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It was more than just a Statement, it was a Question.

I had already Given that a Thought long before she arrived.
“Yes, a Man Came in with his Girlfriend, requested for Private Shopping,
“So we inverted the banner to indicate ‘Close’.”
That’s the reason for the Huge Sales.

Okay, she said, with relief

Your Uncles Came back with the document, here it is.
I went through it, I can see my mum had signed, my four Uncles did the same. and a lawyer too.

There was a Space reserved for me, I Signed on it and gave it back to her.
thanks dear she said and left.

immediately she was Gone,
Linda Burst into Laughter,
“You’re a Smart A$$ she said”
and Continued laughing.

She later left to get our Lunch, I was really hungry.

more Customers came in, and I attended to them.
A lady came in, about 24.
she tried a dress,

“Oh my God, you look so Pretty, Not just because I want you to Purchase the dress, You really Look Awesome, Sincerely”

She was Blushing. oh please, don’t flatter me.

No I mean it, Ave never been this Sincere with any lady.

Okay I believe you, thanks

She bought it, She was about leaving, she grabbed the door knob.

My eyes was on her a$$, she made a Quick turn to look at me.

She must have Caught my eyes staring at her butt.
“What were you looking at?” she asked with a Grin

“You’re so Endowed” was all I could say.

“You’re naughty” she said

She brought out her phone, Stretched it to me, indicating I should type my Number.

I typed my Number and gave it to her,
thank you she said,
Am Jeff by the way, I added
and am Yemi. She Replied.

Not more than 10 Minutes after she left. Linda Came in.
With two “Take Away’”

Finally! I said, I was dying here.

she smiled, dropped them on the table, with two Soft drinks.
we ate, talked and discussed about a lot, With Several Customers disrupting our lunch.

at about 6:30pm. we were about to call it a day.
I was sitting at my usual Spot, Browsing some things on the internet, While Linda was Closing the balance for the day.

She was done in a few minutes, Came and stood in my front.
I put my phone aside, perplexed me, was looking at her, in an angle of Elevation.
Coz she was standing, while I was sitting.
She reached for my zip, Unzipped it.
immediately she did that, I knew what was coming .
after unzipping it, she Raised her Skirt, Sat on my laps, with legs spread wide.

Adjusted her pants, and Slid my D!ck into her P**sy

This is the Level of Authority Nature has Bestowed on women

When they want $ex, They Get it. Women decide if the $ex will or will not happen.
Can’t say the same for men, for we men, to get $ex, there’s a long Process & hurdles we have to go through.

My hands were on her Waist, she let out a Silent “Arrrrrrgh” Sound when my D!ck got in, her eyes closed and her head raised to face the Ceiling.

she started Moving up and down, Slowly,
I just dropped my hands to the side and let her take control.

Her hands were on my Shoulder as her Pace increased.
her moan was unbearable, she moaned Care freely.
Meanwhile my eyes were fixed on the entrance, creating no room for surprises.

After about 15 minutes of going up and down on my d!ck, her pace slowed down.
she was tired.

I adjusted my sitting, pushing my back lower on The backrests, Raised her a$$.
and penetrated her from beneath

fvck! Fvck! fvck! “arrrrrrrrgh” was all she was saying
I kept, pounding her from beneath,
oh my God, oh my God, oh my God

She screamed as she Climaxed, her P*ssy stiffened on my Joystick, thereby bringing my thrusts to a terminal.

Seconds later, her p*ssy loosened its grip on my d!ck
it was my time to C.um, there was no way I was gonna c.um in this position without Spilling it in her.

I lifted her up,dropped her on her desk, her legs wrapped around my waist.

Started moving in and out immediately, I closed my eyes, increased my pace.
She was going crazy,
I felt my Orgasm warming up, I further increased my pace, Usain bolt may be the fastest man on earth, I doubt he could beat the pace at which I was thrusting.lol

I quickly Retracted my D!ck and spilled the c.um on her belly, it was so sweet,damn! I felt it from my Brain, through my spinal cord and down to my legs.

We were done, we dressed up, locked the Boutique.
stood by the road side, and was trying to stop a Bike.
while we discussed.
“you Fvck real Good” she said
“I was born to do it” I replied without smiling.

She laughed, without restraint.

I woke up the following day on a high, #Back to School.
I had Already Dressed up, Bid my family Good bye, Chinaza shed some tears, I consoled her and told her I’ll be back again before she knows it.

I called Ibro, Amarachi and Sandra, informed them of my return.

I Arrived 5 hours later, Swaggering into school, with my Bag Strapped to my body.
I got to my hostel, opened the door to my room, and just lay on the bed.
A few minutes later, Nepa Responded positively.

I had already slept for about 1 hour.
I plugged my phone to the Speakers.
And Selected my Favourite Song.

“Gloria Gaynor- I Will Survive”
left it on repeat and started dancing to it.
the Song was a killer for me, never fails to reawaken my Vibe.

I had left the door Open.
and was dancing from one corner of the room to another, the fan didn’t hinder me from Sweating.

Wow!” I never knew you could dance.
It was Sandra, I hadn’t noticed her presence.

