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When I got home I saw that it was only my neighbour’s wife that is in the compound.

Me: good evening ma

Neighbors Wife: good evening brother Collins.

Me: why is the house unusually silent?

Neighbor’s Wife: other occupants have gone for a party.

Me: Party

Neighbor’s Wife: yes other occupants are students
Me: ok. What about the kids?

Neighbor’s wife: my husband sister has come to pick them this evening.

Me: ok………… that was why you called me.

Neighbor’s wife: yes.

Me: I am really tired. I want to look for something to eat and to sleep.

Neighbor’s wife: please I want to ask……… are you married?

Me: why?

Neighbor’s wife: I saw a wedding ring on your finger this morning.

Me: yes.

Neighbor’s Wife: but where is your wife and kids?

Me: separated

Neighbor’s Wife: eeyah………… can you go and freshen up? I had prepared something for you sir.

Me: thank you ma. I am indeed grateful.

When I entered I called Mike

Me: Baddest Boy

Mike: Oga mi. Professor Emeritus in bleepocolysis and suckinology

Me: o gbadun at all. What do you know about your neighbor and his wife?

Mike: well………… the woman is his third wife. He stays in Abeokuta with the first wife, the second one is at Apata but always sneak to Ologuneru to see her.

Me: did you give her my number?

Mike: yes I did. She called me that nobody was at home and she wanted to know if you will be coming home.

Me: eeyah. Just to know who she is. Because in the morning she prepared breakfast for me and………

Mike: that’s how she always does.


Me: it is well. A person asked of you in the church and she called herself Mercy

Mike: MERCY!!! Wetin she say she want

Me: she said she want to contact you………though I collected her number. Should I forward it to you?

Mike: I will be glad sir.

We talked for some minutes and ended the call. When I returned outside, I saw my neighbor’s wife lying down on the mat outside. However, I saw a food flask beside her

Me: e lo sun sinu’le ni? (why didn’t you go inside to sleep?)

Neighbor’s Wife: oru n mu mi ni. Ounje yin ni mo gbe wa yen. (There is heat in the house; but that’s your food)

I went to check the gate if it was locked. Then I returned back to the veranda.

Me: e seun mi pupo ma. Sugbon ma, se mo le joko s’egbe yin? (Thank you ma. But can I sit down beside you?)

Neighbor’s Wife: kosi wahala. (No problem)

I sat beside her and ate the food. It was yam pottage garnished with ugu and spices. I ate in silence. After eating, I logged online and was browsing. After some minutes she asked

Neighbor’s Wife: kilode tie yin okunrin ma n ya’ale? (why are you men promiscuous?)

Me: emi o mo o. kini e fi beere bayen? (I dunno. Why do you ask?)

Neighbor’s Wife: e dami lohun. (answer me)

Me: well okunrin ti o ban i oju kokoro lo n ma n ya’ale (a covetous man is always promiscuous)

Neighbor’s Wife: so, e fe so fun mi ‘pe e ya’ale ri? (so, you want to tell me that you weren’t?)

Me: ki I n to marry nni mo se’ranu. Sugbon lehin igba ti mo marry ni mi o ya’ale mo. (I was a player before I got married. But when I got married I stopped) (I lied)

Neighbor’s Wife: but sir, kilode tie yin ati madam o wa papo mmo? (why are you no longer with your family?

Me: oro nla le beere yen. (That’s a serious question)

I narrated all that happened with Iyoaye and Halima.

Neighbor’s Wife: o ga gan o. eri nnkan ti n mo n so. (na wa o. you see what I’m saying)

She narrated her own experience. Then she said something that shocked me

Neighbor’s Wife: my husband is a “two – minute” man. I had to self – service before he had s3x with me yesterday.


Me: hmmm

Neighbor’s Wife: Bro. Collins why hmmm?

Me: I have no answer to give you ma.

She came to where I am and looked intently into my eyes

Neighbor’s Wife: make love to me

Me: lailai. Mi o gbodo allow yin k’e f’ori mi f’agbon (never. Don’t use my head to fry chinchin)

She loosed her wrapper and was stark UNCLAD.

Neighbor’s Wife: pleeeaaaassseee

Me: ok…………… just this time

Neighbor’s Wife: yes. Just this time only

Me: ok.

She rushed to me to insert my Opa – Mose but I stopped her

Me: not that fast.

I went for her Weapon of Mass Defence and started sucking it. What made me surprised is that her Weapon of Mass Defence were still firm after 2 kids. She rubbed my head vigorously. Without warning, the heavens opened in torrents. I wanted us to go inside but she pulled me back and said to my ears

Neighbor’s Wife: fvckk me in the rain.

