My Unconditional Love for Naija people. (Erah Oalind)

Here is the chatting DMC with Poetress Erah Oalind, US based Philippine writer.

DMC: Firstly, What’s the name Erah Oalind mean

Erah: Well it’s my Literary name that I created to hide myself  from people that I don’t want them to know who is ERAH OALIND?

It is my jumbled name out of my real name: RHEA ALIDON
When did you realize you we’re a writer?

Four years ago…when I was in depression, a very bad one. Going through bad custody battle for my son, my Mom died in the Philippines and didn’t able to see her for her burial and going through a very ba break up with my then boyfriend. Every time I felt sad, I would write how I feel at the moment. Then I decided to write a Poem. And shared it to Facebook. From that first Poem came hundreds more after that. And before I knew it. I was healed, my depression went away without me taking any medication. 😊
Tell us about your process: Pen and Paper, computer,
notebooks … how do you write?

I do it all in my Android Samsung Galaxy-Note4 Phone currently…I do all that including my graphics.I haven’t written in ages, since smartphones was invented lol😂😂😂
How do you handle a bad review of your work?
I take it like a student being corrected with my teacher. Some of them, can be very hurtful and below the belt sometimes. But then, I can’t really get pissed. Because these people who are giving me negative feedbacks. Gives me more motivation and inspiration to make my writing an effective.
A bad review is like a customer that weren’t satisfied with the service. So what do you do to correct that? Kick it up a notch, give the best Customer Service you can give to the Customer right?

What is your favorite TV show at the moment?
My favorite TV Show at the moment…I loooove Documentary shows. So yeah I’m always watching this kind of TV shows. Like, TRUE CRIME this is a Reality TV show that penetrates high profiles crimes in American society. Geographic History more like of Encyclopedic type of things. I’m also ponds of watching Variety Talent Shows like American IDOL, America’s Got Talent, The Voice and Filipino Variety Shows.
Which writer would you most like to have a drink with,
and why?

I already did! Sir Eriata Oribhabor…my favorite Naija Author ooo (I got 5 wp-1467347857832.pngof his books, all signed personally right in front of me). I love his genuine soul and humbled Spirit. Very down to earth individual. No air in his head at all! I love the fact that he is well cultured and traveled writer of his generation. Very respectful Literary figure in Naija. And he carry himself well as a legendary writer!

What do you want the world to know about you? Make it
juicy ….also mention 2 of your best writeups
I just want the world to know that once there was a Poet who touched lives of many, with her Poetry and writings. Who’s love and passion for Poetry is her happiness and made her infinite on the pages of people’s hearts.

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I’ve written so many Poetry. Kinda hard to pin point which one? But there’s this one that I think made a difference to many writers. I wrote a Poetry entitled of:


In this Poetry, I emphasized the gift, purpose, mission and visions of a TRUE WRITER. Many requested to feature it on their blog sites. I couldn’t remember all of them anymore. But a few of them asked permissions to do so. And I give my blessings. It was like an awakening piece to all aspiring Poets/writers in my circle.
What prompted your love for black people especially Nigerians, upon all the bad news you do read about them?

My LOVE to black people in general begun when I fell in love with my first black man. (*giggles*)

Wetin you have in your mind? You focus on me now hahahahaaha😂😂😂

I love all of BLACK PEOPLE in this whole planet. But I fell in love to all my Naija pipooo. I couldn’t even explain it. Like seriously, one day I woke up my heart was beating for them. I birthed many pikins here on Facebook. These young Poets/Writers calls me “MOM” and it gives me immeasurable joy in my soul. I couldn’t explain it at all. Then I developed close friendship to many here, I got my best padis, my darling Sissyboos, my love-love, my omos and Besties.

Every ethnicity has flaws. Whatever they say about my Naija pipooo, I bark at people who look down on them. I blocked so many people in my lists that questioned my closeness with my Naija pipooo. I have a friend that I cut off her throat (with my harsh tongue) because she looks down to my Naijas. And she came from Africa herself, she came from Sierra Leone. I told her to go fuck herself or imma fuck her up if she don’t leave my Naija pipooo alone! I mean…that’s how I get so pissed when this woman bad mouthing about my pipooo. I probably  would kill someone if I have to in order to depend my Naija people. I love them like that unconditionally!

Its nice having this conversation with you.
Dated 1st july 2016, 11:30am (Malaysian time)




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