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Me: what could bring a beautiful woman to withdraw this early morning?

Stranger: (facing me) are you talking to me?

Me: yes ma’am. You such a beauty!

Stranger: thanks

Me: I am Collins Ajidara and you are………

Stranger: Blessing Bamidele

Me: Ms. or Mrs.?

Blessing: Mrs.

We talked for a minute or two. Then the machine rejected her card because it has expired. She was lamenting on how she would survive the weekend when I withdrew 5k more than what I wanted to withdraw. I gave her but she was protesting

Me: Ma, please take it. I know it is small compared to what you wanted but at least it will defray some cost of expenses till Monday.

Blessing: hmmm. Thanks a lot. I am sincerely grateful.

Me: consider it as your name from God

We both laughed.

Me: can I contact you?

Blessing: don’t worry. Just give your account details and I will refund the money back to you.

Me: don’t worry. Or would you like a lunch date tomorrow?

Blessing: ah!!!!! I am sorry, I am married.

Me: I know (showing her my ring – finger); so are you free now


She hesitated for a while but later agreed. We exchanged contacts and I promised to call her. When I got home, I called my neighbour’s wife and sat her down.

Me: mo ma n ri wipe e kii lo s’oja abi shop; mo ri wipe iba owo ti oko yin ba send ni e ma fi “survive” titi di igba ti won ba de. Mi o wa comfortable pelu e and mo ri wipe gbogbo nnkan ti o n ba sele ladugbo ati nile n’on ma n bere lowo yin. Ko daa be. Mo wa daro pe kaka ti e fi ma joko sile, ma fun ni egberun lona aadota ki e fi bere okoowo ti e ba yan laayo. Sugbon, e ma dapada laarin osu merin. (I observed that you don’t go to shop/market. Because the money your husband sends to you is the one you always use for your upkeep till he comes back. I am uncomfortable with that arrangement and I suggest that instead of sitting at home, I will give you 50k to start – up a business. But you will return it in four months time)

As soon as I finished what I was saying, I gave her the envelope and left. She was crying in her apartment but I didn’t care to go and check on her. When I was about entering my apartment, Oge came and meet me

Oge: what happened to your wife?

Me: who is the wife that you gave me?

Oge: Mummy Adijat

Me: you no well at all.

Oge: (moving close to me) don’t you think I don’t know what is going on between you two?

Me: how Where and when

Oge: ten days ago, when both of you were in the kitchen, I saw you guys having a quickie


Oge: continue to shout and I will expose you

Me: Oge, what do you want

Oge: nothing much……… I heard you work as The Church Secretary. So 10,000 monthly is not too much for a start.

Me: JESU!!! Ah!!!!!


Oge: I have your pictures that I took that night as evidence.

Me: Oge, 10,000 is too much…………

Oge: then I will go to your church and report you to your pastor and………

I pulled her into my apartment and kissed her.

Oge: do you think that will solve it

Me: (kneeling down) Oge please let it be a secret between both of us. 10,000 monthly is too much na!!! biko, ehn……. Ifunnaya………

Oge: (smiles) I was just pulling your legs o. but to be candid, I saw both of you having s*x in the kitchen. You ought to have done it in a secluded place not in the kitchen. I know you are bad, but who knew which person in this house gave her husband information about your sexcapedes.

Me: it is true………

Oge: but you go settle me o

Me: in cash or………..

Oge: in cash o


We kissed each other for some minutes and smooched each other. I had to break it up when I remembered that Mummy Adijat was inside the house.

Oge: why did you stop?

Me: I will come into your room tomorrow.

As soon as she left, mummy Adijat came into my room

Mummy Adijat: kini aja yen wa se lodo yin (what is that dog doing in your apartment?)

Me: kilode ti e fi npe ni aja? (why calling her a dog?)

Mummy Adijat: mo ri ti ‘ndinju s’oko mi ni (I saw her winking at my husband)

Me: se awon daddy wa? (is it our daddy?)

Mummy Adijat: eyin ni. (you) (pointing at me)

Me: mi kin se oko yin?

Mummy Adijat: mo ti n bere lowo daddy Adijat pe mo fe beere oko’wo lati ojo yii. Won o dami lohun. Nitori e ni mi o se beere lowo won mo.

Me: ok.

Mummy Adijat: s’e ti fe jeun nisisiyi?

Me: mi o ti se tan.

I tidied up my room and I discovered a charm lying on the floor. It showed that 2 wooden statues were tied backwards to each other. I drew the attention of my neighbour to it and when we separated it, we discovered that our names were written to the back of each statue; then, I took it out and burn it. As I returned back, I saw Oge bringing a food flask for me also I saw Mummy Adijat bringing food flask towards my room too

If you were the one which one will you pick?

To Be Continued…


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