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Me: ki le fe? (What do you want?)

Mummy Adijat: Collins, mo fe da owo ti e fun mi pada (I want to return the money you gave me)

Me: emi o fun yin nitori pe mo fe gba nkankan lowo yin; Mo fe fi ran yin lowo (I didn’t give you because I want to collect anything from you; I want to use it to help you)

Mummy Adijat: sugbon…………

Me: e wo, mo fe sun. a ma ri’ra lola (please ma, I wasn’t to sleep. We will talk tomorrow)

I closed the door and went to sleep. The following morning, I prepared and left the house before daylight. When o got to the office, I was summoned by the Senior Pastor. After exchanging pleasantries, he asked

SP: I went to the bank yesterday and I discovered that 5 million Naira is missing from the Income Account


Me: Ah!!!! I don’t know sir. Let me call our Account Officer to check and verify.

I took my phone and called Jane. It was picked in the 3rd ring

Me: Jane, what happened to our income account?

Stranger: Please who is speaking?

Me: my name is Collins; I am the National Accountant for Centre for Faith and Liberty and I am speaking from Idi – Ishin.

Stranger: My name is Joshua from Compliance in Jane’s Bank.

Me: ok. But what happened? The Senior Pastor of my Church complained that 5million Naira was missing from the Church Account.

Joshua: I was sent to investigate a case of fraud on some accounts. Jane was accused in collaboration with some other members of staff in their branch defrauded to the tune of 67million Naira

Me: WHAT???

Joshua: though we discovered that your Church Account was affected, but later she was exonerated.

Me: ok. I will relay the same to the Senior Pastor.

Joshua: Please tell him that the money will be returned soonest.

Me: ok. Thanks.

I relayed what happened to SP and he was happy. Thereafter, he said that I should ensure that the money was returned. When I got to the office, I saw that my Neighbour’s wife was waiting for me at the door. She wanted to talk but I hushed her and we went inside the office


Me: kini e wa se ni’biyii? (what did you come and do here?)

Mummy Adijat: mo wa ri yin ni sir (I came to see you sir)

Me: fun kini? At least, mo mo wipe aja ni mo ** ni’jeta (for what? At least I knew I fcuked a dog two nights ago)

Mummy Adijat: hmmm. O dun mi nnkan ti e se. (what you did was painful)


Me: well, kile fe ri mi fun? (so, what do you want to see me for?)

Mummy Adijat: mo wa da owo ti e fun mi pada. (I want to refund your money back)

Me: (smiles) mi o gba pada. mo yonda e patapata. (I am giving it to you with all my heart)

Mummy Adijat: (kneeling down) e se pupo. Alaanu o ni won yin…………

Me: e ma worry ma. E dide. (stand up)

Mummy Adijat: o wumi ki n di mo yin (I wish to hug you…..)

Me: ah!!! Ibi’se mi ni mo wa (I am in the office)

Mummy Adijat: ok. ki e mura yin sile ni’le lale yii (prepare well tonight)

Me: eyin le mo. (na you sabi)

The day went on with snail speed. When it was closing time, as I was about leaving, the SP called me

SP: Accountant, we are going somewhere this evening!

The relationship between Kaffie and I grew stronger by the day and I was also mindful of Jamaal and his antics. One day while in the office, she showed up unannounced

Kaffie: what’s up love?

Me: I’m good

Kaffie: come and show me some love jor

I reminded her that I was in the office.

Kaffie: Bolaji, there is a problem?

Me: what is it dear?

Kaffie: we will be going to the village by April ending for Nikkah.

Me: between you and Jamaal?

Kaffie: yes. But to be honest, it is you that I want to marry

Me: hmmm. Kaffie, do you know what the issue is?

Kaffie: what?

Me: I am a Christian, working in the Church and I am Yoruba. Your dad is a staunch muslim. So it is not possible for us to get married.

Kaffie: no Mike. I love you and I want to marry you.

As I wanted to respond, a call came to my phone. When I saw the screen, it was Mercy

Me: Hello Mercy

Mercy: o ga fun e. you don’t pick my calls any longer and you don’t return my calls.

Me: please I am sorry. I have been busy all this while.

Mercy: how is my girl; I mean Kaffie?

Me: she’s fine. She’s even here with me.

Kaffie: let me speak with my sister

I gave the phone to her


Kaffie: what’s up sis?

Mercy: I am fine o. longest time

Kaffie: so how is Bida?

Mercy: well Kaffie, I have returned to Badagry

Kaffie: eeyah. Please sister I want you to do a favour for me.

Mercy: what sister?

Kaffie: I’m in love with your brother

Mercy: WHAT??? WITH MIKE???

Kaffie: are you surprised?

Mercy: he never told me that you guys are dating.

Kaffie: he is a naughty boy. Well I want you to prevail on him. He is telling me that we can’t marry because I’m Nupe and a Muslim and he is a Yoruba and a Christian.

Mercy: hmmm. It will be hard. This is because here in the South West, we don’t bother much about the religion. But in the Northern part of the country, religion is of more paramount importance.

Kaffie: (scared) so are you telling me that this relationship will not lead to anywhere?

Mercy: it is only one out of two hundred that works.

Kaffie: (emotion laden) I will talk to you later. (she returned the phone back to me)

Me: Sister


Me: did I say so?

Mercy: even if you didn’t talk she had spoken.

Me: je n pe e later. (call ends)

I turned to Kaffie

Me: see what you have caused?

Kaffie: what did I do?

Me: I told you that this relationship won’t work.

Kaffie: I had already told you that I will never marry Jamaal. Even if risking it all to be with you.

Me: it means we have to see your dad.

Kaffie: I will tell him to come home tonight.

Me: are you serious?

Kaffie: just watch me

She punched her father’s number and spoke with him. After some minutes, she ended the call.

To Be Continued..



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