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Her pv$$y was squirting and she was climaxing that it made the chair to be wet. I was thrusting harder, faster into her and each thrust into her glory – hole and it sends a fresh orgasmic shock through her body. I grinded my Opa – Mose in as I dumped my cvm, in her filling her. I fired several powerful, thick spurts into her and thick white cream running down her inner thighs. The surge of my cvm filling and overflowed her pv$$y triggered another heavenly feeling through her body, ending in her quivering pv$$y. Another jet of cvm squeezed out of her and sprayed the carpet under us. A low, deep groan pushed out of her mouth by the sudden jolt of cvm and the sudden heavenly feeling. I carried her and slowly laid her on the bed; her Weapon of Mass defence rising and falling rhythmically like someone who’s in a deep sleep. Her legs spread wide, her swollen, gaping Kittycat pointed upwards. A flow of white cvm oozing out from between her l4bia, snoring like a locomotive engine. I smiled at her, crashed beside her and fell asleep.

The following morning when I woke up, I saw that she had already arisen and had gone to their apartment. I prepared for work and as I was going out I saw my other neighbours. They were hailing me as if I was someone who was contesting for Local Government Chairman. When I got to eh office, I saw that I had five missed calls; all from Oge. As I was trying to call her back, she called me


Oge: Collins, you broke my heart. You fcuked that sl*t and she was screaming to the heavens.

Me: so how did I break your heart?

Oge: I wanted to have you as mine and MINE only

Me: you are funny. Do you know that you are Oga Jude’s madam?

Oge: so, does that now mean that you should be freely give your d!ck to mummy Adijat?

me: Ogechi, listen. I appreciate the fact that you were instrumental to my securing the contract in Mr. Jude’s company; also, I want you to know also that I decide on whom I fcuk. The one time we had together should be ok between us and………………

Oge: (cuts in) Collins, do you know that you really made me feel like a woman that night. And everyone who invests, surely must have returns on investment.

Me: I am sorry Oge, it can’t be possible. Do have a wonderful day.
I ended the call.

We rushed Kaffie to the clinic and both Jamaal and Mariam came to see her. I wasn’t allowed to see her but I waited at the reception. When she was revived, I was greatly relieved and I went out to buy some things for her. When I got to the reception, I was only allowed to see her for fifteen minutes. When I entered, I saw her mum, Perpetua, Jamaal and Mariam. As soon as she saw me, she turned her face to the wall. I understood what she meant and I dropped what I bought for her and left for house. By 8.30pm that evening, I was summoned by her parents in the main building

Alhaji: Bolaji why did you cause my daughter to faint?

I kept quiet.

Kaffie’s Mum: Bolaji, what did my daughter did to you that you wanted to kill her?

Me: Alhaji, I will open up to you. but I will talk when she is fully discharged from the hospital.

Alhaji: ok.


The following day, she was discharged from the hospital. I wanted to see her before her dad comes in but she never allowed me to see her. At night, her dad called me

Alhaji: how are you and how is work Mike?

Me: I am fine sir and work is fine sir.

Alhaji: so, I want to ask; what did you tell my daughter?

Me: to be candid Alhaji, I felt true love with your daughter the very first time we met. I had been trying to dissuade myself because she is a Muslim, and a Nupe while I am a Christian and a Yoruba. I tried convincing her in falling out of love for me but, she remained adamant.

Alhaji: hmmm

Me: the other reason is that you’ve introduced Jamaal to everyone as her husband to be so I have to tell myself times without number that we can’t marry.

Alhaji: (facing Kaffie’s Mum) wannan saurayi da Sense (this young man have sense)

Kaffie’s mum: sure

We talked for a while and I left to my apartment. When I entered,
Perpetua entered

Perpetua: I heard what you all were saying in the place. I want to ask Have you fcukked her before?

Me: Nope she is a virgin

Perpetua: hmmm. Truly she is. I am always happy whenever I see her I always remember when I was also a virgin

Me: but now nko?

Perpetua: (playfully punching me) you are not serious. I was deflowered by a cow two years ago.

Me: why is he a cow?

