Are Nigerian DJ’s doing Enough? #Factsonly




Are Nigerian DJ’s doing Enough? #Factsonly

Nigerian DJ’S we see them everywhere on TV, music videos, we go to clubs we hear them, on the radio station we also hear their mixtapes, but some people do say they are not doing enough to push music culture in Nigeria, do you agree with this?

Yes I do agree, but first we have to give kudus to Nigerian DJ’S, but there’s still a lot of work to be done, it’s just like we are satisfied with this temporary success while we should be taking it up to the next level.

This is what a natural Nigerian DJ is all about, shoutout to Jimmy Jatt, 26-27years in the game, Jimmy is a legend, now let’s leave Jummy jatt out of this equation, because most of Nigerian DJ’S want to be like him but the way they are going about it is wrong, because, most Nigerian DJ’S want to be popular as the artiste, or have money like them, why are DJ’S singing now adays, getting artistes to jump on their songs, that doesn’t make sense, just because Jimmy did that doesn’t mean all others should start doing it.

Like DJ spinnor, dj exclusive trying to do what Jimmy did, but they are not doing it well, because you can’t pick another person formula and runs with it

When last did a DJ break an artiste? I can’t even remember when last,
When last did a DJ break a song? Not even remember, this are fundamental things that should be happening to DJ’S,

We have seen this happen in the US, DJ Crew broke Fabulous, and a lot of them, the last time I could remember a DJ breaks an artist is DJ bombastic of starFM breaks Klevay Jay, konikoni love, that was close to a decade,

DJ’S needs to understand that, they are the gatekeepers of the music industry, you don’t have to start releasing records, featuring artistes just because you popular and getting on using the Jimmy jatt formula, the main point of a dj is to discover but now they want to be discovered.

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How many of Nigerian DJ’S have mixtapes online, how many of them releases mixtapes often, how many. Of them even have soundcloud profile? Few-to-none, so Nigerian DJ’S needs to step up the game in all these aspects,
DJ’S of the past played recorded music’s, but modern DJ’S are like engineers, close to a producer, they create their own sounds, fuse it in with existing music, because as human being now, we need sounds that will last in a lifetime.
They should follow the trend of the evolution of DJ’S, because Nigerian music is going global and the DJ’S should be ready for this.





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