MY PRIVATE TUTOR +18. Episode 1




Passing out parade has come and gone, I will definitely miss my
friends, my PPA, my environment in ota, a lot of thoughts were
running through my mind as I was packing and arranging my
loads. I begin to ask myself, “after service year then what next?”.
I had tried to apply for jobs during my service year but I couldn’t
get a befitting job. My friends that were born with a silver spoon
had jobs waiting for them at home,
“Which kind wahala be this?”, I picked my bag, board a bus to
On getting home, my family and neighbors welcomed me, it was
as if a white man came on a visit. People are asking me
questions, some were greeting, some were asking for what I
As days rolled by, I begin to search for what to do, I moved round
the town to see if I could get a job somewhere.
One day while I was passing by on the 3rd street, I saw a woman
coming out of a mighty duplex, the house was painted white,.
She was pasting a notice on her gate as I was passing by. I
moved closer to see the what she was pasting, and on it I saw ”
A home lesson teacher wanted URGENTLY”.
Chaiii, I ignored at first and moved on. After walking about 8
steps. I stopped and think.
***** why I go refuse this job na?, dem be rich people ooo, so
dem fit pay.*****, I stopped thinking, I went back the house, I
knocked on the gate and the gate-man ushered me
the gate-man took me to the the door entrance, called out the
woman and left,
ME: good afternoon ma
MADAM: good afternoon young man, how can I help you?
ME: I saw you pasting a notice the other time and I decided to
MADAM: you mean the home tutor job?
ME: Yes
MADAM: hope u passed your WAEC? And how was the result?.
ME: *****smiled*****, yes man I do.
MADAM: but I will prefer a graduate because my first daughter
wants to write jamb and post jamb, so a graduate will do better,
ME: *****i looked at myself and thought, “chaiiii, small stature na
bad thing oooo, se I no look like graduate ni?”***** smiled, I’m a
graduate ma.
MADAM: really?, oooohh, pls I am so sorry for the
embarrassment, so sorry please, u look very young, please come
in please.
************she ushered me into the living room************
The interior of the room is a nice one, a colorful design and
furniture. I sat on the chair and she sat down opposite to me.
MADAM: I’m sorry for the other time
ME: its not a problem ma
MaDAM: which state are you from?
ME: edo
MADAM: how old are you.
ME: ****felt embarrassed*** 23
MADAM: 23? Then what age did you graduate?
ME: 21 Ma
MADAM: ***smiled*** u must be a genius, I like that. So let’s get
to business. My first daughter janet is 19, she failed her last
jamb attempt, so she is writing another one, so u will teach her
physics, chemistry and math, less I forget. What’s your course?
ME: chemistry Ma
MaDAM: then you should be able to do well then,
ME: ok ma, ***i looked at the photo on the wall directly in front of
me, its of a very pretty young lady, she is fair and has a big
burst. This must be Janet, “chaiiiii, omo see bobby****
MADAM: I also have a son, 12 in jss3, u will be teaching him
Me: ok ma.
MADAM: ********called someone by the name “sikira”. Sikira!!! ,
bring a bottle of coke for me with a glass cup******
A young girl appeared from the kitchen, her dressing shows that
she must be the house maid. She is fair too but not up to janet,
she must be in her early 20’s I guess, she has this local inbuilt
beauty, a nice dimple and a an average sized bosoms. She
served the coke and turned back. Chaiiiiiiii, omo see a$$$$$$.
Its that type of mercy Johnson’s. I sipped the coke and continues
the discussion.
MADAM: that is my house maid, no tempt her with your fine boy
look oooooo,
ME: ok ma.
Madam: just kidding. So how much are you charging me?
ME: *****thought for a while, viewed the look of the house, the
cars I saw outside***** 30k ma.
MADAM: heeeeeeeee, when I’m not employing you to train her for
Cambridge. I will pay you 20k per month for the 2 children.
ME: ok ma
MADAM: let me give you a little rule. Don’t go beyond academics
with my daughter, I think you understand what I meant?. If you
do, I will send hired killer to kill you
ME: ok ma, *******so this woman is only concerned about her
daughter’s yansh, what about sikira?*****. Sorry ma, can I ask a
Madam: go ahead.
