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She stood up went to the door and lock it. She came back to where I lay down. She started stroking my laps. I resisted the urge at first but when she saw that I wasn’t cooperating with her, she pushed her hands further to my upper thigh. My Opa – Mose sprang to life as if it was waiting for further command. She removed it from my boxer, and started stroking it. I felt I was in cloud 13. She then increased her tempo and the feeling was building up. When she felt that my Opa – Mose was hardening, she took out ice – cubes she brought and poured some cold water to my Opa – Mose. Immediately it went flaccid. She started stroking it again and it hardened. She used her lips to caress the cap. It sent shivers down my spine and I had to bit my lips so as not to moan out loud. Before I could say jack, she took my Opa – Mose into her mouth and started sucking it. She was sucking it and at the same time she was pulling my balls. After some minutes, she stopped and rested.

Oge: it is now your turn


I took her Weapons of Mass Defence and started sucking the nippl3s. as I was doing that, I wanted to use one of my hand to rub her pvssy. She slapped my hands from her. Then I went to her clavicle and started rubbing it (The clavicle bone is the one that starts the rib – cage, which is joined to the arm joint). She let out a soft moan and lurch her head backward. I went for her neck and used my tongue to rub diagonally on her neck. She was rubbing my head with her hands and was moaning softly. Then I tried launching again with my hands to her pvssy. This time her resistance gave way and I was able to insert a finger to her pvssy. I was rubbing on her Weapon of Mass Defence and the other hand was finger – bleeping her she grinded and whined her waist in the rhythm and was moaning. Then I went for her pvssy and started sucking it as if I was trying to suck out marrow from a bone. She was saying incomprehensible words. Then she stiffened and a whitish substance came from her pvssy.

Oge: Collins, you don kee me.

I smiled. Then I sat on the chair and she sat on me (as if I was lapping her), guided my Opa – Mose into her and I started bleeping her. I held her Weapon of Mass Defence from the back and started squeezing it. We were at that position for some minutes, and then, she stood up, pulled me up and she knelt down on the chair. I guided my Opa – Mose into her pv$$y. I was teasing her with the cap of my Opa – Mose and she wanted me to fully insert my Opa – Mose into her. I grabbed her Weapon of Mass Destruction and I drilled into her fully. I pounded her like there was no tomorrow. She was moaning loudly assshhhhhhh…………uuuusssssshhhhhh…………omygodomgodomygod…………yesssssssss……daaaammmnnnn………… I felt her veejay walls tightening and she made a shrill cry and went limp. I wasn’t satisfied yet; then in her laying down position, I entered her in the missionary position. After a few thrusts, she clawed my back and held my bum – bum and I fired on. Some minutes later, I felt my balls ready to launch the missiles. I pulled out and fired the rocket to “outer fly zone”.

After some minutes that we rested


Oge: Collins, so you’re this bad.

Me: I am a gentle man to d core.

Oge: no wonder Mummy Adijat always like to have a taste of your cvck

Me: you are not serious.

She laughed as the door was unlocked and was opened

Mummy Adijat: Brother Collins, kini eleyi? (what is this?)

Oge hissed and turned her Weapon of Mass Destruction

Me: e ma lo. Ma s’alaye fun yin lola (please go. I will explain to you tomorrow)

Mummy Adijat: kini isokuso wo le n so nissiyi? (what rubbish are you saying now?)

Oge: tell her to leave us nau!

Mummy Adijat: Collins, se mi o ti so wipe k’o ma ni nkankan se pelu aja yii? (didn’t I tell you that you shouldn’t have anything to do with this slvt)

Oge: tani aja ninu awa mejeji? Iwo ti o wa ni’le oko e ti o si tun ya’le (who is a slvt between the two of us? You that you are having extra – marital affairs in your husband house)


Mummy Adijat: aja ni y’o je’nu e. (facing me) Collins, o disappoint me gan. O n bami ati Oge lo po ninu ‘le yii? Abi, se mi o te lorun ni? (you are bleeping Oge and I in this house. Am I not ok for you?)(she burst into tears)

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Me: SHUT UP YOU TWO. Kilo nse eyin mejeji? Even ti mba ba eyin mejeji lo po, kileko ti o fe ko wa? Infact, eyin mejeji e kuro lodo mi bayi (what’s wrong with both of you? even if I am bleeping both of you, who cares? Infact, the two of you should leave my place now!)

Oge: I know you are joking

Me: (facing Oge) I am dead serious

Oge stood up, wore her shorts and took her shirt.

Oge: mo fe je ko ye eyin mejeji (pointing to both mummy Adijat and I) emi ni mo so fun Daddy Adijat wipe Mummy Adijat ti n y’ale. So emi naa wa to nnkan ti mummy Adijat nje lodo Collins. (I want both of you to understand that I was th one that reported her to her husband. So, I came to taste what Mummy Adijat has been eating) (facing me) Collins I will get back at you soonest. (she left the room)

Mummy Adijat looked at me and left.

I locked the door and sat down

What have I done?

The following morning, I prepared and went to Lagos. On my way I called Ndidi if we could meet today. She was delighted and she sent her address. When I got to the office where I was being called to come and defend the proposal. When I got there, I was delayed for more than 3 hours. I used that opportunity to check up on an old friend living three streets away. At exactly that time, I was at the place where I was to see Mr. Jude. As I was ushered in, apart from Mr. Jude, I saw ……………

Mr. Jude: Good morning Mr. Collins

Me: good morning Sir; good morning ma’am

Oge kept quiet.

Mr. Jude: we saw your proposal and we were pleased with it. And the Management of the company has decided to give you the job. However, there will be a reduction of 0.35million from the charges you are negotiating with us.

Me: so the service charge will be 3.10million instead of 3.45million

Mr. Jude: yes of course.

Me: (thought for a while) ok I accept the offer

Oge: Jude, what is he going to do?

Mr. Jude: he is to supply all the consumables to be used in the new office complex for the next three years.


Oge: Ok. That’s good. (facing me) will you be able to deliver on right time? Or will you divert the money to another thing?

Me: no ma’am. I will deliver on time with the right specifications.

Oge: no problem. (facing Jude) Jude dear, I like him for his straight – forwardness.

Mr. Jude: I will give you a note to go and give them at the accounts section so that your cheque will be processed for payment

Me: thank you sir.

Mr. Jude: for my angel to have approved you, please don’t fail o

Me: (with all smiles) I will surely deliver. I promise (facing her) thank you ma

Oge: can I have your contact Mr. Collins? (I gave it to her)

As soon as I left the office she called me

Oge: don’t think I have forgotten what happened. I will still skin you alive. (call ends)

I tried calling her back but she wasn’t picking my calls. Then I went to Abeokuta to meet Ndidi. I had a nice time with her and I returned back to Ibadan. When I got back to Ibadan, I decided to while away time before going home. When I got home late at night, I entered my apartment and locked my door. I was already sleeping when I heard a knock on my door.

Me: who is that?

Mummy Adijat: emi ni. (It’s me)

I reluctantly opened the door for her

To Be Continued…


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