Nollywood stars with popular nicknames

One unique feature about the industry is the way practitioner acquire monikers by just playing a particular role which will leave memorable moments in the minds of movie lovers. Over the years, Nollywood stars have left movie lovers with fond memories as the industry grows.

One unique feature about the industry is the way practitioners acquire monikers by just playing a particular role which will leave memorable moments in the minds of movie lovers.

TrueCelebmedia brings you some popular Nollywood stars that have become synonymous for a particular role that has in turn given them monikers/nicknames.
Ann Njemanze (Domitila)


Ann Njemanze became a household name after starring as the lead actress in the 1996 blockbuster Domitila. The character, Domitila, played by Njemanze became a moniker fans and even industry watchers refer to her.
Ronke Odusanya (Flakky Ididowo)

Bosomy actress, Ronke Odusanya was relatively known even after

starring in a movie with late Francis Agu in early 2000s. However, luck

smiled on her after she starred in few Yoruba movies and caught the

attention of Fathia Balogun, who casted her for the lead role of Folake

in the flick Flakky Ididowo. The character has since remained her

moniker in the industry.


Susan Patrick (Sakobi)

Susan Patrick had been a regular face in the Nollywood industry since

her entrance in the late 90s but her fame shot to high heaves after

she played the role of a snake girl in the movie Sakobi. Produced by

Zeb Ejiro, the Akwa Ibom State indigene will for a long time be

remembered as Sakobi, a decade after the movie hit the public glare.
Olaniyi Afonja (Sanyeri)

Olaniyi Afonja had remained in Oyo State, where he had been an

apprentice under his boss and head of a theatre group. He however

found his way to Lagos and began going to movie locations where he

found himself mini roles. He was known as Sanyeri and the name stuck

with him without relevance until he made his big break few years

back. The moniker has since become his second name.
Ronke Ojo Anthony (Ronke Oshodi Oke)

Ronke Ojo began her movie career with a drama group called Star Parade

under the tutorship of Fadeyi Oloro but became a household name after

starring in a movie entitled Oshodi Oke. She played the character of a

bosomy lady in the movie and because she had remained bosomy, the

name, Oshodi Oke, had stuck to her like a second skin.


Toyin Afolayan (Lola Idije)

Toyin Afolayan remains one of the Nollywood stars to get a moniker

that has stuck with her after playing a movie character. The name

Lola Idije came to be after Toyin starred in an Alade Aromire movie

where she played the role of a promiscuous lady, who was referred to

as Lola Idije.


Basorge Tariah Jr. (Do Good)

Basorge Tariah was an all round entertainer long before now. And not

many know that his new TV series, Do Good, was actually borne out of

his character in the popular TV soap, Palace, which was produced and

directed by Ralph Nwadike and Tunji Bamishigbin. Many still refer to

the comedian, rapper and actor as Do Good.


Funlola Aofiyebi Raimi (Eniola Baker)

Mention the name Eniola Baker and Tinsel actress, Funlola Aofiyebi

Raimi will reply with a warm smile that leaves her with fond memories

of her role as the daughter of Chief Bakers in the rested TV soap,

Palace. She’s still referred to that name by lovers of the rested soap.


Toyin Adegbola (Asewo To Re Mecca)

Toyin Adegbola became one of the most sought after actress in

Nollywood after she appeared in a Yoruba flick entitled Asewo To Re

Mecca. She starred as the lead actress in the movie, which narrated the

life of a prostitute that turned a new leaf and went on the Muslim

pilgrimage. She is still referred to as Asewo To Re Mecca by many.

Hafiz Oyetoro (Saka)

At the mention of the name Saka, lovers of Nigeria TV ads and movies

will reel out laughing as his moniker has since become a household

name. However, only a few knows that Hafiz Oyetoro got his moniker

from his role as Simply Saka in a Greg Odutayo produced sitcom, House



Sam Dede (Isakaba)

Sam Dede had always been a popular face in the movie industry but his

fame and a moniker was added to his personality after he took up the

lead role in the movie Isakaba. Many of his fans fondly remember him

as the leader of Isakaba group.


Funke Akindele (Jenifa)

When Funke Akindele got into the Nigerian movie industry, she was well

known for her role as the nosy young girl in the series, I Need To Know.

However, her fame and an additional moniker was to join her after she

starred and co-produced the award winning blockbuster, Jenifa. Not did

Funke only made money, fame and name for herself but also got herself

an evergreen moniker, Jenifa.


Eniola Badmus (Gbogbo Big Girls)

Just as Funke Akindele made name, money and fame for herself with

the production of Jenifa, so also did the moniker, Gbogbo Big Girls

stuck on Eniola Badmus, who also starred in the movie alongside Ireti

Osayemi, Ronke Odusanya, Iyabo Ojo and Bimbo Thomas.


