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Sister: Bro. Mike, you are not qualified to talk about Christianity.
Me: how?

Sister: you claim to be a Christian but you are using vulgar language with that person you spoke with some hours ago….

She went on and on. I wanted to reply her but Kafeelat pleading eyes restrained me. When we got to Mokwa, the driver said he wants to eat and pray. So we parked in front of one of the food canteen there and we went inside. The driver, Kafeelat and her mum, went to the mosque to pray while the SU sister and I sat in the canteen to eat. After a while her phone rang. But the way she talked on the phone and her facial remark, I discovered that she was angry and disappointed. When Kafeelat finished her prayers, she came to where I sat and covered my eyes.

Kafeelat: guess who covered your eyes

Me: it is the one and only Kaffie that I know except if there is another one.

She sat beside me and ordered food for the two of us

Me: (protesting) please don’t bother about me. I don’t usually eat during long journeys.

Kaffie: you have to take this. Or are you afraid of the bill? I eat a lot o.

Me: (after a while) well, you win……………


Kaffie is a lady in her mid – twenties, has a perfect pointed nose, and she was 5’10” tall. Her skin glowed like the carton of Dell© Projector and had a beautiful set of teeth. The food was packaged and was brought to us. She paid the bill for the food and I thanked her profusely. The other sister was eyeing us seriously and was squeezing her face. After the driver and Kaffie’s mum ate finished, we resumed our journey. When we got to Enagi, there was a serious traffic snarl and gridlock. We later heard that three trailers and one tanker had a very serious accident and the tanker was loaded with unadulterated Ethyl Alcohol. We got down and we waited by the side of the road. Other men there were making passes to Kaffie but she stood by me. After a few minutes she was feeling pressed and told me to escort her to the bush. I jokingly told her to take the SU sister along with her since it is haram for me to accompany her. She pulled me along with her and we went to an enclosed bush. I turned my back to her so that she will be able to do her thing. What she said threw me off – guard

Kaffie: Mike, do you like this?

When I turned, what I saw……………

I tried running away from her but she pulled me to herself and we started kissing each other. She took my hands to her Milk Factory and I was squeezing it. As I wanted to bring out the Milk Factory, her mum called her and we quickly run to the car. We discovered that the village has given small cars access to pass through their community to link up with the major road. When we got to the car, the SU sister beckoned on me

SU Sister: Mike can I ask you a question?

Me: sure; you can go ahead

SU Sister: if someone you are meeting for the first time sends you transport fare and told you to come to a place; only for the person to now tell you later when he already knows you are coming that you should turn back?

Me: I will be angry. But I will let the person know that I am almost at his place and there is no turning back. But, my sister, what happened?

SU Sister: don’t mind me. I am Christiana

Me: My name is……

SU Sister: Mike. I know you are Mike.

Me: hmmm.

SU Sister: I don’t like associating myself with unbelievers that’s why I did not talk with you guys.

Me: no wahala.

Christiana: so is this your 1st time of going to Minna?

Me: yes ma’am.

so so sorry…… wife gave birth and i had to do some runs….


The driver beckoned unto us and we boarded the vehicle. I now observed that Kaffie pushed me into the middle seat while Christie and Kaffie sat at the doors. We continued our journey. When I checked my phone I saw several whatsapp messages from Blessing and Mrs. Adedokun. By the time we got to Bida, it was already 7pm in the night. After a brief stop for prayers, we continued our journey. When we were at FUT Minna main gate, Kaffie and I exchanged numbers and she promised to call me. Christie was also free with me and the three of us discussed a lot. Politics, Business, Money and most especially women. The two faced me and they were talking on how men are beast…… bla, bla, bla. We got to Minna around 8.45pm and what shocked me most was that when Christie and I dropped, Kaffie gave me a kiss and promised to call me later in the day. Christie called the person she was going to meet only for her to realize that the man’s wife picked the call and blasted her on the phone. I decided that instead of her to be stranded, she should follow me to the guest house where I will put up for the night. I made enquiries about some guest houses in town and as I got some places I decided to flag down a bike that will take the two of us there. When the bike man came, I boarded but saw Christie standing by

Me: Christie, where will you now stay?

Christie: Mike I don’t want to bother you. I will look for a church where they will be doing all – night and join them. In the morning I will go to see my sister in Abuja before heading back to Ibadan.

Me: you are funny sha. Do you think this place is Ibadan where churches do all – night? Abeg, enter bike

She hesitated for a while but later she agreed to join me. We got to a guest house at Paiko Road (behind Fadama “Farm Centre”) where we later disembarked from the bike and after paying him, we entered.

We booked for a room and I told the receptionist that she is my cousin and we both came to Minna for a programme. After being given a room, we entered

Christie: I will sleep on the chair

Me: for what Chris?

Christie: you paid for the room, so you will be the one to use the bed
I went to the bed, took a pillow and went to the chair. Then, I jumped on the chair and rested my head on the pillow.

Me: if you succeed in pulling me out of the chair to the bed, then fine; if not, you will sleep on the bed.

Christie: e se pupo (thank you very much)

Me: na you sabi. I am very hungry.

Then I realized that I forgot my bag inside the car!!!

though we’ve done the naming yesterday

To Be Continued…


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