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The day was very hectic for me because we were preparing for a meeting which will come up the following day. The time I had chance to rest was around 5.30pm when the Senior Pastor was about going home. When I got home I received a call

Me: hello

Stranger: hello Collins

Me: Who is this on the line?

Stranger: my name is Ndidi

Me: good evening Ndidi. How may I help you and how did you get my number?


Ndidi: I saw your contact on Dating and Hook – ups Zone thread on and I decided to call you.

Me: (relaxes) ok. how are you Ndidi?

Ndidi: I am fine. But where are you Collins

Me: I am in Ibadan

Ndidi: I am in Abeokuta.

We talked for a while and I promised to call her when I get home.

When I got home, I saw the wife of Mike’s neighbour coming from their room.

Neighbour: good evening. Who do you seek after?
Me: I live in this house

Neighbour: we’ve been living in this house for the past three years and I have not seen your face before.

Me: well, I am staying in Mike’s apartment.

Neighbour: I say so. I haven’t been seeing Mike for the past few days

Me: he has been moved to our church branch in Minna.

Neighbour: eeyah. So you are the one that came to replace Mike here in Ibadan.

Me: yes.

We talked for some minutes and we parted…



When I discovered that my bag was missing, a call came into my phone. And when I checked it, I saw it was Kaffie

Kaffie: if you can forget your bag in the car like this, I wonder if………

Me: I am sorry Kaffie. I just realize that I forgot to carry my bag.

Kaffie: should I bring the bag for you now?

Me: don’t bother dear. I will come and pick it up very early tomorrow morning.

Kaffie: I feel like kissing you………

Me: don’t worry. Let me shower; we’ll chat later

Kaffie: ok dear (blew me a kiss)


When the call ends, I faced Christie

Me: I wanna shower.
As I was about going to the shower, Christie said something that shocked me

Christie: Mike I wished you were as old as I am or older than i.

I laughed at her and went to the bathroom to shower. When I returned, I saw Christie already lying down on the bed. Her a$$ was really drawing me as a magnet but I had to control myself. I called the reception to order for food and when it was brought I collected it and locked the door.

Me: Christie, let’s eat together

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She came to join me and we ate the food together in silence. After eating, she thanked me and went to the bed to lie down. I lay on the chair and logged on whatsapp. I saw thirty messages from 5 contacts and I started opening them. I saw three from Kolade, seven from a truecelebmedia group I joined, two messages from Blessing, fifteen messages from Mrs. Adedokun and the rest from an unknown number. I quickly replied Kolade, ignored the group, replied Blessing and Mrs. Adedokun and when I opened the one from the unknown number, I discover that it was from Kaffie. She sent some funny pictures and I saw her totally unclad in those pictures. I was really engrossed in the chats when I felt a touch on my shoulder.

Christie: I can’t sleep o.

Me: why

Christie: please can you come and join me on the bed?

Me: (opportunity re o) will you be comfortable with it?

Christie: yes

I went to join her on the bed. But as soon as I lay down I received a call from Senior Pastor

SP: O ga fun e. you left since morning and you didn’t call.

Me: e ma binu sir. My airtime got exhausted since morning and I haven’t been able to recharge.

SP: ok. hope you got to Minna today

Me: yes sir.

SP: were you able to locate the Pastor – in – charge?

Me: I got to Minna around 9:15pm

SP: Jesus!!! Since morning

Me: yes sir.

SP: so where are you presently?

Me: I put up in a guest house sir.

SP: with the little money that you had……..

Me: Daddy don’t worry sir. They didn’t charge more than N4,500/night and it is just only this night sir.

SP: Ok Mike. Ensure you call me first thing tomorrow morning.

Me: Ok sir.

SP: Goodnight. (call ends)

I put the phone on silent and lay down. Then I opened NairalandTM and where I was reading Adebimpe the Facebook Girl. All this while, Christie backed me. She begged me to dim the light and I obliged. I didn’t know when I slept off. By 1.30am when I woke up, I realised that Christie wasn’t beside me on the bed. I was about standing up when I heard the sound of toilet flush and I quickly pretended as if I was sleeping. I saw Christie coming into the room. when she got to the bedside she removed her night gown and was stark UNCLAD. She woke me up

Christie: Mike I am hor*y…… PLEASE FCUKKKK MEEEE

To Be Continued…


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