My thoughts on Tonto Dikeh and Churchill’s bitter saga

I’ve followed the Tonto Dikeh and Churchill’s bitter saga, including yesterday’s ridiculous outburst, for a while and I’ll say that I’m more disappointed in the people who have been applauding her for all she’s been spewing on the internet.

Can’t believe some comments I saw on Instagram and Twitter.

Some women saying words like:

"She's hurting, let her vent it"
"He must have hurt her so much."
"Men are scum, they're wicked. Churchill deserves all she's showing him…"

Like seriously?

So, it’s okay for a grown woman to be putting all these ridiculousness about her son’s father on the internet, where nothing can be forgotten?

You mean it’s okay for you to ruin your child’s future by your delusional acts?

Tonto said her ex husband can’t last more than 40 seconds in bed.

But they both made a son through a 40 seconds sêx o.

Maybe if it had lasted for 1 minute, she could have been pumped with twin boys. Abi?!

You said he’s a fraudster, yahoo boy, ritualist…

But the same you didn’t let us hear word in 2016. When you flashed pictures of iPhone 7 and range rover sport in our faces, claiming that your husband bought you everything as “push gift” when you had your son.

You said he is godly, gives you peace and makes you feel like a woman.

Suddenly, rivers turned red and you expect us to join you to behead him.

You came up with stories that he never did anything for you and that all the things you claimed he bought for you were purchased with your own money.

You even said you paid your own brideprice. How ridiculous!!!

One day, that her son will grow up to be a man and he’ll start feeding on all the bitter seeds she’s sown into his future.

He’ll be mocked and taunted as the child of a fraudster, ritualist and one who can’t last more than 40 secondsin bed.

It’s a fact that women are going through a lot in relationships and marriages. Some have been treated terribly by men, and shown the other side of life.

But, let’s not forget that there are many women out there who are their husband’s nightmare.

Men are being abused too, by very wicked and dangerous women, but the society doesn’t care about their wails, they’re men anyway and should be strong.

If only the tables can be turned sometimes.

And, if Tonto is truly a Christian as she claims, she should move closer to God to purify her heart. It’s important she checks into a psychiatric home, too.

I’ll say this on the last note, when you have issues with your spouses, please, save your children’s future by being careful of your outrageous outburst, what you say and do all matter in their lives.

They will grow up to hate you and might never forgive you.

By Abolaji Ekundayo (facebook)


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