Razaq Olayiwola (Ojopagogo)

For lovers of movies rendered in Yoruba language, the name Ojopagogo is

not only a moniker that has become popular in the movie industry but

one synonymous with the son-in-law to late movie maker cum actor,

Ade Afolayan aka Ade Love. Born Razaq Olayiwola, the actor got his

moniker after playing the role of an elderly man in a movie many years



Taiwo Hassan (Ogogo)

Taiwo Hassan is one of the famous actors in Nollywood as a whole.

Aside for his popularity in the Yoruba race, where his movies are

mostly admired, his moniker – which was gotten from a character he

once played – has become a household name in the country. At the

mention of Ogogo, the dark skinned and mettle man readily comes to

your mind.


Bimpe Adekola (Ireti)

Late movie actress, Bimpe Adekola’s name might not ring bell a decade

after her death but at the mention of Ireti, memories of her acting

prowess and characters she had played readily comes to mind. She

became popular with the role of Ireti and also adhered to the moniker

all through her life and career.


Alex Usifo (Abass Omiagbo)

Brilliant actor, Alex Usifo has remained a spectacular actor from the

late 80s when he became popular for his stern looking roles. He,

however, joined the long list of actors that got their monikers from a

role they played in a movie or soap opera. For Usifo, he is known by

many as Abass Omiagbo, the role he played and which also earned his

undoubted fame in the TV soap, Ripples.


Babatunde Omidina (Babasuwe)

Only a handful of fans and movie lovers know the origin of Babtunde

Omidina’s moniker, Babasuwe. Unknown to many, the moniker, like many

of his colleagues, stuck to him like a second skin after he played the

role of a father to his first wife, who was named Suwe in the TV

series entitled Erinkeke. As Suwe’s father, Omidina was often referred

to as Baba Suwe (Suwe’s dad) and the name has became his moniker,

which he can’t afford to change.


Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin)

Bolaji Amusan was just one of the regular actors from Abeokuta until

he was able to breakthrough into the mainstream after many viewers

got tired of BabaSuwe’s comedy style. With the role as Mr Latin in a

Yoruba flick, Amusan quickly rose to one of the well loved comic acts

in movies.


Ishola Durojaiye (Alasari)

Just like Mr. Latin, the late Ishola Durojaiye also got himself a

moniker after playing the role of a herbalist in a movie with the

name, Alasari. His brilliance earned him a face and the name ultimately

became his moniker.

Kabirat Kafidipe (Araparegangan)

Revered Nigerian filmmaker, Tunde Kelani is known to have been original

when casting individuals and names for his movies and when Kabirat

Kafidipe was casted as Araparegangan in the hit movie, Saworo Ide, it

instantly became a moniker to refer the actress with by fans and even

industry watchers.

Kunle Afolayan (Aresejabata)

Until his rise to fame and fortune, many referred to Kunle Afolayan as

Arese or Aresejabata, which was the role he played in Tunde Kelani’s

movie, Saworo Ide.

Adekola Tijani (Kamilu Kompo)

Adekola Tijani rose to fame simultaneously with his buddy, Olaniyi

Afonja aka Sanyeri. But while Sanyeri stuck with Adonja, it took

Adekola a self produced flick entitled Kamilu Kompo to earn himself a

moniker that will stick with him throughtout the entirety of his

career. He’s widely referred to as Kamilu Kompo.

Fausat Balogun (Madam Saje)

Fausat Balogun recently celebrated her 40th year as an actress but only

few know why or how she earned her moniker, Madam Saje. Balogun

was one of the cast of Babatunde Omidina aka Babasuwe’s popular

series, Erinkeke and she played the character of a society woman, who

has a permanent style of headger known as Saje. In the series, she was

fondly referred to as Madam Saje and long after the series ended, she

remained Madam Saje to fans, family and lovers.

Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme aka aki and pawpaw.

Not mant know them as Ikedieze and Osita, due to their breakthrough back in 2003 in the film aki and pawpaw, playing the role of a stubborn and naughty children, since then they were known with the name and their roles.


Adebayo Salami aka Oga Bello.

The veteran actor is one of Nigerians popular and consistent actor, since way back in 1964, he gained the popular name oga bello in the movie titled half and hour, and ever since then he has been consistently involved in many movies and known with the name.

Folashade Omoniyi-Adewale aka Lepa shandi.

One of yoruba actress most popular name, lepa shadi, got her nickname in the movie lepa shady which she played the leading role. Shes been known and popular with the name, in which most slim ladies were refers to as lepa shandy.



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