ME: please are the children around?! I want to introduce myself
to them****for my mind, I wan see how janet looks like in
MaDAM: janet went to a friend’s birthday party, gideon my son is
sleeping inside. Maybe when you resume lesson, you will know
ME: thanks ma. One more thing please, I wish to meet daddy
MADAM: laughs, daddy is not in Nigeria,.
Me: ok ma, let me take my leave, I will resume on Monday.
I exchanged number with madam, stood up and about to leave
when sikira came out to pick the bottle. She looked into my eyes
and released a cute smile, her dimple made a hole. I smiled back
at her too. I dashed out of the compound. As I stood in-front of
the gate, a cab dropped a young girl in-front the house. I
recognized the face as the same thing I saw on the picture, this
must be janet. I said to her “HI”. She just ignored, passed by and
knock on the gate which the gate-man later opened. I said to my
self. Chaiiiii, why this girl come rude and dey arrogant like this

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Over the weekend, I had a fresh hair cut, a fresh perfume, a new 3
packs of shirt all ahead of my new job. I relocated to my own
apartment in akure where I used to live before I left for service.
Finally, its monday, I went straight to my new job at 10am.
“Ko ko ko”, I knocked on the gate, the gateman opened, looked at
me. He recognised me. Madam no dey around, “he replied” but
madam say make aunty janet attend to you, aunty janet dey
I entered into the compound. Knock on the main door. “Ko ko
ko”. Who is that?, a voice answered from inside.
Its me onihaxy, I replied. She opened the door and stood at the
entrance. **Chaiiiiii, janet was wearing a black round neck top,
the Tips were pointing out, I guess she isn’t wearing a bra, she
wore a micro mini skirt, she has an average height with a yam
JANET: ****i guess she can’t recognise seeing me days back,
well its normal sha, girls don’t recollect seeing guys but guy can
always recollect seeing a lady at 12midnight.****, who are u
looking for?
ME: I am the new lesson teacher. Mummy told me to resume
JANET:, ****still not smiling**** really?, come in and have your
seat……. Sikira!!!!!!!, where is this ?, she screamed.
**i thought in mind, this girl must be mean, see the wey she dey
scream on this poor girl.**** sikira came out, she saw me sitting,
she smiled at me and said “Hello sir”, I smiled back and said
“hi”. Janet frowned at her and shouted at her, “pick this cup and
get out of here, “. Sikira left and janet turned to me. I looked at
her again and can’t believe she is 19. Her body shape looks 24.
She is robust like “akebaje”. She sat down on the other chair,
she smiled a little.
JANET: I’m sorry pls, that is just lazy, if I don’t shout at her, she
will never work. So what is your name again?
ME: onihaxy
JANET: ok, mummy already informed I and my brother that you
will be coming around to tutor us. So let’s talk
ME: ok
JANET: I hope you will tutor well because you will be the 4th
teacher to be employed this year, they all are not good at
teaching, and when I notice that you are not good, I will report
you to mum and you will be fired.
ME: **my heart skip beats****, I am a good and born teacher, I
will try my best.
JANET: better. So let’s discuss the time table. Mummy said 5
times a week but I want it 3 or 4 times. And mummy must not
know about this. Understand?
ME: ****no wonder you no pass jamb, lazy girl****. Ok, I replied
JANET: so what time and day will be ok for you?
ME: any day and time you fix is ok
JANET: anyday and time?. I thought you teach at a school? Or
don’t you work elsewhere?
ME: ***chaiiiiiiii, this girl is rude oooo, see as she dey question
me****, I used to teach when I served. I just passed out and still
job hunting.
JANET: *raised eye brow* so you are a graduate?, you have
served?, waaooooooh, I was thinking you are an NCE holder or
school cert. That is interesting. She smiled.
ME: ***chaiii, see as my small stature dey embarrass me****. So
what time will u prefer?
JANET: Monday, Wednesday, friday and Saturday. You will come
at 2pm, teach me till 4pm when gideon will be back from school.
Then start with gideon from 4:30 to 6pm. Is that ok by you.
ME: its ok. So can we start today?.
JANET: no problem, will you wait behind? Or come back by 2pm?
ME: **thought***, I think I will come back. But where is mummy
JANET: don’t you know she will be at work? She is a banker and
won’t be back untill 6:30pm or 7pm.
