#BBNaija: My father didn’t know I quit bank job for Big Brother Naija – Tobi Bakre

Tobi BakreTobi Bakre was the second runner-up in the just concluded Big Brother Naija Double Wahala reality television show. He was one of the most interesting housemates and in this exclusive interview with Ademola Olonilua Tobi Bakre shares some of his experiences on the show

What prompted your decision to be a part of Big Brother Naija Double Wahala show?

For me, I have always watched the Big Brother reality television show while growing up and it had always been somewhere I had dreamt to be. I had always seen myself as an interesting personality but I always felt that you needed to have the right connection or know people before you could get into the Big Brother house but this time around, it was an open audition. You did not even need to buy a form. All you needed to do was to get to the venue of the audition with your Nigerian passport. I got to the venue of the audition late on a Saturday and it rained on that day, so I had to return. The next day, I got to the venue as early as 5am and that was how the journey started. It’s a show I had always wanted to be a part of especially at this particular point in my life when I want to switch from the corporate life to entertainment. It just seemed like the perfect platform for me.

But you were working in a bank and later resigned because of the show. Didn’t you nurse any fears while making that decision?

For me, the corporate life has not been so lucrative and I have been on the same salary pay for about four years. I had not really had that job fulfilment because banking is a routine job. Based on my personality, it was not the kind of thing I enjoyed because I do not like a routine life. At the time, I had been frustrated with the corporate world, so it seemed like the opportunity came at the right time. I am still young and I felt that if things do not go as planned, I am just 23 years old, I have a good CV and I could still get another job that would pay me relatively well. I knew that to achieve greatness in life, you have to take risks and I needed to take that risk.

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How did your parents feel when you took that decision?

My father was very concerned because he wondered why I would leave a paying job for something like Big Brother but he also knows my personality. I tried as much as possible to keep the job before I went for the show but it seemed quite impossible so I had to quit. Initially, I did not inform my father about my decision, I had to hide that fact from him but after I have got to this stage, I cannot go back to banking immediately.

When you said that you were 23 in the house, Nigerians did not believe you…

It is not surprising that they did not believe me. I feel that the reason they did not believe me is because of my accomplishments, not many people of my age have done what I have achieved in life. I graduated from school at18, I worked for about four years and within that time, I have also done my Chartered Financial Analyst level one qualification; it is a reputable finance qualification. I still have two more levels to go. To a lot of people, it is really hard to believe especially if they compare it with their life or other people’s standard. I have not always been the smartest kid but I have always been smart in my own way. I graduated from school with a Second Class Upper degree even though I was the youngest in my class. I come from a family where you are taught to be hard working. At that young age, I had some distractions but I knew that I could not attend the university without finishing without a very good result.


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