Problems Women With Thick Thighs have to face Everyday

Men see thick hips/ thighs and go crazy, but hardly know what these women go through in a day.

Here are struggles they have to endure all the time.

1. Chafing Is Your No. 1 Enemy

Getting irritations from friction is something you can’t get away with no matter how much you hate it.

Photo: Benjamin Rusnak

2. Wearing trousers is a headache

Wearing jeans that fit is a whole workout routine

Image: The Body Department

3. Tearing Your Trouser Seats Is Spontaneous

And the seat of your trousers can tear at any time when you least expect it.

hips/ thigh

4. Leggings Are Your Best Friend

Thanks to God for whoever invented leggings, what would we have done without them.

hips/ thigh

5. Pencil Skirts Are Your Worst Enemies

You size 10’s can go for it, corporate should stop forcing us to wear them.



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