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When my neighbor entered, I was surprised because he said that he was going to Abuja.

Neighbor: the person we are accompanying decided to postpone the journey till tomorrow morning.

Me: no problem.

Neighbor: where is my wife?

Me: she is inside sir.

When he entered, I went to stay outside the compound. I shockingly saw the other neighbor that claimed she was going to Lagos coming out from the third compound with a guy. I did as if I didn’t see her. When I entered the compound, I saw that my neighbor placed something on the floor at the entrance of their apartment. I sneaked back hid my number and called my neighbor’s wife. She picked it almost immediately.

Me: e ma so’ro e ma pariwo abi se nkankan. Bi o ti wu ki o ri, e ma jade kuro ninu ile si’ta. Oko yin ti fi magun s’enu ona. (don’t talk, shout or make any expression. No matter what, don’t come out from the place where you are……… don’t pass through any door. Every door has been “laced”) (I ended the call)

I entered my room and locked the door. I heard the man making calls and he said that he was coming. After the call my neighbor came to meet me.

Neighbor: Brother, I have been called that I should be coming now. They are already waiting for me at the junction.

Me: (I entered inside) ok sir. Journey mercies.


I went back and locked the gate of the compound. When I returned, I saw that thing still placed on the floor. I used a stick to remove it from their door, took it to the backyard and went to fetch kerosene and matches. After dousing it with fuel, I burned it. After it has being burnt, I went to my neighbor’s room and knocked it.

Neighbor’s Wife: ta’ni yen? (who is that?)

Me: Collins

She came and opened the door.

Neighbor’s Wife: oko mi da? (where is my husband?)

Me: so you didn’t see him?

Neighbor’s Wife: no.

Me: well, won ti pada (he had returned)

Neighbor’s wife: (kneeling down) e seun. E ku agbale mi lale yii. Ase okunrin yii fe pami. (thank you for saving me tonight. So this man wants to kill me)

I held her by the waist to pull her up

Me: don’t worry. Mo mo nnkan ti a ma se.(I have what I will do)

She kissed me and I responded. I went to the door to lock up. She went out of their apartment and locked it up. She joined me in the room and we started smooching seriously. Her wrapper dropped off from her body revealing her fresh and glowing skin.

Me: eeee. Awo t’on dan leleyi o (see fresh kpomo)

She smiled.

Neighbor’s wife: mo fe se nnkan (I wanna try something)

She pushed me to the chair and I sat down, knelt in front of me and swallowed my Opa – Mose and was slurping on it; though I wasn’t enjoying it. After a while she stopped and went to lie down on the bed. I went for her cvnt and started licking it. I had to use some clothes to cover her mouth because she was vibrating and moaning seriously. After a while she swooned and passed out.
When I couldn’t resuscitate her, I was afraid thinking I had killed her but when I tried giving her CPR, she held unto my head and we kissed. Afterwards, she guided my already erect Opa – Mose into her hot and moist cvnt. I bleeped her like the hand – held drilling machine trying to break rocks. She cummed twice and was begging me to release. After some minutes, I released in her. We cuddled ourselves and slept off



Mercy and I went to the bathroom to shower. We were playing in the bathroom and were hugging each other. When we were through, we went to the bed and I was expecting that show will commence. Mercy asked me a question that threw me off – balance

Mercy: What are your plans if you have to leave the church?

Me: hmmm…………… I don’t know.

Mercy: you are working in the church but you don’t have savings.

Me: to be candid, I don’t have savings.

Mercy: instead of you bringing me to the guest house now, we would have gone to your house.

Me: I have been given a rule not to bring friends into my house.

Mercy: how much is your salary?

Me: under forty thousand naira

Mercy: if I were you I would have gotten my personal accommodation since all these day.

Me: hmmm………… so what can I do?

Mercy: you will be saving 20k every month

Me: ha!!! How will I survive?

Mercy: you will.

Me: but to be candid, I have about 280k (I had about 420k)

Mercy: that’s good. At least you will have a fairly used car that you will be running for taxi business.

Me: how will be the profit/revenue

Mercy: lets assume delivery of 2,500 everyday. In a month, you earn 75,000. Net revenue after deducting for monthly car servicing will be 62,000. Then within four to five months, you would have recouped the price of the car.

Me: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you know about this?

Mercy: my sister’s husband has four cars he gives out as taxi and he collects 3,000 daily in Bida per taxi…………

Me: that means that he earns roughly 300k monthly

Mercy: yes ke

Me: AYERAYE OOOOOOOOOO  ah……… I have wasted a lot of money

Mercy: I will wait till Monday. You will withdraw the money to buy the car but tomorrow, we shall go and shop for the car.

Me: I am very grateful

Mercy: but it will not be tomorrow, you will now say that we are no longer in vogue

Me: have I ever said so


we started kissing each other intensely for some minutes. She went to my chest and was licking and sucking my nippl3s. I was teleported momentarily and she was caressing my cvck. Then I went for her bvvbs and started sucking the nippl3s. she was moaning and softly; Then I went to her ears and blew some air to it she was wild and was moaning loud. Afterwards, I went for her navel and licked it. She was ughhhhhhh………… aaaaassssshhhhhhh……………… mikefvck mefvckmefvckme………… I used my finger to part her l4bi4 lips and I was playing with the inner l4bi4. She used her hands to rub my head and tickle my ears………… then she went down to my cvck and sucked it for some minutes. We switched positions to 69 (she was on top while I was under her). We were in that position when she crashed on me panting heavily. I ensured that I tongue – bleeped her in the most important places and she cummed heavily. After we rested a bit, I pulled her up, carried her on my hands, she held me on the neck and wrapped her legs around me. I guided my cvck into her pu33y. by then her pu33y was humid (hot and wet). I bleeped her and she was matching my thrusts with hers. After some minutes, I took her to the chair, she sat down and I knelt in front of her. I was teasing her (i.e. rubbing the tip of my cvck with her l4bi4 walls.

Mercy: stop teeeeaaaaassss………………….mike please Bleep me…………fvckmefvckmefffffvvvvvcccccckkkkkkk……………

I felt her cvnt contrasted and she exploded in a very powerful heavenly feeling. After a while she pushed me to the bed and strode me in cowgirl position. She rotated, gyrated and twerked on my cvck. After then we finally switched positions and we did the “canine” position. I held her by the waist and pumped into her furiously. She was just screaming and her screams was attracting the guests in the guest house. We both came and we crashed into the bed exhausted.

When we finished I heard the intercom of the room ringing

Me: hello

Caller: please sir you are not allowing other guests to sleep sir

Me: oops. I am very sorry.

Caller: no problem. Just tone down your voice/sounds

Me: ok. thanks

I saw Mercy sprawled on the bed widening her legs to the direction of the a/c to allow cold air into her pu33y. before long she slept off. When I checked my phone, I saw five missed calls; three from Kaffie, one from Mrs. Adedokun and one from my younger brother. I responded to Mrs. Adedokun and my brother. But I decided to call Kaffie; then I realized that she had switched off her phone.

To Be Continued…


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