Priestess of the SEA (+18) – Episode 26

priestess leaving room

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I dont know where i was, i was weak, and my eyes were still close, i manage to open my eyes and i saw bright lights like star, i thought i was dead because everywhere look different, then i start hearing noises, i look up and saw that i was surrounded by people, they hold their hands together close their eyes, i was at their center, then i start hearing noises like people speaking in tongues.
“father cast that demon out of him, you are the king of kings, the i am that i am, the alpha and omega, father you created him for a reason, not to be posses by a demon, father release him and let him posses his possesion.
Na so them they scatter prayer for my head, omo how i take come this place i dont know, all i could remember is that i fell on the floor, i look at their faces one by one, then i saw her, my loving mercy scattering prayer while sweating and crying at the same time, hitting her legs on the ground as if na the ground find her trouble,.
I was scared all i wanted was to see my adanna, so i try to run out of their middle, but when i try to disengage their hand, a heavy invisible fire struck my hand, then the fire start burning me all over my body, i started shouting, fire oh fire oh fire, please adanna save me, please dont abandon me, i was crying roling my body on the floor, all my body was buning me as if am in a hot furnance, i cried out loud, shouting and calling adanna to save me, i was losing my strenght, my stomach start turning me, i feel the pain that i shouted with all my strenght.
“adanna you promise you wont live me, please save me, i love you dont leave me alone, am hurting if you truly love me pls come to my aid,.
Then everywhere start shaking, and a heavy lightening struck inside the church, scattering the window, when the light cleared, somebody was standing at the exact place where the lightening struck, dress in red, painted red from up to down and holding a big sceptre, i manage to turn my head and i saw my love adanna, the people praying paused and face her, holding their bible, then she said.
Adanna: lose him and let him go.


Pastor: and who are you to demand for him in the presence of the lord.
Adanna: i am adanna, first daughter to the queen of the sea, i am princess and priestess of the sea, now hand him over to me if you dont want this place to be flooded with water,.
Pastor: this place is the lords house, there is nothing you can say that will scare us, you trauncate this boy’s life and planted a new tree in his life, we are trying to break that tree you planted, and even your mother cannot stop us.
I was still on the floor weak, half dead,
adanna laugh a deadly laugh, she hit her sceptre on the ground and everywhere shake, drawing the pastor backward, the pastor started praying, in the name of Jesus i bid and i rebuke you by the power of the holyghost, holy ghoossstt.
Others: fireeeeeee.
something struck adanna because she move back a little, then she race her hand up, while the pastor and his member continue praying, she use her two hands to race the sceptre up and hit it on the ground heavy, making everybody standing to fall on the ground, even the pastor, i was watching the movie, after everybody fell on the ground, adanna start movie towards me as she get close to me, then the pastor stood up and carry his bible, and said, touch not that boy for he is a candidate of God, he stood on the front of adanna and start praying, as he wanted to say holy ghost fire, adanna struck the sceptre on the ground again, the pastor flew from where he was and hit himself on the wall.
Then adanna start coming to where i was again,. 4 step before she meet me.
Mercy came and move me two step inside the alter, in front of her, with the apron on her body titled “enemy summited”. She stood in between us facing adanna, then mercy kneel down, lookup race her two hands up and start praying.
“reketamaskotorigamsticatastsaastaskudi” ristekemezundamastaska” i nor know say mercy dey speak in tongues like this.

To Be Continued…



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