My Mum is my Mentor, She write my songs-Flav Jaey on ChattingDMC

This guy all the way from Ibadan, Oyo State, One of the best male vocalist have seen in a decade, goes by the name Flav-Jaey, he is my guest today on Chatting-DMC, talking about his mentor which is his mum, and life generally. 



Welcome to our episode of Chatting-DMC, thanks for welcoming us, can you tell us about you, let us meet you..
I’m Ogundoyin Jesufemi, A music artist as you know, So I’ll welcome any other thing you want to know
Which other name your fans call you by? And we want to know where you originated from?
Okay, fans call me Flav-Jaey, And I’m from eruwa town in oyo state


Its been how many years now you have been into music?
Hmm, it’s been like I can count now
Let me just say since I was very little
Back then in the church choir
Wow, been a while then, so what inspired you into music? Why did you choose it as a profession
My mum actually
 She’s been my mentor right from when I was young
 She’ll call me into the room, when she’s writing songs for the church choir then
 And tell me to sing after her as she composes and arrange the song
Then at a point I started writing, meaningful and non-meaningful
 Like that like that
: Till I got to see the ability in me


Oh, good, how do you get your materials? Do they bring it from your sleep like Mr Odunlade Adekola in the film eminirekan?…

Lol Seriously???
Okay yeah, I get them anyhow it comes
 But most time I love to be alone, and concentrate to make good music
 And sometimes, just walking and playing around it comes


Do you play any instrument?
The keyboard
 I play the drum set partially too
Then the guitar partially too


What a handful of musical talents… Do you dance too?
Yeah thanks
 Yes I do
 Maybe not like kaffy sha
We know must instrumentalist to be flirt, can you you tell us about your love life? Are you married or seeing someone?
Lol, Well I’m not just an instrumentalist
 But nonetheless my love life is not perfect
I’m single
 Not engaged

Ok, to the ladies reading this, this a free Advert please hookup
So who do you look up to? Your role model in the industry
Wow, same here too, does your music carries any message or just to entertain like Dbanj?
 I entertain and relate my music to what’s happening around
 I believe entertainment is not just to make people laugh for the mean time
 It also means to ease there stress while passing a long lasting message
Positive one tho


What challenges have you had in your chosen career ?
Well, everyone wants to be heard, but there are people that have been there, so one challenge is getting people to hear you for the first time and believe you will go a long way in giving them what they want
 Cos everyone is familiar with one artist or the other
If i was to turn on your ipod right now, what five Artist/songs would i see on your recently played list?
Dbanj – superstar
Sean tizzle – loke loke
Kiss Daniel – Gobe
Flav-Jaey – Paradise
Patoranking – No kissing



 So are there any new project you are working on that you can talk about?
 Yes definitely
 I’m working on a new single titled Classic Man
It will be out few days
 And I’m working on an EP
 Tho that’s a long term project
 But the very recent is the new single Classic man
 I can bet you’ll enjoy it

 Download Paradise by flav-jaey

We are anticipating….
Yeah..we are working
Thanks for your time, we hope to catch up with you soon, any advice to other young musicians and any quotes you live by?
There’s this saying that has kept me moving “your aspirations are your possibilities”
So to other young musicians, it’s never impossible, aspire and you’ll definitely get it.
You’re welcome


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Interviewee: Flav-Jaey [I.G@flavjaeyofficial]

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