Nigeria Artist and record labels saga

Nigeria Artist and record labels saga #factsonly.
(Skales, Milli and Runtown example).
Skales, Milli, Runtown all had issues with there record labels in a week.

Question: why cant Nigeria artist stick to their labels?
***Firstly many artist have had issues with their labels but we dont always know the reason we just do take shades on artists, Labels offers contract to the artist in which at a point in time they might not fulfil what they proposed, also some artist feels they deserve more than what the label is offering whereas they forgot its contract, you earn what you negotiate and not what you deserve, both parties are expected to comply to their negotiations.

Question:  What about if the record label is not funding the artist career? Then that make the artist thinks he can walk away.
***There is no structure in Nigeria music industry, so there is no strong record label, the music structure does not make the label to make more money [before 360 deals], for example you have a group of men, forming a record label and signing an artist for 3years with 2albums, they will be the one to provide for the artist photo shoot, studio sections promos and so on, then the artist drops the first album, start making money from shows. Which the label is not entitled to those money they can only make money from album sales, now you have artist that has more money than the record label, when the artist wants to start another album he ask money from the label where as he had been making money asides then problem starts if the label cant fund him. The fact here is that most Nigeria artist are irrational in behavior, if your label is not fulfilling their promises get a lawyer to help break the contract instead of taking shades on social media.

Question: Now the case of Runtown and Skales people said they signed an outrageous contract?
***Most Nigeria artist are ignorant because all what is on their mind is that they want to blow. [popular], also average Nigeria artist don’t even have a legal representative,
In the case of Skales, he had a manager Osagie Osarenkhoe (Also Rekaado Banks manager, he discovered Wizkid). They said a contract with baseline record supposedly with a clause of 10million pounds if one decided to walk away, in the main time Skales said he had been funding himself on photo shoots and promos in which he wanted to recoup his money back but its totally wrong for a record label to hire police to arrest an artist over a contract, and its also wrong for Skales and his manager to do something without letting the label know, they should have at least get lawyers and sought things out.

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Question: how can we stop the label artist saga in Nigeria??
***We need music infrastructure, that’s why international record labels cant come to Nigeria, they could only come pick the one they like and walk away eg Davido and Sony deals..

Most important thing for artist to avoid record label saga is to get a legal representative, read and understand the contract before signing.
Record labels should not too get carried away by the artist talent just because they have couple of millions in their account, they should all do their visibility studies enough to both understand each others contract, because at the end of the day ignorance is not an excuse.
Sources: Osagie Alonge.
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