Perpetua: we dated for three years and we had concluded plans to settle down. Later I discovered that he has impregnated another lady. And also his claim was that I only had HND and he is looking for BSc. I……………..

The speech was brought to an abrupt end when I placed a kiss on her lips and kissed for some minutes and broke up

Perpetua: Bad boy.

Me: if not for this house, I would I have fcukked you.

Perpetua: can we hang out tomorrow?

Me: sure. Put a call through tomorrow.


She gave me her number and as she was leaving I squeezed her a$$. Then she turned back and squeezed my cvck. The following day I quickly tidied up my work in the office and by 3pm I called Perpetua. She sent an address that we should meet around Saukha-Kahuta and we met there. When I saw her, she was looking stunning in a moderate flowing gown and was looking hot and fcukable. She took me to the house and when I entered the compound, it was a new house

Me: what are we doing here Perpetua?

Perpetua: to sacrifice you………you ask too much questions

She ushered me in and I was wowed at the interior designs. I sat down when she entered and brought out drinks for the 2 of us. I fired at her

Me: Perpetua, who owns this house?

Perpetua: you ask too many questions. Am I not working?

Me: yes you are. But…………

She silenced me with a kiss

Perpetua: the house belongs to me.

She stood up and went to the kitchen to cook. I stood up and looked around and I discovered that the house though not painted outside, is beautiful inside. I peeped to the kitchen and saw her cooking and backing me and playing “you should let me love you”. I sneaked to her and pecked her at the back of her neck. A soft moan escaped her mouth but she didn’t turn back. I grabbed her bvvbs and was squeezing it. She answered by grinding her a$$ towards my cvck.

Perpetua: please let me finish cooking

I responded by using one of my hands to fondle her bvvbs and I used the other hand to caress her lap. She switched off the gas cooker and faced me. We kissed like s3x starved lovers. She shocked me by unstrapping the gown she wore and it fell down in one swoop. I discovered that she wore “pencil bra” and g – string pant. I used my tongue and teeth to remove the strap of her bra and when I had pulled off the bra, I started sucking the nippl3s. she was moaning loud like NOKLA CHINCO PHONE and was rubbing my back vigorously; then she was trying to pull off my belt when a call came into my phone. I wanted to pick it but she insisted I shouldn’t pick it. When I saw the screen, it was Senior Pastor from Ibadan.

Me: Perpetua, this is Senior Pastor calling.

I picked the call

Me: good evening sir. E ku ojo meta

SP: hmmm. Mike, how are you?


By then Perpetua has unhooked my jean and brought out my cvck fully erect and is sucking it

Me: I am fine sir.

SP: I want to make some enquiries about your pastor and I want to have candid opinion about him

Me: ok sir.

SP was talking and I was responding him. I felt the tension building up my balls and he asked me a question

SP: hope you are hearing from Titilayo

Me: (a soft moan escaping my mouth) no sir.

SP: What is wrong with you?

Me: I stepped on soldier ants

SP: eeyah. Sorry. i……….

Me: (I was feeling about to erupt) ashhh………… sir, I will call you later sir (ended the call)

I exploded and fired my entire “canon” into her mouth. She swallowed it like as if she was drinking pap. I was exhausted and I crashed to a chair.

Perpetua: lazy bone. How many minutes did I suck you and you explode like boko – haram bomb?

I kept quiet. She came to where I sat, played with my cvck, parted the pant and guided me into her moist but warm pv$$y. we fcuked in that position for about 10 minutes before she stood up, went to the kitchen counter – top. She lay on the counter – top, I spread her legs hanging them on my shoulder and I drilled into her. I fcuked her mercilessly and I felt she cummed powerfully about two times. Then she started begging me

Perpetua: Mike o ti to………………ah…………ehhhhhhhhhh……please Mike it is okay……………………assssshhhhhhh………………Mike, you are hurting me…………………

She was crying but I didn’t stop. After twenty minutes, I exploded the second time and I crashed to the floor and passed out. I woke up two hours later and saw myself in the bedroom under a duvet and feeling a throb at a bandaged portion of my head. I saw Perpetua sitting beside me totally unclad.