I took her already erect nippl3 and started sucking it. She was grinding her waist and whining it. Every sound of thunder always makes her adrenaline levels shoot upwards. I went for her pv$$y which has been thoroughly shaved. I was almost tempted to suck but I really restrained myself. I finger – bleeped her in the rain and she was really groaning. Then I inserted my Opa – Mose into her pv$$y. I fvckked her like a machine in the overdrive. She matches my thrust with speed. She was really groaning and clawing my back. I released into her after twelve minutes in the rain; but she had cummed about three times. We stood up packed all things and went inside. We slept immediately we entered.

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I woke up around 3am feeling very tired then I realized that she had pack her things and left for her room. I stood up to go and ease myself; but when I got to the toilet, I saw her coming out of the toilet UNCLAD. My Opa – Mose responded to my amazement.

Neighbor’s Wife: Collins, you nearly killed me. (looking down at my Opa – Mose) this is what I should call “SHORT MAN DEVIL”

I didn’t respond to what she was saying. When I eased myself in the toilet I hugged her from behind and we went like that into the room. There, she went to the place where I kept my provisions, brought out milk, opened up into a cup and diluted it.

Neighbor’s Wife: take this, you really need it.

I drank the milk and felt ok. she came to me and pushed me to the bed. Then she came to where I lay down.

Neighbor’s Wife: baby, I want to bweest – feed you


She placed one of her Weapons of Mass Defence to my mouth and I started sucking her. She had to stifle the moans because, she was being transported to cloud 3. I used one of my finger to locate her pv$$y and started fingering lessons on her. She grinded her waist to the rhythm and she was enjoying it. She lay on the bed and I used my finger to locate her g – spot. Her eyes rolled backwards and she let out a moan. Before long, I felt her veejay walls contracting and she cummed. After she rested, she strode on me in cowgirl position and we bleeped each other. I discovered that her veejay wall tightened again and she let out a cry and crashed on me.

Some minutes later she looked at me

Neighbor’s Wife: Why didn’t I meet you before now I cummed very…………

Me: odikwa very strong, but I am not done yet.

I stood up and pulled her up. I took her to my table in the room and I told her

Me: Turn around. You will love this.

She turned around and I lay her on the table. She was really surprised

Neighbor’s Wife: Collins, what are you doing?

Me: wanna fvck you from behind.

I pushed her feet wider apart and slammed into her from behind. Her pv$$y is so wet I slided right in. She screams as I hammered her with my Opa – Mose. I took hold of her hips with my hands as I slammed into her. She is bounced against the table. I drilled her till she cummed to her orgasm. Her juices flood from her pv$$y. The table keeps her up as her knees give out

I felt her hardest most intense orgasm around my Opa – Mose. I continue pounding her as long as I can. I slammed in and erupted in her. My seed coated her pv$$y. I leaned over over her body panting. She breathe hard bent over the table. She felt my Opa – Mose starting to soften in her. Her thighs are coated with her juices. She lets out a long deep groan as I slowly pulled out of her. Mixed juices seeps from her well fvckked pv$$y. She remains over the table letting her body just rest and absorb everything that just happened. I crashed on the bed and slept off. I woke up by 6am really exhausted and as if there were lead blocks tied to my legs. I struggled to stand up and prepare for office. When I was through, I saw that other neighbours were back and they were sprawled in their common room. I left for office not after taking two sachets of milk diluted with warm water. When I got to the office I had to sleep for 30minutes before the resumption of devotion. When we were through, the SP summoned me into the office

SP: hope you are coping without your family?

Me: Daddy, I am trying but it hadn’t been easy sir.

SP: Ok you can leave. But I would like to see your reports without delay.

I went back to the office and saw three missed calls from my
Neighbor’s Wife. I called her

Neighbor’s Wife: Collins, you hurt my pv$$y real bad.

Me: na you dey ginger me to fire on

Neighbor’s Wife: when I got up from the bed that was when I called you.

Me: eeyah. I was with my oga then.

Neighbor’s Wife: what should I prepare for you my ‘husband’

Me: let your husband catch you.

We talked for some minutes and ended the call. After completing my report and submitting it to the SP, I went back to the office. When I got there, I started reminiscing about my life I played back to how I started at ZOCA Church Amuloko. I remembered Mrs. Abiolu, Dcns. Emeka, Iyoaye, Halima, Aisha, Ritababe, Mama Tee, Jane………now Helen and my neighbour’s wife. Every event was just like to me………… a mystery. I was brought out of the reverie by Mrs. Adedokun

Mrs. Adedokun: Accountant, I had been in your office for the past 10 minutes and I had been greeting you. But you have been staring into the space.

Me: I am sorry ma. I was lost in thought

Mrs. Adedokun: if anything is bothering you, feel free to discuss it with me

Me: ok ma. I will.

Mrs. Adedokun: is the SP around?

Me: I don’t know ma

Mrs. Adedokun: ok. I will check him in the office.

As she turned to go I saw those a$$……….

To Be Continued…


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