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The Truth is, meeting Someone today and Sleeping with them the Following day is a Herculean task, I don’t know what came over me, but all I wanted to do was Fvck Linda.

The Confidence and Assurance that I can Actually Fvck Linda was probably Powered by the fact that I knew her little Secret, It gave me some sort of Edge over her.

My Analysis:
Linda has to be Living with her Parents. The Boutique can’t be without Customers for up to 30 Minutes. My mother, how do I keep her off the Boutique?

I could Convince my Mum to Stay behind, telling her that I have everything under control and She shouldn’t bother Showing up.
but she might be Suspicious.

the Customers, how do I keep them out?
Indeed a Herculean task.

I just gave up on the plan.

I was sitting in my room, Thinking about nothing Significant.

My Mum came in.
Jeff dear?
each time she says this, expect a request from her.

“I will be going to a Women Empowerment program, I want you to help me at the Boutique along side Linda”

It came to me as a Surprise.
“That won’t be a Problem”
I replied trying to not to appear Excited, Less she smells something Fishy.

Thank you Dear, she said and left.

****See as Devil dey Plan my temptation, Lol****

To a degree I can say am a Fervent Christian, cause the only sin I can’t seem to do away with is $*x.
And i wasn’t being hypocritical about it, we all have our weaknesses, this just happens to be mine. So I had no regrets whatsoever,

I was Already dressed, so I just left for the boutique.
I met Linda looking prettier, she applied make up today, the previous day she didn’t.

Hey Pretty Brainiac
She Blushed,
“Good Morning Jeff”

We Greeted, logically,  customers are very less in a boutique during the Morning hours.
it was about 9:45 A.M

I enrolled her in a Conversation.
“Yesterday you spoke against premarital $*x”
don’t tell me you’re a Virgin.

She laughed and Said she isn’t a Virgin.
“well, you’ve had a piece of the cake you despise so much” that’s weird!

She Chuckled,  and said well, I was deceived by a Guy a long time ago.

I stood up from where I was.
she was standing, with her back leaning against the counter. I Joined her.

how long ago? I asked
3 years ago, she Replied

3 years ago? with my eyes giving a “Shock Expression” I wasn’t shocked though, just part of the plan

“Don’t you miss when a Guy, holds you in his arms, caresses your hair, Ki$$e$ your lips, Now that’s Romantic Speech.
I should have stopped there, but I continued, this time around, ‘ talking dirty ‘
I continued, “places his hand Softly on your b.oobs, licks your N!pples, Slowly slips his hand into your Pants” don’t you miss that?

Her eyes were fixed on mine all through, she salivated.
and was trying to reply.

I Swifty Planted a Ki$$ on her Lips.


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