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When I got to the church on Sunday, my mind was not at ease. I wanted to go to the church but I was having the feeling that I shouldn’t go. After the offering was taken in the Auditorium, I quietly went to the PIC that the offering should be taken to his office. when that was done, I went out of the church building/compound. As I crossed to the other side of the street, I saw some guys entering the church. They were looking suspicious. I quickly called a friend of mine who was a Police Officer

Me: Jacob Tomiwa Faluyi aka JTF how far?

JTF: I dey o. Mike it has been a long time

Me: yes. I dey Minna now


JTF: wow. You came into Minna and you didn’t tell me. Where exactly are you?

I described the place to him.

JTF: I am currently leading a Patrol Team and we are like a street away. I am coming right away.

As soon as I sighted the Police Van, I started hearing pandemonium in the church. I quickly signalled to him and they came to the church. The culprits were apprehended and PIC was greatly surprised that the Police responded as fast as they could. I followed them to the station to write statements and returned back to the church.

When I got to the church the PIC summoned me

PIC: Mike, I heard that the Police responded at your call

Me: yes sir. Their leader was a friend of mine during NYSC

PIC: did you have the premonition that the thieves will come today?

Me: no sir. When I stepped my foot to the church premises, I was feeling uneasy and I had to make some safety precautions.

Mr. Johnson (Minna): are you sure Accountant?

PIC: I am sure because, he came to meet me that the offering should be kept in my office and not in the counting room.

Everyone commended me for what happened. PIC informed the SP who commended me greatly and prayed for me.



As I was preparing to call Mr. Collins, his call came to my phone

Me: Professor Emeritus in Bleepocolysis

Mr. Collins: Mike the Accountant, bawo ni?

Me: I am fine sir. How is Ibadan?

Mr. Collins: Ibadan is fine just that your “wife” offended me

Me: who sir?

Mr. Collins: Mrs. Adedokun

Me: AH!!!!!! What did she do?

Mr. Collins: she was accusing me of stealing her tithe

Me: Blood of God!!!!!

Mr. Collins: if not for the fact that it was someone else that saw the money, even SP didn’t want to believe me

Me: ah!!! Ah!!! Ah!!! Don’t worry sir, I will call her.

Mr. Collins: please call her o. I was trying to be diplomatic to her else, I don’t take jack sh*t from anybody.

Me: e ma binu sir. I will call her.

We talked for some minutes and we ended the call. After the call, I heard a knock on the door.

Me: enter please

When the person entered………………… I was stunned!

Kaffie: Mike, do you want to kill me? Or are you happy if I just fall down and die

Me: ko ri be (it is not as you think) I just came in from Abuja this morning.

Kaffie: since Friday morning, you didn’t call, no flashing even text message, you didn’t send. Mike it is not fair o

Me: well, ma binu si mi. but what about Jamaal? He ought to be around so that you won’t miss me

Kaffie: you can’t even tell me to sit down

Me: oops sorry. Please sit down. So what about uncle Jamaal?

Kaffie: he also travelled and Mumcee too had travelled since Friday to meet her husband in Abuja. So it was only Sister Perpetua and I were at home.

Me: eeyah. Don’t worry I will be at home this evening.

Kaffie: even if it is 8pm, I will wait for you Mike – Bolaji. So how was your weekend in Abuja?

Me: it was fine (I lied)

Kaffie: if we’d known when you left, I would have told mum and Daddy’s driver to pick you up.

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Me: ok…… eeyah……… (Mercy’s call came in. I picked it) mercy my dear sister how are you?

Mercy: lover boy how you dey?

Me: I am fine. How is your sister?

Mercy: well…………they have gone to church when I got home. So I went to join them there. So we just came back from Church.

Me: did you pray for me?


Mercy: I prayed for you and my cvck.

I laughed on the phone.

Kaffie: (jealous) let me speak with that your sister

I gave the phone to her

Kaffie: hello sister

Mercy: hello

Kaffie: are you our sister or……………

Mercy: (laughs) I am his sister from another mother

Kaffie: (relaxes) I am Kafeelat; his landlord’s daughter

Mercy: wow. Kaffie………… he has spoken a lot about you

Kaffie: that I am his girlfriend?

Mercy: nope. Just that you were his good friend and incidentally, your mum and his mum were roommates when in school

Kaffie: wow……… that’s good sister. Where are you?

Mercy: I am in Bida.

Kaffie: wow……………… I would love to see you soon

Mercy: ok ma. I will be expecting that day.

As soon Kaffie handed over the phone to me

Me: my wonderful sister

Mercy: that the girl that guy was speaking about that Friday night?

Me: yes she is the one “I” told you about.

Mercy: hmmm. Mike o ma le di e.

Me: as how?

Mercy: I pity the girl. Inasmuch as I will never share my man with anyone, I will want you to help her.

Me: as how?

Mercy: you will work in such a way that Jamaal and Mariam are busted BUT

Me: but what sis?

Mercy: who is your sis? Or your girl?

Me: it is well.


Me: I have heard you. I will call you as soon as I get home.

Mercy: take care dear. Love you

Me: ok. i have heard you. (call ends)

Kaffie: hmmm. So you told your sister about me?

Me: yes I did.

Kaffie: I missed you a lot dear.

Me: I missed you too.

She wanted to say something but she kept quiet. Afterwards, the PIC came to my office

PIC: Accountant, oops I am sorry, you have a visitor

Me: (standing up) Sir I am sorry, she is the daughter of my Landlord.

PIC: ok. I am on my way home

Me: ok sir. I will soon be on my way home. good night sir. i saw him off to the entrance of the church office building and I returned back to the office. when I entered, Kaffie jumped on me and hugged me

Kaffie: I want to kiss you.

Me: please let’s go home. Pastor might come back to the office.

We kissed for a minute and I tidied up and locked the office. When we got outside we saw Sis. Perpetua already impatient

Perpetua: what were you still doing in his office?

Kaffie: I am sorry that I kept you waiting.

The look on Perpetua’s face showed that she didn’t like how Kaffie came to see me in the office. we all went home together. When we got home, we saw that Kaffie’s Mum was back and she was making jest of the 3 of us most especially me.

To Be Continued…


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