I blushed, its been just few days, Since we parted, but I missed her.
I went over to hug her,  both my hands were in air, at the brisk of Clinching her to my body.
Then I remembered the Sweat.
“Am sorry, am not In a position to hug you, even though that’s all I desire to to do right now, hold you close to my heart and feel your heartbeat”

She ran over to me with hands spread and jumped on me.
I grabbed her.
we kissed for about 10 minutes, my longest kiss ever.

“You dance so Good, honestly”
have you considered joining a crew for the dance competition? she asked
What dance competition?

“oh am sorry, dear, it has been on the notice board since Friday,
you probably didn’t get to see it before leaving.”
“I think you should check it out She added”

“No! I won’t be needing that”, I said, turning my face away
Baby, please think about it, I think you stand a Chance.
“okay” i replied, just to end the topic

that reminds me, what was the issue at home, she asked

I smiled, I preferred this topic.
“My dad’s Brothers wanted to Cultivate on our Land, so they came to seek for permission”

is that all? she asked,
Yeah, that’s it.
Am glad it wasn’t something serious, she said.
Let’s grab a drink, do you mind? No! she said.

we left, had a few drinks and joked along.

She later said she’ll be leaving, I accompanied her, stopped a bike for her, she zoomed off.
it was about 4pm.
I had only one intention, Amarachi’s crib.
I called her up, asked her where she was, said she was at home. “Great”.

I trekked over there, I had never been there, but I hadn’t forgotten her description from the first day we met.

I knocked on the door, she opened and was happy to see me.
Nice place! I Complimented
She blushed.
” Hey!” I missed you, She said.
“Ave been gone for just 2 days”

“Felt like 2 years” she said
“You’re sounding Like my Girlfriend” she laughed.
what may i offer you?

“Na only Rich people dey ask that question oh” I said I pidgin English.

She Chuckled, I prepared Garri and Egusi soup, she said.
wow! Nice am really hungry! I replied Excitedly!

She went into her Kitchen and later came back with a tray containing a plate of Garri and Egusi soup.

I was about to eat when her phone rang, it was probably her boyfriend!
“Am not at home she replied”, as she cut the call.

Ave always tried not to meddle in her relationship with her boyfriend as she doesn’t do mine.

we both ate, she cleared the plates. And finally asked me about home.
I answered her and got to my main purpose of coming. ” The Benefit”

Pulled her by her shirt close to me, We kissed, her lips were very Warm, probably from the food.

we were sitting on the bed by the way, I took off my shirt and hers too. that’s when I noticed she wasn’t wearing any b.ra she had probably also anticipated for ‘the benefit’ too

I kissed her down to her b**bs, I spent about 5 minutes there. switching from b**b to b**b. she was moaning, silently!

I later went straight to her C.unt Clearly not as pretty looking as Linda’s, as I compared.
I gave her Mouth action, My goal was to give her a little of what she did to me the other day!
I tongue-fvcked her, she enjoyed it, her moans confirmed it!

I later took off my trousers, I was unclad, we both were!
I placed my d!ck just on top of her V.ulva, just stroking it on the surface.

She was dying….
Baby please put it in!
I ignored her just went on running it on the surface for about 2 minutes.

I later placed my d!ck in it, she gave out a sound of relief. like saying “finally”

I was stroking really slow. Ave never been this Slow. Faster please, Faster Jeff.
I feigned deaf, stroking at about 8 times for every 30 seconds.

Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore, drops of tears were dripping, her eyes were pleading for mercy and Acceleration from me.
My heart just Melted.

I grabbed her waist, increased my speed, to about 45 strokes in 30 seconds.
Yes, Yes, Yes , Yes, Yes. she kept saying
her eyes grew bulgy as she climaxed.
even as she climaxed, I was still stroking.
I later raised her two legs and hung them on my Shoulder as I Thrust from beneath!
did that for about 6 minutes.
I later Spread her legs wide, and Banged her really bad, she later said something that made me laugh!
“Baby please Slowdown”..

I just burst into laughter, she later joined me, laughing with tears flowing.
We later switched to d*ggy with she on all fours and me Squatting just above her, and Thrusting her C.unt from above.
my eyes closed as I enjoyed every thrust!
I Later Came, as I moaned and emptied my Seeds into her.
I just fell on the bed, after that!
I was breathing heftily as well as she.

Sweat all over!.
That was one Great Fvck I said,
she giggled while struggling to breathe.

I later dressed up to leave. She also dressed up to accompany me.
we were just strolling out, when I saw a guy coming in our Direction!
“Amarachi! who is this Guy, and why did you lie to me about not being at home?
he asked with a look that conveyed Untainted Rage!

He’s my cousin she replied, he didn’t seem convinced, he went forward, pushed her with his hand at the back of her head, leading her back to her house.

“Hey buddy, show some respect for the lady” I said as I approached both of them!
“Stay out if this, he said, his eyes were now blood red” he continued leading her back, in the same disrespectful manner
some people were at the side of road watching, I couldn’t bare the Sight.
I went forward and pulled his hand from the back of her head.

The next thing I felt was a Dirty Slap on my Face!


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