Priestess of the SEA (+18) – Episode 3


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Me: how did you know i will comeout?
Adanna: because chinansa told me you always comeout to ease yourself in the midnight, can we go inside and continue please.


I was a little bit scared but who will say no to a beautiful angel like this (afterall man go still die so e better make i die ontop enjoyment according to faze life is too short oh so make we enjoy our money) , she followed me inside after i finish blessing the soil with my urine.
She wore short skirt and long sleve shirt,
we enter inside my room, she just lie on my bed pressing her phone while i make myself comfortable in my chair staring at her Buttocks.
Me: since when did you stand there?
Adanna: 1 hour 45 minutes and 3 seconds.
Me: and what if i nor come comeout nko.
Adanna: i know you will come out.
Me: hmmm, u sound like you know me very well.
Adanna: yeah but not much.
Me: ok, i dont have much here but i do have water, kerosene, salt and oil, which one do i offer.
Adanna: kerosene, if you get the mind,
Me: lol,
Adanna: is that laptop working?
Me: yes of course.
I open the laptop and position it ontop my bed while i relax close to her, she scan through my videos and settle for one movie like that titled “the 100″ hmmm she look so beautiful, i wanted to make a move because she cant just come to my house and go scot free, she stay close to the wall while i relax at the edge of the bed.
Me: you have a beautiful lips.
Adanna: thank you.
Me: so what flavor is it.
Adanna: flavor as in how?
Me: i mean what’s the taste?
Adanna: i dont know maybe you should check.
See opportunity oh, i use my left hand to draw her head closer while i gave a sound kiss.
Adanna: so what does it taste like?
Me: taste like, wait let me kiss you again to be sure.
I gave her another kiss but this time i didnt stop, i continue kissing her, i turn her to face the ceiling while i come ontop her, i use my left hand to press her left boob, (very soft) i kiss the Bosom, i put hand inside her shirt and massage her Bosom, i draw her shirt up to her chest, i adjust her bra a little and kiss her Bosom, she just say”hmmmm OZ stop” stop for where wey i just dey start, also i use my left hand to rub her tummy, i moved my hand down to her navel, slowly i move down to her V area, i put my hand inside her skirt and press her pussi from her pant, kissing her right boob, then she hold my hand.
Adanna: stop it.
Me: why, whats wrong?
Adanna: not now maybe later.
Me: why later na, i don dey in the mood already na.
Adanna: i dont like doing it by this time.
So i got up as a gentleman and sat on my chair, she adjust herself.
Adanna: are you angry?
Of course am angry wey you don let my oga gain attention finish you dey ask me wether i dey vex.
Me: no am not, why should i?

I was a little bit angry since she nor want me to enter thy kingdome come, she close the laptop and position herself to sleep,
Adanna: off the light please
me: no i want to use it to read (i nor know say i go read since abi)
Adanna: i cant sleep with light on.
Me: am sorry just use the pillow to cover your face because i have test tomorow so i have to read.
Adanna: there will no test.
Me: and how would you know that?
Adanna: nothing dont worry, read well.
She use the pillow to cover her face, i took my idodo umeh biology book to read, then my light off, i on my touchlight, i look outside, light still dey, e be like say na my bulb burn, so i climb my chair and check the bulb, no smell, na wetin happen na, so i have another spare bulb (that white bulb wey roll like snake e dey shine well well) i put the bulb na so everywhere shine, i smill and thank God because i need to read oh.
I took my book, scrolling through the content, then i saw the topic i was looking for (genetics) i just wan open the page na im my light off again, na which kind thing be this na?


So i took my touch, put it on the table and use it to read for one hour, by 4am i was feeling sleepy.
I was all alone in a desert, no water, no food nothing at all, i was Unclad walking to an unknown destination, i was tasty i need to drink something, i kept on walking till i found a spring but before that spring i saw a mighty hole, theres no way i can jump that, because i will definitely fall, i look down the hole and saw many snakes inside, big big one and small small ones, i wanted to turn back but before then, i saw a white dove coming from my back, the dove flew pass my head and went to perch on a branch growing inside the spring, then the dove change to someone i know.
Me: mercy?
Mercy: you have to jump the hole.
Me: how can i jump it? Is too big and too wide.
Mercy: i know you can, please you must jump, your second name is Godsgift, and i believe you are gift from God as your name imply, God will guide you through, so sweetheart just try and you will see its easy.
I look down the hole again, it was scary very gigantic snake,
Me: am sorry i cant.
I turn back then i saw heavy fire coming (how can fire be burning on dry sand) i ran to mercy, as i ran then i try to jump the hole, as i was about to fall inside the hole then i woke up shouting Jesus and sweating.
Adanna: what is it?
Me: i was having a bad dream.
Adanna: its only a dream, so relax.
Me: e look so real and very scary.
Adanna: well thank your god is not real.
She put her hand on my body and start rubbing my hairing chest, looking directly at my me as our eye jam.


