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Ibro Noticed the Surprise on my face!
He smiled,
I apologised for encroaching.
I later left for Practice.
the generator had a problem, we tried to fix it for about 1 hour, Futile.

A mechanic later came by and changed the carburetor.
we commenced practice at about 12pm.
The moves were really boring, and too easy.
I tried not to stick out my neck. I just followed.
But the truth is, those moves weren’t the “Winning Moves”
I got a call while in practice, I excused myself.

“Hello, please who am I speaking with”. it was a new number.
” its Yemi”
“Miss Endowed?” Yeah she replied and laughed.
“Oooh, I thought you were never gonna call”

“why not?” she asked.
“You’re too pretty to have my time na”
She laughed again.
“I was thinking maybe we could hang out some time” but unfortunately am not in town.

“Hmmmmm! where are you? ”
“Am in school, I just came by for the weekend”.
” okay, call me when you’re back”
“it will be my pleasure I replied”
I ended the call.

I went back to join them, the capon asked everyone to listen.
“Please, you guys should switch off your phones,During practice, we need to be focused, with our eyes on the prize”

I raise up my hand.

“Yes what’s the problem”, all eyes turned to me.
Am sorry, but I think this moves are really boring. with all due respect, I doubt we can win the competition with this stuff.

There was silence for about 30 seconds.
Rita turned to face me, how can you say this moves are boring? are you Crazy?

Everyone was upset, especially the Old guys.
I just kept mute. Shayo hissed.
“All this new lads that feel they know better” Capon Muttered.

“I think Jeff is right!” it was Gabriel,
“We aren’t really killing it.”
I still remember him for that Gesture, he stood by my side and supported me.

it gave me some sort of Courage, I Moved forward.
“I think dance is more than just moving your body in rhythm to music, its about passing a message through Dance! I said

6 Crews will be Contesting,to win the medal, we have to do something, extraordinary, something no one has seen at this level.

I brought out my phone, there was a Video of the Final my crew and I did back in Secondary School, I got to my Video folder, played the Video and handed it over to Capon
5 of them including Gabriel, all congregated to watch what i wanted to show Capon.

They reached a Scene, and said Wow!
I knew the scene they were at, I just Smiled.
Soon they were through watching. Everyone became Quiet, some of them stealing glances at me.
” You have something Better than what we’re doing” Capon Asked!

“Its not just about me, its about everyone of us, I just believe we haven’t given our best yet. I promise to give mine” just like you said, I turned to Rita, “Its now or never”

I could see Smiles on their Faces, Starting from the Capon to Everyone else.
We were later Dismissed.
Capon urged me to come back on Monday with a Prototype.

I left there, Headed for home, Already tired and hungry.
I knocked on Ibro’s door, he opened and let me in, with a smile on his face.

“Jeff this is Jennifer, My Girlfriend”

My eyes widened, oh my!
I extended my hand, she was lying on the couch.
“Since when have you guys been Seeing Each other”!

“we met two days ago, almost like fate brought us together” Ibro said while he caressed her hair.
She Chuckled!
I was Shocked, I tried so hard not to let it show, so Jennifer wouldn’t misinterpret it.

The Almighty Ibro, who would rather Spend Thousands to get Laid, than keep a Lady.
here he is, not only with a girlfriend, but he calls it ‘Fate!’
He looked so happy, happier than ave ever seen him.
There was that look of Satisfaction on his face.
“He was in Love

How I lost my Virginity was even a more Dramatic experience, I was 16 then and Desperate to get off the Virgin Colony, I had fed my Soul with Numerous P*orn Videos, Only my Body was a Virgin.

“Men see Virginity as a Burden we need to offload, while ‘Some’ women see it as a Gem they need to protect”

I had my eyes on a Girl, Magdalene, she lived just two blocks away, She was 18 and I was just 16, I couldn’t care less, I didn’t look 16 anyway.

On a Certain day, she was walking across the street, I Approached her

“Hey beautiful, I want to do you the favour of being the one to take my Virginity away”

She sent a Slap to my tender Cheek

“My cheek has seen it!” ?

