There was a young married couple living in the apartment above Kunle. The guy was one of those arrogant looking characters with a face that seemed to invite a knuckle sandwich but his wife – there was another story. Sometimes Kunle got the pleasure of following her up the stairs whenever she’d been out shopping. The cotton dresses she wore were short and revealing and as she continued up the next flight of stairs, he’d pretend to fumble with his key for a few moments, just to get a last look at those long slender legs and beautifully round ass. Occasionally they’d say hello in passing but that’s as far as things went. Usually, by the time he got to his door, there was always a bulge in his pants.

The thing that upset Kunle was the fact that she frequently showed signs of abuse and he could only assume her husband was responsible. He’d heard them fighting on more than one occasion but he couldn’t very well intervene – especially in his line of work. However, one morning, things came to a head. A real fight broke out upstairs and there were sounds of furniture been thrown around and breaking glass. The battle continued for some time and seemed to be carried from the second floor, down the stairs and onto the landing of the first floor, just outside his door. When he opened it to see what was going on, he was appalled to see the man slapping his wife’s head from side to side. She was cowering up against the wall, her nose was bleeding, and there was distinct bruising around one eye.

Kunle felt compelled to keep out of other peoples problems as he couldn’t afford to break his cover by being called as a witness. However, this woman was taking a beating and he had no choice but to step in. The man had his back to him so he moved across the landing and applied his fingers to two pressure points at the back of the wife-beater’s neck. The man froze instantly and tried to call out but only a hoarse croak emerged. Kunle told him that he would let him go if he promised not to strike his wife again and as he did so, he applied even more pressure and the man, gasping for breath, sank to his knees. With his eyes bulging out of his head, he managed to nod his agreement and was released. The idiot wife-beater remained on his knees for a few moments, trying to catch his breath, while his wife stared at Kunle with a dazed expression on her face.

Kunle stepped back to allow the husband get to his feet, hoping that the arrogant little man wouldn’t be tempted to take the risk of throwing a punch. In a way, Kunle wished he would; that would really give him an excuse to re-arranged the bastards face. However, realizing he had met his match, the visibly shaken wife-beating adversary barely let out a grunt and started back upstairs. His wife followed him like a little sheep but did manage to turn her head and give a faint smile to Kunle.

Later in afternoon he thought his worst fears had come true when a member of the Brigade Team knocked on his door. He introduced himself as Kenneth Sanusi, which was an unusual way for a cop to start the conversation. As it turned out, the woman upstairs was his kid sister. She’d apparently phoned him and informed him of Kunle’s intervention. In the end he was invited in for a glass of wine and during a twenty minute or so conversation, he related all the sordid details of the marriage. Kenneth told him that he’d intervened on behalf of his sister from time to time but he had to be careful, being a policeman and all. Kunle nodded sympathetically. Kenneth seemed most interested in how he had acquired the skills that his sister had described. Kunle smiled and told him that he’d spent some time in the military and had done quite a bit of unarmed combat training.

“Well Monsieur,” Kenneth said before leaving, “You have my permission to kick my brother-in-law’s ass every time he steps out of line.” Both men smiled, shook hands and then Kenneth left.

The following morning as he sipped his coffee and looked out the window, Kunle spotted the arrogant wife-beater hobbling off to work. Half an hour later he answered a knock on the door and was surprised to find the young woman from upstairs standing there with a clothes basket.

“I’m sorry to bother you Monsieur but I was wondering if I could use your dryer… mine has stopped working and I urgently need to dry a few things.” Her eyes pleading with him.

He glanced down at the basket, noting that its content were mostly flimsy pieces of underwear. Although he was reluctant to let anyone in his apartment, she had such a sweet, innocent face, despite the bruising and he could hardly refuse.

His washer and dryer was in the kitchen. He wasn’t sure he knew how it all worked but his neighbor, who introduced herself as Jumoke, assured him that she did. Kunle sat on a stool by the kitchen table while she began working the dryer. He watched her bend over the dryer, her short skirt riding daringly higher and he thought how nice it would be to run his hands up her very shapely legs. She obviously knew he was watching and seemed to linger in that provocative position for longer than it was necessary.

When she did turn around, she bent the other way to pick up the basket and he could see both her tits swinging freely to and fro. She was a very pretty woman with beautiful brown hair that cascaded onto her shoulders, full sensuous lips and bright blue eyes. When she finally straightened, Kunle quickly averted his eyes and drank up the last of his coffee. She smiled knowingly at his discomfort at having being caught staring.

“Thank you for what you did,” she said, “I’d like to repay you if you’d let me.”

Kunle didn’t respond… He wasn’t sure he wanted any kind of payment for saving her from her asshole husband but he wondered what kind of repayment she had in mind. He realized that his silence only made her stare at him longer so he sighed and tried to crack a reassuring smile at her.

“You don’t owe me anything,” he replied, trying to be chivalrous, but at the same time, a traitorous part of him hoped she would suck his di*k. As if reading his mind, she moved closer and slowly slid to her knees before him. His eyes widened in surprise as she put her hands on his thighs.

