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The fact is, for someone, your Age mate to stretch his hand and Smash a Slap on your face in Public, its the Highest level of Disrespect.
And that was what hurt me the most!
Coupled with the fading rays of the Sunset, I can say “I Saw Stars”

He kept on moving, pushing her in that manner, as if he had not just Slapped someone, I ran to where he was, pulled his hand off her head again,
“you dey craze he asked” in pidgin
He Came up with another slap, I blocked the Incoming Missile with my left hand, an gave him a reverberating Slap on the Face.

I didn’t even Wait for him to recover from the Slap, I Clinched my Fist, and Sent him a Blow on his Abdomen, he Squatted down, Groveling in pain, with both his hands on his belly.
I Sent my Knee Straight to his Face.
he stretched up. blood Gushing out of his Nose and Mouth.

I brought out my Handkerchief, wiped my face and Walked away.
I got home, still upset, and Sometimes when I get Very Upset, like Very, Very Upset! my body would start Shivering.

I lay on the bed, and was trying to got through the internet, to check on truecelebmedia for recent chattingdmc or any relationship tips, I noticed my hand was shivering.
I hissed and later slept off.
I woke up about 6:30A.M cause i had lectures by 8.

I saw a text message from Amarachi
3 words, guess what it was.

You couldn’t have possibly guessed it right.
it reads “I hate you”
I was standing when I read the message, I just sat down slowly on the bed, it came to me as a shock. To an extent I was Glad we had nothing serious going on, cause if she had meant much to me, it would have hurt most,
I just deleted the message and went on to prepare breakfast.
I ate dressed up and was leaving, I decided to check on Ibro, I knocked and Knocked, there was no response.

So I just left for Class.

“Hey! who is that Sleeping? Tap him!”
that was the voice of the female lecturer.
And I was the one sleeping in class, something ave never done!lol

she was coming over to where I was,
Why are you Sleeping in my Class?
She asked.
“Ma, I don’t feel too Good,” I just came back from a Long journey yesterday, I replied with my head up, facing her.

“oh really? how would you feel if I sent you out of my class?” she asked.

Some of my Classmates were already laughing.
I stood up, so she could see how tall I was, perhaps it might earn me some respect from her.
I looked into her eyes, and said
“Ma, look at me Very well, do I look like an Unserious Student” I said with a Serious look on my face, with both hands pointing to my chest
“Ma I really Love your lectures, but I just can’t help it” I had a 5 hours journey Yesterday.

She blushed, and said I should “Sit down” its okay.

I felt, i had gotten hold of my prestige which was about slipping away.

Its Quite easy to lose your integrity and very difficult to earn Some.

Class was over that day, I met Sandra,we talked for about one hour. with she further advising me to check out the Post on the Notice board

I went to the notice and saw it, 6 Crews will be Contesting, there were numbers attached to every Crew, so I just chose the one whose name made impact to my ear, “The baddest Crew”
I copied the number there.

I later joined Ibro as we walked home,

Where he gave me the best joke Ave ever heard till date.

He said he brought a Girl home while I was away, he was giving it to her from behind in d*ggy style.
she was moaning and saying
Am gonna Pour, Am gonna Pour.
he increased his pace so she could Pour.
the Next thing he heard was Mess (Fart). lol
He said he Quickly pulled out his Joystick and ran out.
he came back asking her.
“Na so your own Pour be?”

I couldn’t handle the Joke, I laughed my ribs out that day.
When I got home, I dialled the number I got from the Notice board, a lady picked up, she later gave me the address of their meeting point and told me they practice Fridays & Saturdays by 4pm to 6pm. “No African time”
She Emphasized.
I finally had the time to think on Amarachi’s Issue
To start with, I knew what we had, wasn’t Love, but it definitely shouldn’t be hate.
I stood up for her! Even took a slap for her.
The thought was pissing me off!

I picked up my phone, dialled her number. she wasn’t Picking. did that for about 10 times, earlier a part of me urged me to Chill, it was probably just a Joke
the fact that she wasn’t picking my calls indicated it wasn’t. Some girls probably prefer Cowards by their Sides.

Friday, Came, I traced the Address, it was a hall, carefully isolated. Good for privacy and to minimise public disturbance.
I walked in by 3:55pm.
I met 10 guys and 1 Girl, at an end, and 4 guys with one chick at The other end. almost like they were Judges, while the other 10 guys and the girl were being interviewed.

Write down your name, a lady said from my side, I wrote down my name.
The lady among the 4 guys, stood up and said.
“To be clear we need just two Guys”

Hey! she said to a guy who came earlier, Its your cue, choose a Song.
the Eleven of them chose their songs and Danced.
I tried so hard not to laugh, cause some of them were pathetic.

