My parents never supported me, i always got a beating whenever i went to do a show. Okunnu


Comic Nollywood actor Wale Akorede popularly called Okunnu is our guest on ChattingDMC today.

What inspired you into acting?
I have been in acting since my primary school day’s and my first role
was in 1979. Those days I usually watched Oga Bello on Awada
Kerikeri, a popular TV series. I would call my friends and we would
rehearse everything Oga Bello and others did. When I was in secondary
school in 1984, I started acting and collecting money. I realised then
that we could take the acting outside our school and make money and
that was exactly what we did. We took our stage shows to secondary
schools and I raised some money but my parents never supported me.
I always got a beating whenever I went to do a show or rehearsal.

How do you spend your leisure time?

I love sleeping whenever I am less busy. I don’t drink or smoke and
I don’t go clubbing as well. I love staying in my house especially
with my kids because they are the hope of my future.


Which other work do you do?Okunnu 4

I didn’t think of any other things rather than to be in front of d camera.


What has been your favorite role so far?
I can play any role, i dont really have a favourite.


Besides acting, what other training have you had (music , dance,
stage combat, etc.)?
I started with yoruba poems (Ewi), I also love to sing but can’t compose.


Who are your favorite musicians? Or favorite songs
Late Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barister


What’s your motto or the advice you live by? And your advice to young actors looking up to you…
They should be prayerful and work hard.


Thanks for yourtime, hope to here from you some other time.

You welcome my brother.



Interviewer: Damexmrcoded [i.G@Damexmrcoded]

Interviewee: Wale Akorede [i.G@okunnu1]

On ChattingDMC (c) Aug 2016. 



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