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After cleaning the apartment, I strolled across the street to pick up some things. I called Christie and we talked for some minutes. When I was coming back I saw a guy and a lady were talking.

Lady: Jamaal, I don’t want trouble o. Kaffie is your girl and my best friend.

Jamaal: it is you I love Mariam. Kaffie is just a side – chick.

Mariam: (mimicking Jamaal) it is you I love Mariam. But when you see Kaffie, you will be drooling for her

Jamaal: all those ones are just ‘publicity stunts’. She’s a girl that I am ready to ditch at the snap of my fingers

I stylishly left that area and went home. When I got home, I went to my apartment. Sooner, the sister I followed from church knocked my door

Sister: Accountant, have you eaten?

Me: no ma

Sister: I brought this for you. (she gave me a food flask)

Me: I am very grateful ma.

As she turns to leave

Me: what’s your name ma?

Sister: my name is Perpetua

Me: Mrs. Perpetua…

Perpetua: Ms. Perpetua

Me: ok…… but all the same, thank you

Perpetua: you’re welcome

She left for her flat. When I opened it I saw fried rice with 2 chicken laps. As I wanted to start eating, I heard a knock on the door

Me: come in

When the person entered, it was Kaffie

Me: you look gorgeous.

Kaffie: thanks. I am sorry I ought to have brought your food. I had to observe the last 2 prayers of the day.

When she brought in her tray, I saw that they had prepared pounded yam with egusi soup and every – every assorted.

Me: which one should I eat first? Sister Perpetua brought me food.

Kaffie: I am not surprised. That has been how she has been doing. But you must not waste my food.

As she was going, I pulled her back and kissed her. She was shocked but responded and we kissed for some minutes. When we broke from the kiss, a call came into her phone and she picked the call and spoke for some minutes. When the call was ended, I stylishly asked her

Me: is that our rival

she laughed


Kaffie: yes of course. He is the main rival

Me: do you mind if I know his name

Kaffie: Jamaal.

I was shocked but I kept my cool.

When she left, I was thinking; Jamaal that is heads over heels in love with another lady while someone is busy waiting for him….. I was brought out of my reverie by Kaffie waving her hands over my face

Kaffie: I had been talking to you for the past 3 minutes but you haven’t been responding.

Me: I am sorry. I was lost in thought. But Kaffie, why did you allow me to kiss you when you are dating another guy?

Kaffie: (sighs) Jamaal is the one I was given to since the age of thirteen according to our tradition.

When I heard that, I was shocked

Me: tis like I will have to excuse you then……

Kaffie: Mike but why?

I narrated what happened between Titilayo and I to her

Kaffie: subuhanallahi

Me: so Kaffie, let’s us just be friends

Kaffie: the moment I saw you in the car yesterday, I instantly liked you. And I hope something positive will work out between us

Me: you dey use style toast me………

She playfully punched me and I pulled her to myself and we kissed each other again. When we broke from the kiss, she left for her apartment.

I called Christie and she picked after the 2nd ring

Me: what’s up sis?

Christie: Mike, how are you?

Me: I am fine and you?

Christie: I am fine.

Me: your line went dead when I called you in the morning……….

Christie: yes, the battery of my phone went dead. So what’s up?

Me: I am good.

Christie: I am missing your cvck like seriously

Me: hmmmm

Christie: when you told me you were working in the church I was shocked and disappointed. I wanted to tell you not to call me again but I quickly reminded myself that we have had s3x together.

Me: hmmm

Christie: honestly, I feel like having your cvck into my cvnt right now

Me: ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sister Christie!!!

Christie: I was damn hor*y tonight before I saw your call.

Me: hope your sister and her kids are not hearing what you are saying?

Christie: my sister is on Night Duty. I am in the visitor’s room downstairs while the kids and the husband are upstairs.

Me: make una take am jeje. Anyway flash me in the next 30 minutes.
I want to eat.

Christie: ok I will. (call ends)

After eating I saw some chats left by blessing. When I read it, I saw that she lost the pregnancy. I was shocked and I consoled her. I saw that Kolade was online and I decided to chat with him


Me: Babooo……… Oko Nike

Kolade: Mike the bleeper. How are you?

Me: I dey my friend

Kolade: and how is Minna?

Me: Minna dey jare. You know that in Minna, no flexing around like IB.

Kolade: your wife just dey ask of you?

Me: Nike?

Kolade: if I see you near Nike eh. The person is Ify.

Me: (hisses) that girl She is too possessive.

Kolade: how did you know?

Me: after tasting my cvck, she was saying that I should not share it with anyone……… including Titilayo

Kolade: ah!!!!!! So this girl like am pass im sister

Me: her sister How

Kolade: there was something I didn’t let you know. When I was staying in that house, Mrs. Adedokun and I were s3xuall partners


Kolade: when you told me that you succeeded in sleeping with her I wasn’t surprised.

Me: but the way you acted………

Kolade: I was happy that you too ‘marked register’ for her side

Me: but why did you now leave the house?

Kolade: she started sending me errands and she and Nike quarrelled

Me: ok……… but by the way I met 2 ladies on our way to Minna. I later found out that one of them is my Mum’s roommate daughter in school and the other one we ended winding up that night in the guest house.

Kolade: you met a lady yesterday and you fvcked her?

Me: if not for constraints, the one I said she’s my mom’s roommate daughter I would have fvcked her too

Kolade: MIKE MIKE You need special deliverance at MFM Prayer City® I didn’t know say you don bad pass happney65

Me: when happney65 wanted to bet with me that other time that he sabi fvvck pass me, I just dey laugh


Kolade: please my brother, just be careful.

Me: do you know that Mumcee’s roommate is my neighbour

Kolade: wow……… free fvvcking

Me: No……… the girl don dey betrothed.

Kolade: saa ma ro’ra. Sharia dey that town and anybody caught fornicating/adultery na death sentence straight.

Me: Olorun a ma gba wa.

Kolade: Nike and I are getting married next 2 months.

Me: that’s splendid.

Kolade: so, ma gbagbe padi e.

Me: I won’t.

After chatting with him I tried sleeping before Christie called me

Me: hello

Christie: please call me back (call ends)

I called her back

Me: hello sweet

Christie: what’s up Mike?

Me: I’m lonely here.

Christie: I wished I was with you there…………

Me: hmmm. Do you know that I am living with Kafeelat, the other lady we met in the car yesterday?

Christie: WHAT You are living together

Me: wait now. I said we are living in the same compound. Even her mum and mine were roommates while in school.

Christie: I told you that I did not want to share my cvck with any lady there. Most especially Kaffie

Me: for your information, I know her fiancé. I met him today.

Christie: (relaxes) ok…………

Me: ki lon’se obinrin yii (for my mind) I want to ask why you are so adamant about “my cvck”

Christie: I have never been fvckked in that way before…………

Me: like seriously What about the person you came to meet in Minna?

Christie: it was a blind date i.e. I am coming to meet the person the first time

Me: have you heard of the celebrated case of “Cynthia”?

Christie: what happened to her?

Me: the daughter of an ex-army chief that went from Nassarawa to Lagos only to be strangled in a hotel in Lagos.

Christie: hmmm

Me: I believe that He should come first to meet you before at all you coming down to see him.

Christie: what about yesterday night at the guest house

I was silent.

Christie: anyway, I wanna hear your voice before sleeping tonight.

Me: ok. We will talk tomorrow.

Christie: ok dear. Sweet dreams

Me: you too (call ends)

To Be Continued…


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