Perpetua: Thank God you have woken up

Me: what happened?

Perpetua: you fainted some hours ago and you had a concussion.

Me: how did it happen?


Perpetua: just rest. I have called Pastor Kolawole and I have told him that you had a concussion and you are resting.

She fed me my dinner and after eating, I tried sleeping but sleep wasn’t coming. She came and lay beside me

Perpetua: mike, you almost killed me this evening.

Me: did I carry any gun or machete or knife?

Perpetua: no. but your iron Joystick almost ripped my womb apart.

As I wanted to reply, my phone rang. When I saw the screen, it was Mrs. Adedokun!

Mrs. Adedokun: Mike how are you?

Me: I am fine ma.

Mrs. Adedokun: I just entered Minna and I will be staying with my sister.

Me: ok ma. I will call you tomorrow.

Mrs. Adedokun: ok love……… bye.

When the call ended, Perpetua dropped the bomb

Perpetua: I am expecting my sister from Ibadan tonight. But who spoke with you?

Me: my church member from……………

We heard the gate bell and she stood up to dress.

Perpetua: she`s around

Me: your sister?

Perpetua: sure. Mrs. Chinyere Adedokun

Me: ah!!!!!!!!!

I was engrossed at work all through the day when I heard a knock on my door. When the door was opened, the secretary came inside. When he entered, he told me the SP wants to see me. When I entered his office, I saw a woman seated with him (though backing the door)

SP: please accountant, I want you to collect this paper and go and process it for signatories to sign on Sunday.

Me: ok sir


As I went to his table, the woman‘s face and I met. It was Halima! I did as if I didn’t see her and I picked the document and left. When I got to the office, I was shocked what is Halima doing here? I was brought out of the reverie by a knock on my door

Me: come in

When the door was opened, I saw her

Halima: can I come in?

Me: come in

She entered and wanted to sit down

Me: madam you have two minutes in this office

Halima: Collins, what is wrong with you?

I kept quiet.

Halima: I was happy seeing you so that we could talk. But……………

Me: Thank you for coming. Do have a wonderful day

Halima: but………………….

Me: you can go ma

She resigned and left. As soon as she left, I called the

Me: don’t allow that woman that just left my office to enter MY office again!!!

Receptionist: ok sir.

When I got home in the evening, I met Oge and Mummy Adijat talking and both of them were laughing. I greeted them and entered; then both of them came in.

Me: what do I deserve this special visit?

Oge: our husband, we want to say hi

I laughed.

Mummy Adijat: our husband, bawo ni day yin?

Me: my day was fine. But what is happening?

Oge: I want to tell you that Jude has finally proposed to me
(showing me her engagement ring)

Me: wow!!! I am happy for you.

Oge: so I want to officially hand you over to………… (facing mummy Adijat)

Me: you no well Oge. (facing mummy Adijat) I saw my ex-wife today in the church.

Mummy Adijat: WHAT??? Where did you see her? What does she want???

Oge: Collins, were you married?

Me: yes I was.

Oge: hmmm. So where are your family?


Me: separated. (Facing Mummy Adijat) I dunno. But was surprised seeing her.

Mummy Adijat: hmmm. So what will our husband eat tonight?

As I wanted to answer, a call came into my phone; when I checked it  was an unknown number. I picked the call

Me: hello

Stranger: it is me Halima

Me: what do you want Halima?

Halima: Collins, my husband…………

Me: I ceased being your husband when you walked out of my home in South Africa

Halima: please hear me out.

Me: you wrote the note that I was not the father of those children and you literally wiped the family account

Halima: but

Me: please DON’T call this line again. (ends call)

I faced Oge and mummy Adijat and exhaled deeply

Me: I was formerly a Church Accountant, worked at ZOCA Church in Amuloko, engaged to Iyoaye we parted and later got married to Halima. Halima and I relocated to South Africa and we were living fine there. One day, she just walked out of the house with the children she claimed that they weren’t mine and also wiped more than 80% of our investments. So, if you were at my shoes, what will you do?


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