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He gave them the cash and ordered them to leave but as they were pleading, I saw some uniformed men coming into the sitting room and drove them out. I looked at Kaffie and she said

Kaffie: those are Hisbah Police

When they left, Alhaji turned to me

Alhaji: Mike Omobolaji, ati’wo ati Kaffie e ma travel out next month (you and Kaffie are travelling out next month)

Me: (shocked) WHAT??? So daddy, e le so Yoruba?

Alhaji: omo Yoruba ni mi. I am from Ilorin

Me: hmmm


Alhaji: your Mum, Kaffie’s mum and I was course-mates in UI. So I knew your mum very well and she stood by us when Kafeelat Mum was pregnant in school.

Me: hmmm

Alhaji: so you have to take care of my daughter like your sister

Me: yes sir

A call came to my phone. When I checked it, it was my mum

Mum: bawo ni Bolaji?

Me: I am fine ma.

Mum: iyawo e nko?

Me: who?

Mum: Kafeelat omo ore mi

Me: (smiling) won ti so fun yin

Mum: tell my friend, I am eagerly waiting to see my daughter

Me: ok maami. I am with her dad; I will call you later

Mum: my regards to Haji Whyte

Me: I will. Take care mum. Bye……..

I spent some time with them before going over to my apartment. When I got there, I saw Ifeoma waiting for me

Ifeoma: I want to have a testimonial s*x with you tonight.

Me: here in this house??? God forbid!

Ifeoma: well, I will go to your landlord and tell him of your sexcapedes.

As she was going, I pulled her back and kissed her. When we entered and I pulled her pant apart, I saw blood stains on her pant

Me: Madam, your visitor is here o

She sighed deeply, kissed me and left my apartment.

The following day when I got to the office my pastor called me

PIC: Mike, when are you getting married?

Me: very soon sir. i…………


We were interrupted when kaffie’s mum and Kaffie entered. She knelt and greeted him. After exchanging pleasantries

Kaffie’s Mum: daddy, with respect to what you discussed with my daughter and me, he is the one you were talking about

PIC: so Mike is the young man who was the person you and someone close to you have covenanted that your children would marry
Kaffie’s Mum: yes sir. His Mum was my bosom friend when we were in school.

PIC: Hmmm. That’s good. But……………

Kaffie’s Mum: my child attending this church?

PIC: yes ma

Kaffie’s Mum: Her dad and I have agreed to that sir.

PIC: no problem ma. Let’s pray

Epilogue – Mike
I was happy that my pastor approved the relationship. When I called Mr. Collins in Ibadan he was very happy but tried to warn me not to travel out of Nigeria because of what happened between him and his wife. I moved out of the apartment and stayed with Perpetua. Then, Perpetua and I became platonic friends and we never had s3xual contact since then. We got married three months later and I resigned from the Church Workforce. I deflowered Kaffie and she became pregnant almost immediately after the wedding. By then, we had set up three companies: taxi business which was solely run by me, the bookshop was handed over to her and she became the director, and her father transferred 60% equity and assets of his business to the both of us. I made a vow to her that I will not sleep or fcukKK any other lady forever!!!!!!!!!

When I got to the church, I was summoned to a meeting with the church board. When I entered, I saw Halima sitting with them her eyes red and swollen. I was asked to sit down.

SP: Accountant, do you know this woman?

Me: yes pastor. She was my ex-wife

SP: hmmm. She said that she has some confessions to make and she has to make it in the presence of everyone here. (facing her)

Halima: please help me to beg Collins. I walked out of our marriage ten months ago. I left him to meet a man who deceived me into Angola where he introduced me to drugs. I was pushing and using coke and meth. I was duped of the money I took in the bank and the government has taken those children into custody care. I was deported to Nigeria last week when I had served three months in
rehab (facing me) Collins I am sorry

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Me: (tears filling my eyes) why did you do this??? You emptied our accounts and left with those children. If not for God, I would have been killed in South Africa during the xenophobic attacks.

SP: Thank God bro Collins that you weren’t killed during the xenophobic attacks. you have used ten months with us and I see that you are a sincere person. Please you have to forgive her

Me: Daddy, it will be very hard sir.

SP: yes I know. But you have to forgive her

Me: daddy, please give me time sir

Other members of the panel were begging me to forgive her. After a while I spoke up

Me: thank you all for your concerns and advices. (facing her) I have forgiven you………… at least you took me as I was before we got married BUT

All except Halima: but what Accountant?


Me: she will subject herself to all medical checks and will have to undergo another one – month rehab.

SP and others: Ok

Me: after that there is another assignment she will undertake.

She burst into tears

The meeting ended as quickly as it started. When we were through, I went to my office but I was stopped by her

Halima: can I come to your place tonight.

Me: NO

Halima: but please pick my call

I left her and I entered the office.

When I got home I saw some people with daddy Adijat prostrating to beg mummy Adijat. She was weeping profusely and was shouting

Mummy Adijat: this man is not a human being at all. He ignored me and the children for the past four months not sending upkeep and anything. Not even that, he laced me with Magun when he himself went to Ghana to chase another woman there

Daddy Adijat: please forgive me (crying)

Relatives: our daughter, please forgive him…………

When our eyes met, she burst into fresh round of tears


Mummy Adijat: you see that brother (pointing at me), he took total responsibility of the children and I. he gave me money that I was using to run my business; that’s how I’ve been surviving all this while……………… well I have forgiven him; SUGBON WON O SUN INU’LE YI LALE YI (HE IS NOT SLEEPING WITH US TONIGHT).

Everyone appreciated her and I went to appreciate her too. When it was later in the evening, she knocked on my door. When she entered, we hugged each other and we kissed for some minutes

Mummy Adijat: oko mi, olowo’ri mi…………… (my dear husband)

Me: Daddy Adijat le n ke si yen (that’s daddy Adijat you are referring to)

Mummy Adijat: I felt greatly relieved when I forgave that man.


Me: even I had to forgive Halima too

Mummy Adijat: I am happy to hear that.

Me: but it seems like we had to stop whatever we are doing………… I mean the sexcapedes.

Mummy Adijat: but………………

Me: I will start counselling in the church from Next week with Halima. So there is high probability that I will move out of this apartment before the end of the month.

Mummy Adijat: I will be missing you my husband. (she held me tight)
I cupped her face looking at me

Me: send me your account number. I will send you four hundred thousand Naira. At least that will cater for expanding the business and the kids.

Mummy Adijat: (hugging me tightly and was crying) thank you Collins……………… I’d wish you and I were never married………………

I cleaned her face and kissed her. It was so passionate that we made love that evening.

Epilogue – Collins
We (Halima and i) started the counselling session and we later got married. Mummy Adijat got pregnant soon after I left the house and the child looked like me (just joking). Oge got married to Jude and they moved to Abuja. Then three months later, Halima and I re-married and she gave birth to twins. I resigned from the church and started my consulting business and Halima became a full – time caterer.




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