I went back, did my research on how to approach ladies, and how to talk to ladies .

I dressed up for school on a bright Monday morning, came and stood in front Magdalene’s gate. and waited

I had practiced some love poem

She came out looking brilliant as usual
I started.
“My Angel, My Oxygen, the Thought of you gives me more satisfaction than Fried rice and Chicken, Everyday I see you in my dream, you’re my world without realm. I love you!

She laughed, All I did was Smile.
” Can I walk with you to school?”
I asked
“Sure!” she replied

While we were walking, I made her laugh uncontrollably with my ribs-tearing jokes.

she loved my company, hopefully me too.

“Sometimes we push people away, without really getting to know them”

we reached the gate to her school, my school was still farther ahead
she collected my number, Kissed me and ran into school.

I stood still for close to a minute, did I just get my first kiss?
I kept replaying it over and over.

School that day was terrific, only my body was present, my soul was caught up in the thoughts of Magdalene.
I got home that day, held unto my Phone. I wouldn’t let it out of my sight, not for a second, i kept glancing at it in intervals.

2 days, nothing! i neither saw her nor got her call, I Gave up, even food lost its Sweetness!

on a certain Saturday, I was peeing In the bathroom, I heard my phone ring, I don’t get much calls. I dashed out of the bathroom, picked the call.
“Hello, Jeff right”

“Yeah, come over to my house!” she said
“your house?” what about your parents and your sister?

“They travelled to pay my brother a Visit, he’s a Boarder”
“So you’re all alone?”

“Yeah” she replied

I think that’s the best thing I heard through out my teenage years.

I quickly took my bath, dressed up and almost exhausted half my Mum’s perfume.

I swaggered towards Magdalene’s gate, I had barely knocked, she opened the gate and pulled me in,
We got to their sitting room.
*I was still Speechless*

“You smell Good” she said with a smile

“thank you” I replied

“Were you serious about being a Virgin?” she asked

“Yes” I replied

I think I asked a dumb question afterwards.
“Are you also a Virgin?”

She didn’t reply! she grabbed the remote control, And pressed the red button.
the TV came on,
Guess what was playing?….

Am sure you Guessed right

P*orn !!!!!!!

Jeez! that’s my type of girl.

she came to where I was, Undid my belt, and brought out my already erect Joystick.
and placed it in her mouth.
same thing was happening on the TV.

I was getting even more than what I hoped for.
She Gave me a Bl.owjob!!!
And it was Mind blowing!!!

Minutes later, the Guy in the tv, adjusted the lady to pay her back with a mouth action.

Magdalene took her dress, staring at me were two fresh looking B°°bs.
The very first ave seen since the last one that Breastfed me

she lay on the couch, I had a lot of learning through X-rated, so there was no need feigning innocent.
I sucked on her b°°bs, down to her P*ssy

I stared at it for like 10 seconds.

I licked it!
the act wasn’t a very pleasant one.
But she m.oaned in pleasure, so I kept on licking!

What I craved for was penetration, that’s what I need to get off the Virgin’s list!

She placed her hand under the cushion, brought out a ¢ondom and rolled it on my rooster!
She then Grabbed my d!ck and guided it into her p*ssy

it was really Warm in there.
She made a slight moan as it went in

I began thrusting at random frequency Until I later found my rhythm.

I was trying to compete with the guy in the TV.
Trying so hard to beat his Speed

Mean while, Magdalene was moaning, I loved the feedback I got.
1 minutes later I came, The Guy in the TV was still Pounding!

I was Disappointed! ?
“Am sorry, I could have lasted longer” i apologised
“its okay, she replied, its your First time”

Still Unclad, she went to the Refrigerator, and brought cold water, drank some and gave me some.

Soon as we were done drinking,she came over to where I was and began resurrecting the Fallen Champion!

My d!ck strengthened in stages, until it reached its optimal length.
she brought out another ¢ondom from the same spot!
rolled it on my ¢ock

This time around I was Determined to Make an impact! at least 10 minutes!

if at all am willing to secure myself a “Next time”

She bent on all Fours, expecting me to Give her d*ggy!


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