“You live here alone don’t you?” she asked as she looked up at him as if he was her knight in shining armor.

“I do,” he said gruffly and cleared his throat as her hands rubbed up and down his thighs causing his cock to harden like the Rock of Gibraltar.

“It must be very lonely.” She said in a sexy whisper.

“It does get lonely,” he concurred, hoping to solicit as much sympathy as possible.

Her hands moved towards his belt buckle and she unfastened it, still looking up at him.

“I guess you have to jerk off a lot,” she sounded sympathetic.

“Occasionally,” he replied.

“Well then… Let me give you a hand… And maybe more… If you like.”

A tiny thrill coursed through his body for a brief moment, only to be replaced by nervousness and unease. He contemplated ending this whole situation and tried to think of a tangible excuse but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings – he was sure her husband did that often enough. Besides, it had been long he’d been in the company of a woman and he was dying to cum. Before he could decide either way, she had brought down his zipper, took out his dick and literally plunged it into her mouth. The sudden shock made him rise up from the stool.

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Jumoke grabbed his ass to keep him still and he involuntarily pushed his dick deeper into her mouth. She went to work, sucking him hungrily while squeezing his ass. Occasionally, she stopped to look up at him… to gauge his expression before continuing sucking. Kunle closed his eyes tight as his breathing became labored. Her mouth over his dick felt terrific and it was even better when she began to work his balls with her fingers. He knew that if she continued flicking her tongue over his ‘cap’ and sucking him as hard as she was, he was going to shoot into her mouth. She sensed what was about to happen and began to suck him harder while making sounds as if she was eating some kind of delicacy. He couldn’t hold back. He grabbed a fistful of her hair, pushed deep into her mouth and shot his load down her throat. Jumoke, like a true pro, kept on sucking till all evidence of his climax was licked clean and swallowed. Kunle had saved a few maidens in distress but he’d never been repaid quite like this before.

When she stood up, looking just a tiny bit embarrassed by her actions, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. As their tongues entwined, he felt her warm tits press up against his chest. Lifting her up slowly, he carried her over to the vibrating dryer and sat her on top of it. He pushed back her short skirt till it bunched around her waist and she eased up her bum to enable him slip off her panties. The shaking of the dryer seemed to heighten the excitement as he put his face between her legs to seek out her sweet smelling flower.

Throwing her head back, she ran her fingers through his hair as he slipped his tongue inside her pink petals and began to move it rhythmically with the clicking of the laundry. She gasped and began to massage her tits, moaning with pleasure as his licked, kissed and sucked on her clit. He pushed one leg up and attempted to lick her perineum down to her ass nut Jumoke’s excitement was mounting and her moans were getting louder and so he concentrated on her clit, sucking it till she came with a vengeance, moaning and forcing her hips forward over the edge of the dryer.

The dryer was just the perfect hieght for them to fuk without a hitch so he straightened, pulled her still-trembling body close, pushed her legs wide open and thrust his dick into her core, making sure his full length was engulfed in her pink folds. Her body went rigid for a second and then she moved her ass as if begging him to fuck her and to do it right away. Kunle wanted to oblige but it was so warm and wet inside, he just wanted to stay still for a while. However, she began to contract her vagina muscles. It felt as if she was sucking his dick all over again and it drove him crazy. He put both hands on her tits and he started to go in and out as the laundry kept tumbling and the dryer vibrated. He fuked her hard and fast, at her urging. Jumoke screamed out loud and threw her arms around his neck as he pounded her till her whole body began to shake. He shot his load into her and she held him tight as they both orgasmed in unison.


When they had both regained their composure, she smiled lazily and told him it was the most wonderful sexual experience she’d ever had and begged him to f*ck her again. Kunle was surprised at her request but was even more surprised that his dick was stirring back to life so soon after cumming twice! Not wanting to be a wuss, he suggested she lean on the dryer and when she did, he shoved his dick into her roughly. She gasped aloud and jiggled her bum involuntarily. He pulled out of her, took off his shirt, pants and boxers, grabbed her hips and drove into roughly again. This time, his flesh hit hers as he pounded her from behind furiously.

“Fck me, fck me, f*ck me,” she yelled, as he rammed her cunt like a man possessed.

She started to moan and move her ass as she approached orgasm yet again. He still had a few strokes to go and then it was his turn to yell as he shot his load deep inside of her.

Exhausted, he pushed away from her and sat on a nearby stool while she tried to catch her breath on the whirring dryer. After they’d regained their composure, they sat, still naked and had coffee. When the dryer finally rang, she casually picked up the basket, bent over the washer with her beautiful round bum sticking up in the air and took out her clothes. Her p*ssy was quite visible and he was tempted to drive into her again but he thought better of it.

When they eventually said goodbye at the door, she reminded him that all he had to do, when he wanted his dick sucked, was to give her a call.

“You don’t necessarily have to f*ck me if you don’t want to,” she said, with an impish look on her face, “I’ll be happy just to please you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind” he said with a wink and quietly shut the door after her.



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