Priestess of the SEA (+18) – Episode 24

priestess leaving room

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We continue living together as husband and wife sometimes, we will be in my room, and sometimes you will see us in her house, but you mostly see us in my house reason she said my place is more busy than hers, we dont normally cook instead we buy food outside (thats one thing i miss most in mercy cus she always cook) sometimes, she will go outside and buy or bring a mysterious wine which taste like blood, the first time i taste it i told her i wont drink again, then later i started drinking it, and my energy start growing, i can feel it in body that am becoming stronger and also my s*x skill increase, thrusting like never before, then one day i ask her.
Me: after the transformation are we still going to remain like this?
Adanna: no, we will live secretly, but only come out at night.
Me: why?
Adanna: because we have more privacy to operate in the night rather than day time, like for example now you went to mcc to get something and by mistake motor hit you, you wont die, you wont sustain injury, and people will be suspicious, they might even pack tire and burn you, thinking that you are a witch,
Me: will the fire kill me:
Adanna: no it wont.
Me: so you mean there is nothing in this world that can kill us.
Adanna: well there is one thing that kill us.
Me: what is it?
Adanna: its a natural something, i will tell you after the transformation.
Me: but the transformation will be completed tomorow (that means the crusade has started), so why cant you just tell me.
Adanna: well why are you so curious to know?
Me: nothing i just want to know what can kill me after i become immortal.
Adanna: hmmm there is only one tree that can kill us.
Me: tree?
Adanna.: yes,
Me: why cant we cut down the tree so that nothing can kill us.
Adanna: the tree is our home, we cant destroy it.
Me: hmmm so where can we find it.
Adanna: that i will tell you after the transformation is 100 percent complete.
Me: ok no problem.
She lay ontop me ( this girl like s*x sha) she started kissing me softly, then we heard a bang on our door.
Me: who is it? (no answer)
so we continue kissing, then later we heard the bang again, i stood up and went to the door, i open it and i saw mercy standing on the door.
Me: what are you doing here?
Mercy: well am just coming back from the crusade, and since i have completely erase my mind from you, i decide to bring all your stuff back,.
Me: dont worry you can keep them..
Mercy: no i wont, she said as she put one bag in my body, she no even let me accept am, she just put am for my body once and leave.
I close the door and went inside.
Adanna: so she has finally give up.
Me: i think so too.
So i dropped the bag on my table, not knowing there is a miraculous something on that bag that will change my life forever.

To Be Continued…




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