ME: **chaiii, this girl is naturally rude***, ok janet, I will be back
by 2pm.
JANET: wait, let me have your number just incase. ”
Sikara!!!!!!!!!!!, bring my phone for me on my bed” she screamed.
Sikira came with the phone. Janet collected it from sikira while
sikira is still standing there. She smiled at me again.
JANET: call your number
ME: 0806323********
JANET: saved, ****she flashed my number*******
ME: I got it, let me be on my way, I will be back by 2pm. She
returned the phone to sikira to return, I left the compound, walked
out to the gate. Just as I was out-sited the gate, my phone
ranged. I looked at the screen, it was an unknown number. I
ME: hello, who is this?
CALLER: its me sikirat, that is my number, save it. I will call you
later, bye.***hanged up****

I got home wondering, what does sikirat wants from me?. She
must have memorized my number while I was calling it to janet.
**fast forward***. Its 1:30pm, I left my house and set out for my
lesson job. I arrived at the white house, knocked on the gate and
the gateman ushered me in.
I went straight to the main door entrance. A heavy sound of. “I fit
die ontop your matter” was coming out of the room that no one
could hear me knocking. Then I remembered I have janet’s
number. I called her and no one picked. I called sikirat that I’m
outside,. A minute later, the door was opened. I entered and met
janet on a pink top and a bump short. She was sweating, then I
guess she must have been dancing.
ME: hi jane, I’m here for the lesson,
JANET: “eeeehhmmm onihaxy” did I get it right?
ME: yes
JANET: see I’m tired oooo. I’m not sure I will do lesson today. I
have been dancing since. If not for sikirat who told me that it
seems someone is knocking, I wouldn’t have known you are
ME: ****chaii, omo see sense, this sikirat wise oooo****. Ok jane,
so what will happen now.
JANET: maybe you should wait for gideon to be back from
school. Then you should teach him.
ME: ok
JANET: what should I offer you?
ME: ****why dis girl dey act nice this time na?****. I’m ok for
I waited for gideon and I thought him mathematics.
I continued the lesson since that day. Janet will skip lessons
most times and I dare not tell mummy. Sikirat will sneak to call
me. She said aunty janet and mummy must not catch her. Most
times, we will do midnite call, we do talk about everything except
s*x. I guess she doesn’t want to bring it up and I wasn’t
interested neither. I would still prefer janet to sikirat any day.
until one day when sikirat said she wants to tell me something.
ME: hello sikirat, u said you wanted to tell me something.
SIKIRAT: please I need your help. I don’t know if you will help
ME: just say it first.
SIKIRAT:. I wanted a service that I can’t afford to pay for
ME: what service dear?
SIKIRAT: I’m shy to say it.
ME: just say it dear
SIKIrAT: emmmmm ehhmmmm eeehhmmm. You see, I dropped
out at JSS2. I have passion to go to school but my parents don’t
have the capacity. A sister who brought me to akure from ilorin
promised my parents to send me to school. Only to end up
renting me out madam when we reach akure. I still want
ME: you mean you want to go back to school?
SIKIRAT: not really
ME: so what do you want?
SIKIRAT: I want you to be teaching me lesson but I don’t have
money to pay.
ME: that’s not a problem sikirat. Whenever I come next, I will be
teaching you when I’m through with janet and Gideon
SIKIRAT: no oooo, mummy and aunty Janet will not support it,
they hate me so much, infact, they might send me out of the
ME: so what do you want us to do?
SIKIRAT: I will be coming to your house
ME: *****my heart skipped beat*****. When and how?
SIkiRAT: I used to go to market to buy house needs every 5 days.
I can spend like 2hrs at your place before going to market. And
also on Friday nights. Everyone used to go to vigil and I am
always the only one at home with the gateman, I can always
come around… Abi ur wife will not support it?
ME: looolz, wife kee?, I have not married, and I’m not in any
relationship for now.
SIKIRAT: you mean you don’t have any girlfriend?
ME: yes
SIKiRaT: thank God oooo, no one will say I want to use lesson to
snatch her boyfriend.
After the conversation, I was wondering how midnight lessons will
look like. Chaiiii, sikirat no go kill me


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