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I can bet she didn’t see the ki$$ coming.
I studied her reaction, her eyes were fixed on mine
I made a move for another ki$$, this time, Slowly.
As our lips touched, She reciprocated.
Damn! Game on, that was all I needed

My left hand found its way to her A$$, wrapped around it.
I dragged her towards the door
*we were still ki$$ing*

Then used my Right hand to Invert the Banner from “Open” to “Close”

Lifted her Up, with her legs wrapped around my waist.
took her into my Mum’s office, Then Gently dropped her on the table.

*This $.ex has to be a Quickie, I thought, No time for Preintimacy*

Took off my Shirt *She helped me take it off*

It didn’t happen as slowly as am Narrating, it happened so fast.

we both knew we didn’t have much time.
She didn’t bother taking off her Bra, her bosoms weren’t really up to my Standard. lol.
so it didn’t bother me that I wasn’t gonna Suck on them N!pples.

I Pushed her backward so her back can rest on the table.

I took out my D!ck, trousers down.
She heaved a Sigh.

Its not Like my D!ck was Prominently Huge, but I also can’t be Criticised for having a Small Joystick.

She probably heaved a sigh saying “Finally, I get to have this”

No time for sentiments, I took of her. Skirt, Shifted her pants to the Side.
a Nice looking kitten was staring at me.

She definitely wasn’t using Shaving Stick to shave.

It was so smooth.

Slowly and Steadily did I Slid my rooster into her C.unt.
I got a Warm reception. lol
it was really hot in there.

I started moving In an out, at a Slow pace.
She was Wriggling on the table.
I increased my pace, and this time she was M.oaning, Very Loudly

I leaned forward, Massaged her bosoms through her bra. Stared deeply into her eyes. She was m.oaning and staring back at me In intervals.

There it was again that look, pleading for mercy and also saying “Please don’t stop”

I stopped, turned her over. its about time we had my Favourite position.

her Belly was on the table this Time around.
I was thrusting, hands on her waist.

*She was trying so hard to keep her voice low*

*Who dey Here?” we heard a Man yell at the entrance
it was possible to see the Entrance from my Mum’s Office through the Installed Camera.

We paused, My Konji just Vanished, but my D!ck still buried in her Pothole of Pleasure.

The man left, after about 30 seconds, he ought to have seen the ‘Closed’ sign, and was probably not convinced.
I started thrusting, Slowly. I just Burst into Laughter. :D

Laughing and Fvcking. lol
she joined me too.

but the laughter didn’t last long on her face.
My thrust became faster, I wanted to c.um.
the fact that we laughed earlier may have loosened her a bit.
coz she was moaning without restraint this time around.

I felt the Orgasms building, I Quickly retracted my d!ck and Spilled the C.um on her A$$

***I didn’t use a C.ondom****
probably because I believed she really hasnt had s*x in a long time and should be safe.
or I wanted her first $.ex in three years to be Great.
Whatever my reasons were, I just cant remember.
The $.ex was over, for a Quickie, I can say it was Mind Blowing.

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I wore my trousers back, she wore her shirt too.
she was silent all through.

Her head was down trying to straighten her skirt, I raised her head up, with my hands on her cheek.

and planted a Kiss on her lips.
then with a big Grin I asked,
“did you have a Nice time”

She Smiled, and said “You’re Good”

We went back, switched the banner back to open.
and sat down.
“You know, the $ex could have been better if we had a room” I said

she laughed, “Better than what we just had?”

Yeah! I replied
So you mean you don’t have a boyfriend? I was really curious

I do, she said, am just not sleeping with him. I don’t trust him
I think he’ll Bounce off the moment he had what you just had.

I almost fell off the chair out of laughter.
“You got that wrong miss, any man who had what I just had will never want to leave you” I said, still laughing”

“And I think you guys have more than just trust Issues, you need to work on your Love Bond.”

Here I was offering Advice, when Few minutes ago. I was the Subject of her Seduction.lol

A man came in with his Girlfriend.
The Man was about 50-55
the girl couldn’t be beyond 21

Linda and I welcomed them.
The the lady wrapped her left hand across his Waist.
“Baby girl, grab whatever you want I have this Covered” he said, with a Coarse Voice.
“thanks Darling, that’s why I Love you”
****Definitely not Love, I thought****

the man Sat down, on the Cushion chair by the door.
while the Girl went on to fill the Open cheque.
Linda followed her.

after about 1 hour of Going through the Boutique.
She came back with a Bag that contained more clothing’s than that of all my Family members combined.lol

It was really Funny. Linda passed the bill to the Aged man.
he only glanced at it.
Dipped his hand in pocket. brought out his wallet and paid the huge Expense.

They were about leaving when the girl said
“Honey, can I also have those Jewelries” she said, pointing to the see through Glass
“Anything for you my dear” he replied.

she took about 10 different Necklaces, Ear rings and Bangles.

She was sure going to Atone for all these Expenses with her “P*ssy

But looking at the man, he can’t possibly make any Significant impact on bed.

Money may not buy Love and Happiness, But it Buys everything else.

at about 4:30pm, My Mum came in, with a Document in her hand.
we both Greeted her, she glanced at the Sales for the day, Saw It and Smiled.
” Mr Johnson called me, and told me he came by the Boutique and met it Closed ” She Said


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