starved of s3x. she pulled me to the room and we undressed then we went to the bathroom and switched on the shower. We were kissing and sm^^ching each other under the shower. Without warning she went for my c^ck and started stroking it. A light moan escaped from my mouth and when she got the cue, she rested one of her feet on the WC and I entered her GLORYHOLE. We ffccuked in that position for some minutes when we disengaged and she rested her back on the bathroom wall and raised the same leg up and I entered her. I ffcukked her mercilessly and her sounds were gingering my speed. After a while, she went on fours and I entered her from behind. I bleeped her brains out and she was moaning heavily. I observed that the wall of her c*nt contracted and she gave a shrill sound. Not long after I was feeling I wanted to erupt. I removed my c*ck, switched off the shower and sat on the WC to catch my breath. She came to meet me where I was seated and wanted to straddle me but I refused. After like a minute, I beckoned on her and she came to straddle me. We bleeped in that position for some minutes and I felt her c*nt was contracting again…this time I was about to Pour. We speed up the process and we both came together exhausted.


After resting in the bedroom for about 10 minutes she curled up to me

Mrs Adedokun: Accountant, you want to kill me.

Me: did you see knife or anything in my hands

Mrs Adedokun: I have not climaxed that way in a long time.

I kept quiet.

Mrs Adedokun: Mike you are not talking

Me: hmmmm. You really offended me.

Mrs Adedokun: it is not what you think it is

Me: what do you think it is? Chi – Chi

Mrs Adedokun: do you know that my “supporting you” to marry Titilayo had almost caused a rift between my in – laws and i

Me: ok… tell me what happened

Mrs Adedokun: do you remember that day you said you were going to Ilorin, I actually called Titilayo and informed her. What I didn’t know was that her mum was beside her and her mum now took the phone from her and told me categorically that Titilayo has gotten a suitor in the UK. I tried explaining things to her but she was adamant that the guy is the son of their Club President and she is also vying for the post too because it is a single term of 5 years

Me: but what Ifeoma told me when I was at your place is quite different from what you are saying

Mrs Adedokun: what did she tell you?


Me: Ifeoma said that “It was because his dad got a contract through her dad and they want to use the marriage to seal the friendship between themselves”

Mrs Adedokun: it is really true and when her dad too faced some challenges, the guy’s dad too came to the rescue.

Me: hmmm.

Mrs Adedokun: but hope you have forgiven me?

Me: hmmm.

Mrs Adedokun: what’s hmmm?

Instead of answering her, I went to her b^^bs and started sucking it like a four month old baby. A soft moan escaped her mouth and she was rubbing her hands on my head. After some minutes

Mrs Adedokun: Mike I am starving.

We had s3x about 4 times before I returned back home. When I got home, I saw a message from Blessing “Mike, God has done it ooo. I am three months gone” I was very happy for her.
When I got to the office the following day, I was summoned by the SP

SP: Mike, I have met with the Church Authorities and we have decided to employ another Accountant in the Church. The new person is being recommended by the Pastor of ZOCA Church at Amuloko. So you will have to prepare your hand – over note. But the good news is, you are being transferred to our new church at Minna as the State Accountant.

Me: hmmm. Thank you sir. (I prostrated)

SP: Though your accommodation will be catered for by the church.

Me: Alright sir. Thank you sir, for the opportunity to work with you sir.

I tidied my desk and handed over to the new Accountant. I realized that he also had worked with a Church before…..

I informed Mrs Adedokun and we had testimonial s*x all through that evening. When I was going in the following morning, she gave me a cheque worth four hundred and fifty thousand naira.



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