Its your turn, Jeff! she said, her eyes still fixed on the list.
Choose a Song she said. there was a little Sweat on her face, she was already tired and bored!

“Michael Jackson- Want to be starting Something ” pls.
i wanted to give them a piece of what we did back in Secondary School.

Back In Secondary School I was the best Dancer, Sandra wasn’t wrong about what she saw.
personally I love dancing, but not the competition.

She played the Song! I smiled.
Did my thing!
i was at it, I could hear cheers and laughter coming from both the judges side and the 11 guys by the side.

Immediately the song was coming to an end, I did something.
I leaned forward and stood on my toes with both my hands stretched backward and paused.
the judges all stood up clapping.
the Girl calling the list, came over and hugged me from the side.
there was nothing but pure excitement coming from the Judges side.
Couldn’t say the same for the other 11 guys,  some of them who believed they didn’t stand a chance were frowning.

Eventually I was chosen, along side another guy who also put up a Good Show, found out his name was Gabriel

the Crew introduced themselves to us.
“I am Rita, am  Mark, but call me Shayo!, am Christian, call me Flexy, am Victor, call me 2pac. the last guy, who was the leader, Call me Capon he said”

I smiled.
“Training starts proper tomorrow, the competition is just next week.
you guys will have to come during the week days” by 4pm prompt, and 10 A.m tomorrow, Saturday” Rita Said.
Its now or never she added.

Gabriel later told me the crew competed last year and weren’t even in the top 3.
Ah! I blamed myself, I must have signed up with the losing team, i said
as Gabriel and I Strolled out.
“Guy, You’re Good! i said with a Big Grin”
He laughed and said.
“Not as half as good as you”
“Guy where you dey stay I asked”

He told me and I later collected his Number.
I left there about 7pm, heading to Amarachi’s house.

I knocked on the door, she opened, saw me and wanted to lock the door on me
I swiftly used my leg to wedge the door.
“I will break your leg oh!” She said with eyeballs bulging out.

“Are you serious”I asked.
“you mean you hate me?”

“Yes and I don’t want to have anything to do with a thug!”

I just pushed the door open and went inside!
the last thing I wanted to do was take her seriously, she is mentally underdeveloped, Clearly.

I lay on her bed, my elbow on the bed, and my Palm supporting my head.

I smiled, and said,
“Is he your boyfriend”

“Yes” she replied.
“And now you’ve succeeded in ending our relationship, so you can have me.”
I chuckled.
She continued, he’s my classmate, and he helps me out in a lot of stuffs,  now he’s gone.
I don’t meddle in your Relationship, why did you have to meddle in mine?

I laughed, Uncontrollably, I sat up
“Amarachi! You do not have what it takes to Love anybody.”
“All you do is use people”.

“You use me for $*x and you use that Vagabond for your Educational Support.”

She was shedding tears.
“how can you say something as horrible as that to me?”

Am sorry, but dip down you know am right! I said, looking away.

I stood up to leave.
“Am sorry, but if what you need is a Coward by your side, I won’t be that person”

If given another chance,I’ll still do what I did, and feel alright.
who do you prefer? one who stands up for you and one who has no respect for you.
I turned, Grabbed the Knob, and was about Squeezing it

She turned me around, hugged me.  She was crying.
It was unexpected, i was thinking whether to hug her back. my hands were by my side

slowly, I wrapped my arms around her.

Am Sorry! she Exclaimed
“I was so confused”.

After about 4 minutes, she let go,I was still speechless.
Sit down please she said, still trying to wipe the tears off her face.
I sat on a chair close by, she sat on the bed.
“That wasn’t the first time, he’s done that to me in public, she said, sometimes he beats me up”

I was infuriated!
“He hits you? and yet you proudly flaunt him as your boyfriend.
haven’t you heard of the word “Break up”

She said she tried, a lot of times, he keeps coming back.

that was the Lamest thing ave heard in a long time.
He called the relationship off yesterday, after calling me a “LovePeddler and a Lovepeddler in public” she said.
She started crying again, i went over to the bed, held her close to my chest. She amplified her Cry soon as I did that.
“Its over now I said”
I later left, called Sandra and informed her, that I had joined a Crew, She was so Happy!
The Following day, I woke up dressed and was ready to leave for the practice.
I decided to check on Ibro.
the door was slightly open, I opened, saw him with a Lady on the bed, they were both properly dressed.
This came as a Shock, Ibro had never Spent the night with any Woman.


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