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Kaffie: he will be at home by 6.30pm tonight.

Me: ok. can you go now? At least you came to my office

Kaffie: oops. I am sorry (she stood up to leave) what should I prepare for you?

Me: nothing. I will take care of myself.

I saw her off to her car and ensured that she drove off. When she’d gone, I dialled Mercy’s number

Mercy: why are you calling me?

Me: Mercy let me try to explain. Firstly we are not dating. Secondly, I can’t just let go off her in the hands of that guy called Jamaal. And thirdly…………

Mercy: Mike you are a liar.

Me: I am not. What will I gain if I am lying?

Mercy: Are you sure?

Me: 100% sure

Mercy: will you take an oath with me?


Me: o gini?

Mercy: to be sure of myself. So as not to be wasting my time with you.

Me: trust me. I will never fall in love with her.

Mercy: how far nipa the taxi business?

Me: doing great. Infact…….

Mercy: (cuts in) so how much is your savings now?

Me: as at Monday, my savings is now N123,500

Mercy: wow!!!!!! Go and get a plot of land

Me: a plot of land goes for 500k – 600k in Minna minimum.

Mercy: ok. so try and work towards getting another taxi soonest.

Me: ok dear.

Mercy: but………… ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (heard a sound and the phone went dead)

Me: hello? Hello?? Hello???

I tried calling her back but her line was dead. I tried it sixty more times but it wasn’t going through. About three hours later, I received a call from FRSC that she was involved in a ghastly motor accident which painfully claimed her life. As soon as I heard that, I fainted! I woke up the following day in the hospital sullen and angry. I saw Kaffie and Perpetua sitting beside the bed where I lay. After two days, I was discharged from the hospital and I took permission from work to travel to Badagry to attend the funeral.

When I came back, I summoned Kaffie

Me: Kaffie, I want to tell you things that are kept in the dark from you and I have decided to move on with life no matter your decision might be

Kaffie: Mike you are scaring me.

Me: do you know that night when we came into Minna, Christie and I crashed into the same guest house where we both spend the night?

Kaffie: yes.


Me: we eventually had s*x

Kaffie: subuhanallahi!!! Bolaji!!!

Me: that day I said I was travelling to Abuja, I was in Minna all through that weekend with Mercy.

Kaffie: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike!!!!!! (burst into tears)

Me: even before I was transferred to Minna, I was a fcuk – addict

Kaffie: wHAT???

Me: I have come to realize the nihilism of life and I have decided to just be alone all to myself


Me: I will go; but I want to tell you one more thing

Kaffie: (angry) say whatever you want to say and leave my front.

Me: if you marry Jamaal, you might be making the greatest mistake of your life. Jamaal and Mariam have already planned your downsizing.

I left her presence sobered. Not sooner than five minutes an alarm was raised that Kaffie has fainted!


When I got home later in the evening after the outing with the SP, I saw mummy Adijat vomiting. I went to meet her. When I saw her eyes, they were pale

Me: mummy Adijat e ti loyun (are you pregnant?)

Mummy Adijat: beeni oko mi (yes my husband)

I laughed at her

Me: e o serious. (you’re not serious)

Mummy Adijat: mi o se’re o (I am not joking at all)

Me: ta lo loyun (hmmm. So who is responsible?)


Mummy Adijat: eyin naa ko (you are the one)

Me: ah!!!!!!

Mummy Adijat: nigba ti e nku mi b’elubo e o mo nigba naa; o wa de’le nisisiyi e wa n gbon. (when you were fcuking me, you didn’t know abi)

Me: kila wa se bayii (what are we going to do?)

Mummy Adijat: okunrin ko ni yin ni? E ma mura sile. Omo n bo. (are you not a man? Be ready for responsibilities)

As I turned to enter the house

Mummy Adijat: ase e lojo bayii. Mi o loyun o. (so you can be this scared; I am not pregnant) I took agbo tapa; it reacted in my system and I have been vomiting since morning.

We both laughed and I entered my apartment. When I entered my room, I saw a food flask with food in my room. I went out to meet mummy Adijat

Me: are you the one that prepared the food?

Mummy Adijat: yes.

Me: thank you.

As she was about leaving, I pulled her to myself and we kissed each other.

Mummy Adijat: I am coming tonight.

Fast – forward to night

She brought her children to my apartment; I helped them doing their homework and I gave them some work to do. When I was through with the kids, she petted them to sleep. When they slept, we started our discussion

Mummy Adijat: oko mi. bawo ni’se leni? (my husband, how as work today?)

Me: am I your husband or daddy awon omo yin?

Mummy Adijat: daddy awon omo mi is the ceremonial husband but you are…………

I placed a finger on her lips.

Me: your kids are here. But wanna ask; how come you can speak good and perfect English?


Mummy Adijat: I was in FUTA 200l when my parents died in an accident alongside with my two brothers. And after their death, our relatives swooped on all properties my parents had. I decided not to go home any longer. That’s why I stopped schooling and decided to learn a trade.

Me: hmmm But wait o. where is your husband? I mean Daddy Adijat?

Mummy Adijat: I tried calling him but his number is no longer going through. When I now contacted his friend, he said that my husband has gone to Ghana to spend four months there.

Me: hmmm.

Mummy Adijat: I am hor*y

Me: awon omo wa ninu ‘le

We carried the kids into their apartment and we returned. Then we started kissing each other and I was squeezing her Weapon of Mass Defence. Then I pulled off her wrapper and I saw fresh awo. I stood, brought out my Opa – Mose up my lap by the base. Reaching up to grab hold of her hips, her body being pulled back towards me. The tip of my Opa – Mose made contact with her body, rubbing up and down over her dripping, steaming, pv$$y. The sensation sent a shock through her body, practically inducing an orga3m on the spot without even entering her yet. She grips the anti – theft barricade on the window tight and looked back at me. A look of S#xual insanity was on her face, crazed with lust for a d!ck, like a woman possessed.

She pushed back with her bum-bum, and I was drilling at the same time, driving my Opa – Mose into her body. Her muscles contracted instantly, head thrown back, eyes white and rolled back in her head. Water came out of her pv$$y as she stretched to accept my Opa – Mose, cumming all over it the moment it entered her. Her mouth open but silent for the first few seconds before a moan came out, echoing through the room.


I buried the entire Opa – Mose deep in. Shaking and gasping, her orga3m thunders through her. She felt my Opa – Mose pull back to the head before being filled by it again. I fcuked her hard and deep, pumping another orga3m to her body. Then I pulled her up and sat on a chair. She came to me and holding her around the waist and I entered into her hard. She was thrashing around on my lap, her hands holding the arms of the chair in a death grip. She whipped her head from side to side as she rides me hard, groaning and screaming out at the ceiling.


To Be Continued…



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