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I was shocked because this was a lady 12 hours ago pretending to be an SU sister begging me to Bleep her. She knelt at the bedside and we started kissing each other. She expertly removed my singlet and trousers remaining my knickers. Then I went to devour her b^^bs (A vivid description of Christie……… she is of average height, fair, moderate b^^bs (medium C – shape) and a$$. But when she was UNCLAD, she had a flat tummy) she went to my nippl3s was sucking one and twerking the other, I was lost in ecstasy and when I came to reality was when I felt her hand on my cvck. When she brought it out she gasped

Christie: is this a cvck or a drilling tool? This is MASSIVE.


I smiled and kept silent. She was giving me hand job while using her other finger to pleasure herself. I distracted myself by thinking of the rhetoric of Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon. I was brought out of the reverie by feeling a warm sensation over my cvck. She swallowed the entire cvck and was mouth – bleeping it. Even at these, she was still using her finger to pleasure herself. I stood up, carried her to the chair, she knelt on the chair and her a$$ backing me. I wanted to enter her that was when I realise that I had no condom.

Me: Christie, we can’t do it. There is no CeeDee.

She went to the drawer and took out a packet of condom. She tore it and inserted it on my cvck. Then I entered her from the back. I realized that her cvnt was hot and seriously wet. When I entered her, a moan escaped from her mouth. I fvckked her in that position for some minutes and had to change position. I sat on the chair and she came to sit facing me and guided my cvck into her cvnt. She was rubbing my head while I was squeezing her b^^bs and sucking it simultaneously. She later became restless as she was moaning loud. She made a long shout and went quiet. I later felt liquid trickling down to my balls. After a minute I carried her to the floor, used the pillows to support her a$$ carried one of her legs, supported her leg with my shoulder and entered her. I fvckked her like a car that has no brake going for a free fall. All she was saying is uuuuuusssshhhhh………… where have you beeeeeeeeeeeeen…………………………I wan die ooooo………………… I must marry youuuuuu… ashhhhhhhhhh………. mmmmmmm……….yessssssssss before long, I felt her veejay walls tightened and she had another powerful heavenly feeling. Then I increased the tempo and I still fvckked her. Not so long after, I cummed into her and crashed beside her and we both slept off.



I couldn’t sleep that night because my Opa – Mose was rock hard but there was no cvnt to sexvice. I tried logging in to 2go to check who I could flirt with but all the girls there didn’t respond to all my chats.

The following morning as I was rushing to the bathroom I saw my neighbours’ wife coming out of the bathroom. I greeted her casually

Me: Good morning ma.

Neighbour’s Wife: good morning. Hope you slept well

Me: I slept soundly like a baby

Neighbour’s wife: that’s good. I hope you saw my husband before he left this morning.

Me: no ma.


Neighbour’s wife: ok. what will you like to eat for breakfast?

Me: ah!!!!

Neighbour’s wife: don’t be surprised. I always prepare food for Mike when he was still around.

Me: (relaxes) ok ma. Anything goes ma.

Neighbour’s wife: ok.

I entered the bathroom and took my bath. When I was through, I saw my neighbour’s wife dishing food into a warmer and putting spicy delicacy in it. After preparing for work, her daughter (of about six years old) brought the food to me. I appreciated it and took the food along with me to the office.

When I got to the office, I met them already concluding in the devotion. The Senior Pastor called me

SP: Accountant, why are you just coming?

Me: (looking at the clock) sir I didn’t know that time has gone fast like that. My wrist watch gave me a wrong time sir.

SP: ok. please don’t be late again.

Me: ok sir.

I went to the office and the cleaner came to clean the place

Cleaner: good morning Accountant

Me: good morning. How are you
Cleaner: I am fine.

She cleaned my office and I appreciated her.

To Be Continued…


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