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I was surprised that Pastor called me and begged me to work at CFL Idi – Ishin as their Accountant….. you might be surprised who I was

My name is Collins Ajidara I had worked in ZOCA Church Amuloko. I was married to Halima and we had 2 kids. One day I came home in South Africa and I saw a note that she had left with the kids. When I was trying to comprehend what happened, I heard through a friend that our store was destroyed in the Xenophobia Attacks. Even, I escaped being lynched by whiskers. When I got to the bank, I discovered that the only cash remaining in the account was only sufficient to return back to Nigeria because she had almost wiped all the money in the account. And when I got back to Nigeria, I decided to maintain a low key doing some odd consulting jobs to maintain myself. But I was very happy that I could get a job after five months of returning.

I met with the former Accountant of CFL i.e. Bro. Mike Olatunji. He handed over his report to me and gave me a low down on who to relate with and who to avoid. I also advised him to try and be careful in Minna because of the full implementation of Sharia over there.


I was asked to stay with one of the church members but I declined. I decided to stay at the apartment where Mike was staying – at least half Agege bread is better than puff – puff. On the day he was leaving, a woman came into the office to see him

Mike: hello Chinyere

Mrs. Adedokun: Mike, how are you?

I saw that the two of them hugged each other oblivious of me sitting and he kissed her

Me: I go love ooo.

They quickly disengaged from each other. And Mike introduced her to me

Mike: Mr. Ajidara, I want you to meet Mrs. Adedokun

Me: it is a pleasure meeting you ma’am.

Mrs. Adedokun: the pleasure is all mine sir.

I excused them for some minutes and went to sit at the reception.
After 30 minutes, Mike came into the reception

Mike: Mr. Ajidara, the Senior Pastor wants to see you in his office.

I went to the SP office to see him. When I was through in his office I went to my office and I saw Mike seeing off Mrs. Adedokun. When I entered the office, I perceive the stench of s*x in the room. I took the air freshener and sprayed it in the office. When Mike returned, I sat him down

Me: Mike I discovered that you just had s*x with that woman and not only that but IN THE OFFICE

Mike: (grinning) Sure boss.

Me: Hmmm. As I have told you earlier, be very careful most especially in Minna.

Mike: I will

Me: (lowered my voice) do you think you can be doing gra – gra for me you are seeing a Professor Emeritus in bleepocolysis and suckinology

Mike: Baba oooo

Me: so all these gra – gra wey you dey do no meet me for house.

We both laughed…


On Sunday Mike was called and was prayed for. Immediately after the service I was in the office, then a lady came in

Stranger: Please I want to see the Accountant

Me: I am the Accountant. Please who are you?

Stranger: no… it is Mike I want to see

Me: I am sorry; Mike has been transferred to Minna.


Me: perfectly sure ma’am

Stranger: ah….. Mike left me without saying goodbye
Me: were you not in the service?

Stranger: I am just coming from Badagry.

Me: eeyah. I am sorry for that.

Stranger: well my name is Mercy

Me: my name is Mr. Ajidara

Mercy: I was the former cleaner

As she mentioned cleaner, I remembered IyoAye!!!

Me: ok….

Mercy: I wanted to see him urgently. I tried calling his line but it was switched off. Please can you give me his number?

Me: I am sorry I cant give it out. Instead, give me yours and I will sure forward it to him.

She gave me her number but I refused to give her mine. I promised her that I will forward it to Mike and she left. As soon as she left, Mrs. Adedokun came into my office

Mrs. Adedokun: Mr. Collins Ajidara, how are you today?

Me: I am fine.

Mrs. Adedokun: and how was the service?

Me: splendid

Mrs. Adedokun: I was surprised when you declined my offer for giving you accommodation

Me: emi o gbodo je ounje ajeku – I can’t eat leftover food (in my mind) as I said earlier, I will be using Mike’s apartment.

Mrs. Adedokun: where is your family?

Me: they are fine

Mrs. Adedokun: were they in the service today?

Me: they are in South Africa.

Mrs. Adedokun: and what are they doing there?

Me: Ma’am it is personal.

Mrs. Adedokun: ok Accountant. I have heard you….. well, I am about to leave (she drops her card) I will be checking on you some other time.

Me: ok ma. I really appreciate your coming. (she left)

I started thinking……
what does she want from me
What is she up to


When I got to the park at Ojoo, I saw crowds at the garage. I enquired of where I could get a bus going to Minna. Finally I got to the bus and booked a correct space in the bus. Later I discovered that it is only three passengers it will be carrying since a woman will be conveying Educational Materials such as School Chalks, Blackboard Renovator, Exercise books and other materials. Though she and her daughter were the ones accompanying the goods. After negotiations and loading, we were set for the trip. The woman sat in front of the Sienna Bus and I sat with her daughter at the back with one SU sister. When the bus was about to take off, Mrs. Adedokun call came to my phone

Me: hello sugar pie

Mrs. Adedokun: sugar boy howdy?

Me: we are about leaving the park now.

Mrs. Adedokun: how I wished to Bleep you now

Me: you can come now. At least we’ll do a quickie………..

As I mentioned the word “quickie” the two ladies looked at me in an awkward way.

Mrs. Adedokun: (purred) don’t make me hor*y pleeeeaasseee

Me: can we chat?

Mrs. Adedokun: sure. (call ends)

We started chatting and I was oblivious about my environment. We graduated our chat to s3x chat and we chatted until the battery of my phone gave way. The driver was playing music from the car stereo and was talking with the woman. With the exception of when FRSC stopped us at Egbeda before we entered Ogbomosho. Even there we moved after 5 minutes. I begged the driver to allow me charge my phone when the daughter of the woman spoke up

Daughter: Naughty boy………………

Me: Me Naughty I am too gentle to hurt even mosquito.

Daughter: (spoke to my ears) I was reading your chats and I was seriously wet and damn hor*y.

Me: Hmmm. How I’d wish your guy is here

Daughter: you are not serious. I am Kafeelat

Me: what a nice name; my name is Mike.

Kafeelat: it is nice meeting you Mike. So where are you up to?

Me: I am going to Minna. I was transferred from our office in Ibadan to resume in Minna.

Kafeelat: I am an NCE holder from College of Education Minna and I am processing my Degree programme.

Me: it is nice meeting you

I observed that the other sister just bone face and she held a book that she was reading.

Kafeelat mum: hope that bros is taking good care of you there?

Kafeelat: yes mum; he is.

We discussed on various topics in Education, Sports, Politics and celebrities. When got to the topic of religion, the other sister that was pretending to be reading faced me


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