She put her right hand on my left chick, then move me ontop her, she draw my head closer her lips as she gave me a sound kiss, her lips taste like lollipop and i wish i will continue kissing her like this forever, i use my left hand to press her Bosom as she let out a soft moan, i sat ontop her and draw her closer to me, making her to situp, i remove her long sleeve shirt, then unhook her bra, i lay her down again, i remove my shirt, then i lay ontop her and start sucking her Bosom interchanging from the left to right, she rub my back her with hands, i move downward and remove her skirt, then her pant, staring at me a well shave pussi with hibiscus odour, i remove my shot and start licking her fine Kitty-Cat, she open her leg wide to give me free access, i continue sucking while she use her hands to massage my head, she wine her waist also, i locate the clit, if i touch it she let a moan, so i start sucking it like ice cream, she was wining her waist and breathing heavily, i placed her two legs on my shoulder and continue sucking, she tight her legs on my neck and almost draw my breath, then she sit, took my head closer to her and told me to enter her.
I removed condom from under my bed, i wore it and lay ontop her, then i insert my dicck inside her wet pussi, very tight, i started slowly before going faster, she was moaning slowly, guys am telling you, for all girls wey i don dey gbog na this girl sweet pass and she no be virgin oh, she even sweet pass mercy wey i disvirgin, i continue Bleeping her like someone on a mission, or maybe i dey mission lol, mission to satisfy my konji.
“uhhhm yeah, pls take it easy you are going too fast” she said amidst heavy breathing, so i take it easy with her, then lata i raise one of her leg up and go in again, i was stroking her slowly and i guess she was enjoying it because she scatter my bed, as she was about to Pour, she hold my waist very tight stopping me from moving as she let out a loud moan.
Then lata she make me to lie down facing the ceiling, she lie ontop me and start Bleeping me slowly then lata she start moving faster, she was going so fast that i think something is wrong somewhere, the enjoyment cloud my judgement, she put her hands on her head looking forward as she wine me fast, then as i was about to release she let out a loud shout, shattering my bulb on the floor, then she faint ontop me.

I wokeup around 7am in the morning, no sign of adanna, no sign of any broken bulb, na wa oh i walk to the wall, i switch on the light and the light on at once, abi i dey dream? I was lost in thought.
“somebody shout fire, shout fireee, shout firrrrreeee, we dont serve a dead god we serve a mighty God he is the same yersterday, he is the same today, he is the same forever, when God say yes no man can say no, when God lift us no man can take us down, God is on your side, miracle is on your, favor is your side.
Una dey wonder wetin dey happen, lol na my phone dey ring, i look the screen and saw my mercy.
Me: hello dear
mercy: good morning, how was your night?
Me: good but would have been better if you were here, how ur own?
Mercy: not fine.
Me: what happen?
Mercy: i had a bad dream about you.
Me: (getting scared) what happen.
Mercy: i saw you walking alone on a desert, you were Unclad and look tired, so you saw a spring of water and when you try to jump to the spring to meet me on the other side you fell on a hole full of snake though i tried to pull you up but one red snake with a white tail pull you down, when i woke up i was really scared so i started praying, since then i have been praying and i think we should fast about it.
Me: (the same dream with my own, what is really going on i dont understand, perhap i need to see my pastor) dont worry its just a dream, dont worry about it.
Mercy: hmmm you know my dream always mean something.
Me: yeah we will fast and pray about it, we will see in school, let me prepare myself.
Mercy: alright take care oh, bye love you.
Me: love you too.
Yeah, shes right, her dream always come to pass, i remember then when she told me that, she saw a bat die in my compound that i should pray, the next day my neigbour daughter died, i just sat in bed confuse dont know what to think, does it mean that adanna is the snake because she always hold white something on her wrist in form of wristwatch, but one thing is quite clear, anytime i think of her my heart beat fast, and talking about her lollipop lip, men that girl is too gbaski, na the type wey i go carry go party even rihanna go bow, i think i like her if she like make she be lizard i must date her oh, because with her respect is certain.
I was so lost in thought that i dont know when a test enter my phone.
“hi dear, how is your day going, i want to thank you for yersterday night, because that night was the best night ever since nineteen century, stay safe.
From Adanna.
Hmmmm infact i dont think am in the mood to go to school today, my belle dey sweet me(but in my mind am still confuse).

To Be Continued…


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