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When Perpetua went to open the door I was in a quagmire. How will I face Mrs. Adedokun? What will I tell her I was doing in Perpetua’s place? Those thoughts were running in my mind when Perpetua came inside the room

Perpetua: come and greet my visitor now

I stood up, dressed and left for the sitting room. as I was approaching the sitting room, I was hearing the voices of the visitors with Perpetua. When I entered, people of God, when I entered, I saw Mrs. Adedokun and Ifeoma. I was shocked and they too were shocked

Mrs. Adedokun: Mike, what are you doing here? (facing Perpetua) do you know him somewhere?

Perpetua: he is our church Accountant sister.


Mrs. Adedokun: WHAT??? You attend Center for Faith and Liberty???

Perpetua: yes sister.

Ifeoma: he was the church accountant that was transferred from Ibadan

Perpetua: yes.

I greeted them but they didn’t respond. I went inside, took my phone and was about to leave. Perpetua came to meet me

Perpetua: don’t leave

Me: sorry dear. I have to go

Perpetua: but it is already late.

Me: then I will go and sleep in the church

I kissed her and left. When I got to the door, I was stopped by Mrs. Adedokun

Mrs. Adedokun: where do you think you are going tonight?

Me: I am going home

Mrs. Adedokun: is it because you are scared of the truth?

I was shocked but kept quiet

Mrs. Adedokun: well you can leave but get ready my answers tomorrow

I bade her good night and I left. When I got home around 10pm, the maiguard was shocked seeing me coming home late and more surprisingly seeing my bandaged head. I entered my apartment and slept off. When I woke up around 2.30am, I was seeing my phone blinking and when I checked it, I saw messages from Mrs. Adedokun, Ifeoma and Perpetua.

I tried sleeping back but sleep didn’t come. When morning came, I prepared and went to office. When I got to the office, I read the messages that were sent. The one from Mrs. Adedokun read “you are a dog mike; you had s*x with Perpetua and I”. The one from Ifeoma read “mike, hope it is not what I was thinking? Hope you didn’t fcukk sister Perpetua?” and the one from Perpetua “I was hearing my sister complaining that you are a dog. Hope you didn’t have any s3xual relationship with her. Take care love. Bye” I responded Mrs. Adedokun “I am sorry ma’am; we both had s*x yesterday” I responded Perpetua “dear, I am sorry. Mrs. Adedokun had been my sugar – mum when I was in Ibadan” and I responded Ifeoma “I am sorry Ify, Perpetua and I had s3x yesterday night”. As soon as I sent those messages, I put my phone to silent and concentrated on my work.

They all called me but I never responded. When I got home in the evening, I saw the three of them in the compound. I was shocked

Perpetua: (smiling) Mike the “Accountant” welcome

Mrs. Adedokun: Sugar – Pie what’s up?

Ifeoma: Mike the Badooski…………… how you dey?

I was shocked but I maintained my cool. I greeted them and entered my apartment. When I was about settling down, I heard a knock on the door. I was scared

Me: come in

The three of them came in and sat down

Mrs. Adedokun: Mike, you BAD GAN………………… so you can chop clean mouth as if you fit eat anything…….

Ifeoma: im d!ck strong kakaraka.

I wanted to smile but when I saw Perpetua’s face and I saw the pain and regret, I kept a straight face.

Mrs. Adedokun: our husband, are you hungry?

Me: No

Mrs. Adedokun: you need to eat. Ise wa ti e ma se lale yii sir (there will be work for you tonight sir).

I wanted to protest when I heard a knock on my door.

Me: come in

When the door was opened, it was Kaffie

Kaffie: Bolaji, is it when you cremate me that’s when you will have peace?

Mrs. Adedokun: and who is Bolaji

Me: That’s me.

Kaffie: Sister Perpetua, who are this?

Perpetua: this is my Elder Sister (pointing at Mrs. Adedokun) and this is my younger sister (pointing at Ifeoma) Bolaji lived with them in Ibadan.


Kaffie greeted them but asked a question that threw everyone off balance

Kaffie: Ma (turning to Mrs. Adedokun) hope Bolaji was a nice guy? I mean hope he isn’t a “woman wrapper”

Mrs. Adedokun: infact, seven girls in the church were fighting for him in order to date him………… (everyone laughed) jokes apart, he is a nice and gentle guy.

Kaffie: (knelt down) thank you ma. Bolaji, I will check on you later in the night.

Me: I will not be sleeping in the house tonight. I will be going to a programme.

Kaffie: then expect me to be with you tomorrow all day. (as soon as she was going) Bolaji, what happened to your head? (coming to touch my head)

Perpetua: he used his head to break coconut

Everybody laughed. But the striking thing was that after she touched my head, she kissed me deeply in the presence of these 3 women. I responded for some minutes and we broke the kiss. When she left, the three women came and meet me and were playfully punching me. I pecked Mrs. Adedokun, squeezed the a$$ of Perpetua and Ifeoma borught her bvvbs to me and I squeezed them. Afterwards, I knelt in their presence

Me: I am sorry for what I have done to the three of you. Honestly, if I had known that Perpetua was your sister, I wouldn’t have fcccuked her. Please I am…………

They pulled me up and we all hugged each other.

Mrs. Adedokun: I have forgiven you even since yesterday night. You are young and you will definitely get married. Just that, if you had wanted to marry either Perpetua or Ifeoma, I would have skinned you


Ifeoma: (hugging me) I knew you were fcukking my sister when you were in Ibadan. (spoke to my ears) but, I will still eat out of your cvck before you get married

Perpetua: if you fcukk another lady again, I will ensure that your balls will be used to play Polo at IBB Polo Club.

We all laughed. When it was night, they gave me food and I ate to my satisfaction. Kafeeya called me and we spoke at length. As soon as I dropped the call, Kaffie knocked my door

Kaffie: Mike, Alhaji wants to see you

When I got to the main building, I greeted Mummy and Alhaji. I saw both Jamaal and Mariam on their knees crying

Alhaji: Jamaal, I trusted you and you betrayed me like this (turning to Mariam) you are a big disgrace to me. I personally took you as my second daughter but you and Jamaal decided that the best thing both of you can do is to decide to kill me, and convert all this I have laboured for all years. Well I will give both of you 200,000 Naira. You will have to leave Minna first light tomorrow morning and I don’t want to ever……… I REPEAT I DON’T WANT TO EVER SET MY EYES ON YOU IN MINNA AGAIN.



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